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The next time you hear someone complain about how stressful their job is, point them to this video.

Our Judiciary long ago gave up being an impartial arbiter, who's sole function was to interpret our Constitution and act as a referee tasked with equitable application of our nation's laws. Judicial activism is decried by both left and right when on the losing side of any issue, but the truth of the matter is that the Judiciary has made itself a partner with the other two branches of government, and long ago threw away its role as a check and balance to otherwise unchecked federal power.

There is not a single argument posited by anyone on the political left that is not entirely dependent upon emotion for its appeal at any level. So when a U.C. Berkeley Professor made the assertion recently that the left is too rational, and needs to perfect the usage of emotion as a political weapon, I started to look for my connection to the Vanilla Sky Universe. Fortunately, I caught this video which put an end to my eye tick.

Sarah Palin was vilified in 2009 for some observations that she made about the impending doom about to be visited upon America known as Obamacare. She was labeled a dolt, a clown who should never be taken seriously. A funny thing happened after we passed Zerocare, thereby finding what was in it however. As it turns out, she was right all along, about every single supposition that she made.

Couldn't have said it any better myself. Good news citizens of Boston, your city's first responders actually practiced a terrorist attack scenario just prior to the attack your city suffered, in which they trained themselves to prevent a terrorist attack by those nefarious Tea Partiers. Unfortunately, it was Muslim nut jobs who ultimately ended up ruining your marathon, who could have seen that coming?

I wrote about this Here. I had a rough time putting together the words in a coherent manner. I appreciate this segment of, "The Five," that much more, simply because they were able to eloquently string together some intelligent thoughts on the matter.

There is no question as to whether Barack Obama should be convicted of felonious negligence with respect to Benghazi. I still maintain that his cover up attempts surrounding the events that transpired there are not worse than the crime itself. The danger with deposing a dictator without placing boots on the ground to take responsibility for the power vacuum which results from such actions, has been played out in Benghazi, exactly as predicted by anyone paying attention.

Another Firewall with Bill Whittle in which he takes a look at a few of the unreported stories surrounding the formative years of our current President and just some of the sketchy associations that the man has today.

So, in a world where the people charged with our national security are not allowed to use such offensive words as jihad, Islamist extremism, Muslim terrorist, or any other of the politically incorrect phrases as determined by the bureau of perpetual victim affairs, we are preparing our army to defend our nation against the dreaded members of the Tea Party. Our nation's biggest national security threat according to our President are people who believe in following the principles of our Constitution, limiting government spending, size, scope, and authority. I can not wait for these people to be gone.