Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday At The Movies! Day Two From Right Online.

In 1979, Alexander Solzhenitsyn had declared the Cold War to be lost by the West. What Solzhenitsyn could not predict was the victory of Ronald Reagan at that point even in the GOP primary fight. Reagan was not even the front runner there yet. No one would have predicted a Carter defeat, as unpopular as he was. All President's are considered shoo ins for reelection. As you are probably aware, the prediction of a Western defeat in the Cold War turned out to be laughably wrong. One full year after that ill fated prediction, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, (a place which has spent some time being a thorn in our side since,) and an impotent American President named Jimmy Carter responded by keeping our amateur athletes out of the 1980 Summer Olympics. We were joined in that broad declarative statement of showing the Soviets how wrong they were by Monaco, Lichtenstein, and Chad, three nations that I believe were never in danger of entering any athletes into the Summer Olympics in any case.

Guy Benson discusses his experience of appearing on MSNBC, more specifically on a show hosted by Ed Schultz. Long story short, Benson was recruited as the lone conservative whipping boy to be beaten savagely by the other panel members, who of course were not conservatives.

Jonah Goldberg focuses on the usage of the new media and the impact that they have on how news is reported. He does a good job here comparing online content to the birth of newspapers from the earlier days of our republic.

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