Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Robber Baron Myth: Besides Being False, It Is Now Taught As Fact In Our Public Schools.

The other night I was out with friends, and I got hit square between the eyes once again with my personal favorite, Capitalism has failed our nation. We have been struggling with this failure for 236 years now, and it was high time that we give up on the failed experiment of a free market system and switch to the more proven success of Socialism. I am not being sarcastic, this was a highly educated Engineer who said this to me, some one who had graduated with a high GPA from our wonderful public school system and then spent a veritable fortune getting good grades from one of our nation's many institutions for higher learning.

What do you say to someone who just states as fact, something which is so demonstrably false that every fiber in your being commands you to laugh, not with them, but at them? I tried to reason with him. I tried to demonstrate the absurdity of his premise, and made it clear that the vision provided by the lens of history is crystal clear. No society on Earth has seen the development of any middle class whatsoever, unless they allowed for free market economics to flourish. The greatest improvements in the lives of ordinary people occurred right here in America, as is evidenced by the veritable flood of people streaming across our borders both legally, and illegally. People vote most honestly with their feet. No other nation on Earth has an illegal immigration problem, and in fact, most other nations on Earth have consulates here which are actively engaged in recruiting us to move there, where ever there may be. Now that Barack Obama and his minions have been in charge for a few years, and Socialism has gained a foot hold, the stream of illegal immigration has actually slowed.

This is not a coincidence, what it is, is a reaction. When foreigners sense that their lot in life will not be improved by coming here, they will stop. The robber baron myth makes at its core a fallacious assumption. In order to believe its central premise, one must view wealth as a zero sum proposition. The idea that nothing can be created in this country, or anywhere for that matter, and that men like Andrew Carnegie, Charles Schwab, and Earl Olgelbay were only able to create their vast empires by trampling the hopes and dreams of the little guy. Never mind that these three men made countless thousands of other people wealthy, that they provided jobs for hundreds of thousands of others, that they engaged in philanthropic activities that continue to help those very same poor long after their passing, or that each of them started life with only pocket change and was able to rise above what formerly would have been their predetermined station in life, which was society's lowest echelon. Somehow, we are to fear them and their kind.

There came a point during the evening when we both realized and admitted to one another that any discussion was fruitless where even the points of fact which formed reality could not be agreed upon. When someone looks at the green leaves on a tree and believes with all their heart that those leaves are purple with little unicorns painted upon them, well, convincing them of anything has taken a whole new degree of difficulty upon itself.

I am both optimistic and pessimistic concerning America's future. Politicians and trends will come and go. Our form of governance has adapted itself well to the concept of correcting past mistakes. Even our Supreme Court, which is after all is said and done made up of 9 fallible human beings, is capable of correcting bone headed rulings made by previous courts. Plessy Vs. Ferguson was reversed by Brown Vs. The Board of Education, and Bowers Vs. Hardwick was reversed by Lawrence Vs. Texas. Zerocare will hopefully be revisited one day, and based on the Roberts bizarre opinion which still has a team of archaeologists trying to make sense of it, that hope has a real shot of becoming reality.

On the other hand, when the total collapse of every single Socialist regime on this planet should still be fresh in everyone's mind, how is it at all possible that anyone still believes in the virtues of this economic system. Furthermore, when we see the formerly free nations of Europe begin to start implementing Socialism into their economies and subsequently start racing towards economic disaster, like Greece, Spain, France, Belgium, England, and who knows where else, how can anyone with a functioning bit of grey matter not take notice?

In short, I am predicting a landslide whooping for one Barack Hussein Obama come November of 2012, but our celebration on the Seventh day of the Eleventh month of this year should be short. I am not at all convinced that some future Marxist will not gain electoral success in the years to come, especially if we keep raising a generation full of dolts who believe fairness includes rewarding sloth, penalizing productivity, and making sure that there are never winners or losers outside of the various state lotteries.

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  1. IF the left loses they will just think they were right and you were mistaken. Takes a lot to pull that weed out.


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