Thursday, May 17, 2012

Want Energy Independence Tomorrow? Oust Barack Obama And His Minions.

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

While spending the last two months or so traveling around the country pretending that it was not campaigning, Barack Obama has spent considerable resources informing us that he is doing everything humanly possible for a President to expand America's oil and natural gas production. I have seen television ads which proclaimed him to be the domestic oil and gas production king, even though one of his campaign promises was to do what ever he could to, "send subtle and gradual price signals through the energy markets in order to help Americans see that the green economy was the more prudent economic option." Or, as he explained to NPR during one of his rare candid interviews in July of 2007, he felt that $4.00 a gallon gasoline was ultimately good for the country, but that those price levels for gasoline should not have been reached as suddenly as they were at that time. His view was that those price levels should have taken a course of 3 to 4 years to develop. Sound familiar? It should, as this is the reality of Barack Obama's term as President. Now of course that his promise has been kept, he is blaming George W. Bush for his vision becoming reality, as Americans don't seem to be too thrilled with that Green Fairy after all.

Gas prices not withstanding, some truth telling is in order. You will hear much in the next 5 months about ending our dependence on foreign oil. Both Democrats and Republicans really mean it. There are major differences however in how they would go about implementing it, and in the consequences that these two methods would bring about. When Democrats say that they wish to wean us off of foreign oil, they mean that they wish to have us stop using energy for other than the barest of living necessities all together. No more driving to work in cars, no more heating our houses beyond 54 degrees, no more air conditioning, no more traveling on family vacations, no more fun vehicles, no more lighting after dark, no more of anything that was not approved by a bureaucratic panel of politically connected appointees, and most of all, they wish to see no more robust economic growth and viability for our citizenry.

When Republicans say that they want to end our dependence on foreign oil, they mean that they want to stick two pipes into the ground and suck our reserves dryer than a Saturday Afternoon watching Monty Python television reruns. This is a solution by the way which would promote a vigorous growth for our manufacturing sector, something which I have heard every liberal economist whining about endlessly since the late 1960's, Cheap affordable energy is perhaps the single most important ingredient for a vibrant manufacturing base. While we have just found out within the last two weeks that our own country has enough recoverable oil to make it possible that we never again write a check to any oil producing company outside of our own borders, production on federal lands has been nearly shut down completely. The dishonest Obama boast of being the undisputed king of domestic production neglects a fairly important fact, conveniently omitted I might add. That production has been in spite of Obama's efforts and not because of them. It has all occurred on privately owned property mostly within the State of North Dakota.

The good news for Americans though is that we do not live in a vacuum. Barack Obama in one of the speeches delivered by his teleprompter, instructs us to look to Europe and their implementation of the Green Fairy Economy. Of course we should look at Europe in this matter. There is no reason I can think of that we would need to replicate their disastrous failure by following this path. We still have time to reverse our course and get rid of those moronic road blocks that are hell bent on destroying our economy and economic well being. Those road blocks are aptly identified as the Democrat Party and the EPA.

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