Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Epiphanies From Last Week, Let's Get The Inevitable GOP Civil War Underway.

Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail

Late last week, I read an essay penned by Tagg Romney. In it Tagg thought he would spill the beans on why his dad lost the most important election of the modern era. It seems as though Mitt had no desire for the Presidency after all. Mitt ran so that no actual conservatives would end up winning the Republican nomination, and by extension, America would not once again be saddled with a Reaganite in the White House, freeing Americans once again to live their lives unfettered by onerous federal intervention. That 28 year super boom that somehow got credited to the slippery Bill Clinton, at least in terms of the moronic under 30 crowd. Somehow, our public educators have gotten away with pretending that both Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan never existed. Taggs essay angered me for another reason as well. You see, I was on Tagg Romney's email distribution list. I received no fewer than 200 communications from Tagg this year, all of them asking me to part with hard earned money so that his dad may find success in his attempt to win the election against a man whom he had no actual intention of defeating.

Special note to Ann Coulter, and if anyone who reads this actually knows this woman, please pass it along. Do you still believe that Mitt Romney is the true conservative in the field, even after the admission from his family that he only ran in order to prevent conservatives from finding electoral success? Why should we ever listen to you again?

I read a poll last week, because I'm not sufficiently tortured I guess, that told me what I already knew. The crux of the finding was this. Conservatives, of our many stripes make up 68% of the GOP voting bloc, while Moderate or Liberal Republicans only tally 32% of the party's voters. The problem is that the smaller 32% make up the power base of the party, and they ain't looking to change their positions to accommodate us pesky small government types. As a matter of fact, far from attempting to reach out to us, I have heard nothing but derision coming from them since Mitt Romney managed to so spectacularly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory 7 short weeks ago. They view us as losers, fringe elements of a knuckle dragging freak show, who's votes are assumed, and voices disliked. From their perspective, we have no where else to go.

There is some truth in that, for the very short term future anyhow. We are just supposed to take their crap, and like it, and pray that some day the ghost of Reagan will once again lead us to victory. John Boehner is so intent of believing that we will fall in line, simply because we always have, that even as I was defending him last week, he removed all conservatives from important committee positions prior to a key vote, rather than using the threat of taking those assignments away as a tool to keep his coalition in line. (Shockingly, he lost that vote.) Poor President Obama, he had to give up another record setting round of golf for American Presidents in order to have coffee and discuss our pressing fiscal crisis, created entirely by himself by the way.

My Epiphany is this, how long do these geniuses believe that they will be able to just assume our votes into reality. We conservatives outnumber the liberals who run the party by a 2 to 1 margin. In case nobody has noticed, Republicans have done very well at the state and local levels recently. It is only on the national level where we seem so thoroughly capable of losing, no matter how inept the opposition. The simple and by the way true explanation for this is that at those smaller levels, conservatism wins. it does not win nationally, because since Reagan, nobody has bothered to articulate that message.

The national Republican Brand right now is a mess. John Boehner and the party apparatchiks are trying their level best to cajole the rest of us, actual GOP voters, into falling in line and just going along with their message of Democrat Lite. They are telling us via every microphone in existence in this hemisphere, that we can not afford a Republican civil war at the moment, that the Obama agenda will move forward unopposed should we insist on a party that actually shares our values to represent us.

I say, what's the difference? If the Obama agenda moves forward as is anyhow, even with chosen leadership in tact, how on Earth is that any better? We need this civil war, between the Conservatives and the Moderates, and we should have it out as soon as possible. If the GOP does not survive, then so be it. They have long ago forsaken us all anyhow. Mitt Romney and his team of professional Republican Advisers left a bevy of winning issues on the table. Fast and Furious, onerous regulation, Obamacare, Dodd Frank, the EPA, Solyndra, Benghazi, Pigford, Lifting of the Domestic Drilling Ban in the Gulf, the Continental Shelf, the Endangered Species Act, Quantitative Easing, and hundreds of others, were all left on the table in order to not sound like we were being mean or so Romney could seem Presidential. At least that's the story. The truth is, neither he, nor his team actually believed any of it anyhow. That is to say, Conservatism is a second language to the 32% of the Republican Party that actually runs the show. They aren't the Rinos, we are.

The only way to correct the course for this country is to do one of two things. Either we win this civil war that is going to happen sooner or later, and then run candidates for national office as true conservatives, or we need to divorce our Democrat Lite spouses and establish our own residence, and then run candidates for national office as true conservatives. This much is certain, it will never improve with the current GOP leadership taking our voices for granted and then continually selling us out.

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