Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Shining Example Of The Progressive Movement.

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Earlier this year, we all saw this video clip of Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard Law Professor, finally give something which resembled coherent articulation of the Marxist position on how our economy should work. Before any liberals scream about my taking this lunacy out of context, this video is promoted on Warren's Senatorial Campaign Website, and it was played endlessly last fall as the liberal's holy grail answer to every argument we ever put forward into the arena of ideas, sort of the Socialist silver bullet.

Just to recap, because we have all run over this same tired old crap before, let's hit the highlights of rebuttal. First, the Bush tax rate cuts actually increased revenues to the federal treasuries. This phenomenon is called the Laffer Curve, and this has worked this way throughout history. Secondly, the robber baron myth has been discredited so many times that quite frankly, it is becoming an annoying encumbrance to address the same tired nonsense each and every time the argument is made without change. This argument needs several bad assumptions to be made. It assumes that wealth is zero sum, that no product or wealth is created until roads are built or taxes are collected, and that businesses do not in fact pay anything in taxes. She also posits the idea that common people could not possibly protect their own interests, even though we have the Second Amendment guaranteeing us the right to protect ourselves.

Let't take a look at Elizabeth herself for just one moment, and take a gander at how she perfectly represents the liberals in this country. Elizabeth it seems wanted to matriculate at Harvard really, really bad. Her grades and academic career may have been good enough to get her there, but that, in Elizabeth's mind anyhow, left too much to chance. She decided to take a look at the affirmative action laws of this great nation, the ones signed into law by the most evil Republican of all time, Richard Nixon, (apologies to George W. Bush, who I know enjoyed that title being bestowed upon him by liberals under the age of 45.) Looking in the mirror, Elizabeth spent several days and came to the Earth shattering realization that she had no chance of pulling off Black, Hispanic, Asian, Eskimo, Pacific Islander, or most of the other check boxes listed on every public institution application we have all spent our lives reading over and then filling out.

As people from Mars or far off galaxies had not made it onto the list as of that time, Elizabeth felt a sudden panic. Could it be that the liberal policies that she had advocated for and defended her entire life were about to victimize her. Fairness after all is only desired when applied to other people. How could it be that poor Elizabeth had not been seen fit by the fairness fairies to be included into any of the entitled classes of people? Then, while crying in front of her mirror one day, Elizabeth heard some one say that they indeed admired her high cheek bones. An idea emerged, an awfully evil genius of an idea. There was a check box that was on that form that Elizabeth could check off after all. American Indian was on that list, and while she may not have enjoyed the hue of any group on the planet outside of Scandinavian, Irish, Russian, or other Northern Europeans most commonly described as White, ghost like, snow flake, or pale faced, she did have those high cheek bones.

The tale needed to be spun in case anyone caught on to Miss Whitey McWhiterson's deception. A great, great, great, grandparent was invented, that she had never met, nor the parent who supposedly that lineage sprouted from had ever met, nor even made the happy acquaintance of a grand parent. Truth be told, given what I know about statistics and longevity patterns throughout history, it is highly probable that this relative probably never laid eyes upon her great grandparents as well, and certainly not those great grandparents upon the supposed link to the Cherokee Tribe. Putting aside for just one moment the absurdity of claiming this heritage with such a dubious at best link, let's look at one possible implication. With genealogists finding a familial relationship between Barack Obama and George W. Bush, perhaps George W. Bush should now be listed as the nation's first Black President. After all, his claim to that is every bit as valid as Warren's claim to her stolen affirmative action consideration.

Yes, I said stolen, as that is the real issue here. Never mind the fact that the affirmative action laws have done far more harm than benefit to those very ethnic groups supposedly helped by the program. There is a very real monetary value associated with the program. Acceptance considerations not withstanding, scholarships and grants also present themselves to those groups associated with affirmative action that are not available to people who belong to the majority citizen's group. That check box was meant for people who actually are American Indians, and whether we agree with it or not, that happens to be the law of the land. The fact that Elizabeth Warren is out there advocating for this law, and has actively subverted its intent when it came down to the question of her own life is telling. That after all is the real truth of the liberal leaders in our federal legislative body.

They passed a law intended to destroy our current health care system, ravage our economy, and make medical decisions a matter of rationing under strict governmental lock and key. They promptly exempted themselves from that very same law. They have also exempted themselves from Social Security, insider trading laws, Dodd Frank, illegal parking, and God knows what else. To the good people of Massachusetts, we do not need another one of these in the Senate. While it is true that she and her life long habit of dishonesty will fit right in, it is also true that if she is willing to steal the heritage of American Indians for financial gain, then she would have no moral compunctions with outright theft, graft, and corruption to inflict what ever she deemed to be either in our collective best interests, or just a good old fashioned money making scheme for herself.

UPDATE: Well as it turns out, it went from bad for Elizabeth, "Miss Whitey Whiterson," Warren to worse.  It appears, through the magic of genealogical research, that the relative that she listed was not in fact an American Indian from any tribe, but her husband had in fact rounded up and persecuted Indians for a living.  Yes that's right, Elizabeth Warren's Great, great, great, grandfather participated in the Trail of Tears.  How's that for irony?

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