Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spiking The Bin Laden Football, How To Reduce The Stature Of The Presidency.

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Will somebody please help Barack Obama find and purchase a pair of big boy pants already. It truly is becoming and embarrassment to admit to being a citizen of The United States of America. Just to avoid confusion here, I have heard precious few people, besides the Vice President, Joe Biden, actually state that taking this action would be a mistake, or was a mistake once taken. I myself listed this action as one of the three positive things actually undertaken by President Obama since being inaugurated January 21, 2008. (For those keeping score at home, I felt that on the day Barack Obama made the decision to allow the Seal Team to deal with the Somali Pirates without getting himself in their way counts as one positive decision that he has made as President. The second positive thing he has done and can take credit for is the deal he made with the lame duck congress to extend the current taxation rates on income for the agreed upon extra two years.) I have no problem with a current President touting his accomplishments in an effort to get himself reelected. That is called running on one's record, and it is far preferable to the alternative, which we will see this fall in great abundance. That alternative of course is the scorched Earth politics of mud slinging and personal destruction which will be the highlight of the Obama Strategy. The problem for Barack Obama of course is that he has so few positive accomplishments which are based in any framework of reality, that touting them by necessity becomes a full blown fan fare. While every single President since Teddy Roosevelt has had some major military occurrence on which to hang his hawkish bona fides, none of them save for WWII has been the solo consideration for reelection before. Barack Obama has naught else on which to hang his electoral hat. So when he tells us that he got Bin Laden by golly, he needs that one singular act of saying O.K. go, and then keeping himself out of the way, to hold the seemingly unbearable weight of a Presidency which has become the synonym for epic failure.

A funny thing happened on the way to spiking this football known as Barack Obama's super duper courageous order to let the already planned and started Seal Team Operation continue which ultimately ended with the successful raid on OBL's compound in Pakistan. The facts do not in any way match the narrative being supplied by Team Obama. For one thing, the intel provided which led to OBL's location, security set up, method of communicating, grocery shopping, layout of homestead, etc. was obtained entirely by the enhanced interrogation techniques so thoroughly decried by Candidate Obama during every single day from 2004 through the 2008 Presidential Campaign. The Seal Team used was part of a deployment plan implemented by George W. Bush and thoroughly decried by one Barack Hussein Obama every day from its inception through the entirety of the 2008 Presidential Campaign. Further intel was garnered by using the cell phone signal interceptions that Barack Obama decried as being anti American pretty much during the entirety of their usage from day one of the Patriot Act until, well he became President. The war on terror itself was something Barack Obama spoke out against, and indeed forced the Departments of Defense, Justice, and State to remove all references to terrorism, Islamic Terrorism, War on Terror from their official lexicon.

The only point that I am trying to make is this, Osama Bin Laden's demise was accomplished entirely by the means that he was dead set against using, panning out. For him to be claiming the entirety of the credit based on the hard work and sacrifice of others which had in fact been started since before he was even a Senator running for President is at best dishonest. while it is true that Barack Obama was the man in charge who ultimately had to give the go/no go order, he should have at least acknowledged that there were others who had in fact been right prior to him, and that maybe it was a good thing that the Bush Administration did not listen to his earlier council, which would have yielded results far different that what was ultimately achieved. (If Barack Obama had gotten his way, we never would have been having this conversation today.) The other problem of course is the fact that Barack Obama us using the entire episode to argue that only he, Dear Leader, is capable of making such a decision.

Putting aside for the moment that this concept has to be the single most ridiculous bit of idiocy ever put forward during any political campaign anywhere on the face of our planet, It also ignores the entire 222 years of Presidential history. By claiming that only Barack Obama has the courage to take such a decisive action, of actually treating our enemies as enemies, he has disregarded totally every courageous action taken by virtually every American President who has held his office prior to him. That alone does not even cover the depths of his narcissism, hard as that might be to believe. Let's check back in with the concept that he gave us to begin with, that he alone amongst all of man kind holds this level of courageous moral fiber. Remember that it was Barack Obama himself who saddled the military with the Courageous Restraint Medal. It was President Obama who campaigned against the military's involvement in the War on Terror. It was Barack Obama who campaigned on the idea that the FBI and Interpol should be the ones left with the task of not treating OBL as an enemy combatant, but as a suspect to be arrested and then brought to trial.

The only thing I guess that anyone needs to fall for Barack Obama's shtick is a complete lack of an adult memory. Just to set the record straight though, here is Mitt Romney in 2007, stating very clearly the he would have given this order were he given the chance. What Mitt Romney also said, and something I agree with by the way, is that taking out Osama Bin Laden would not be the penultimate action which would usher in the victory in our War on Terror. A war by the way that President Obama will not even allow his Department of Defense to acknowledge.

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