Friday, April 6, 2012

What Media Bias? Shame On You CNN!

When CNN was somewhat new, back in the early days of the great cable explosion, my friends and I became quickly enamored with the constant news reporting. After about a year, we labeled the network as the, "Communist News Network." I have never seen a reason to change that moniker. About a year and a half ago, CNN ran a campaign attempting to place themselves in the middle politically. They took up the mantle of being objective, calling Fox the extreme right, and MSNBC the extreme left. Watch the video, and realize that this aired on CNN, and that not only did a reporter inject herself into the story, argue with people, step on their answers, call them stupid, mischaracterize their answers to fit her narrative, promote her own belief system as the starting point for debate, but this probably had to pass through several layers of editorial screening before being placed on their broadcast rotation, and then kept there.

Evan Thomas of Newsweek stated in 2004 that the media would be a benefit to the Kerry Edwards ticket worth 15% of the total vote on a national level. Personally, I feel as though Thomas' estimation of his profession's ability to sway an election was more about bravado than about substance, but at the same time, consider this. What if the media were only able to sway 5% of the vote? Obama still loses the 2008 election by a landslide. Fortunately, the effectiveness of the main stream media is growing weaker each day. Not only because new voices from new sources are emerging, but because people are getting wise to the spin, lying, and outright fabrication that is being presented as objective news reporting.

At two distinct times in my life, I was interviewed by the media. I was quoted in the paper, and appeared on a local news broadcast. I had major complaints about the characterization of each incident. Both times, what I had said was tortured out of context, not to resemble my initial intention, but to fit the narrative predetermined by the reporter. During a five minute question and answer session, it is easy for a reporter or editor to pull out a 6 second sound byte to represent not what I wanted to say, but what the reporter wanted to hear. It is even easier in print. This was the fashion with which CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Time, Newsweek, et al, covered the Tea Parties, and basically every other thing that they have ever covered.

While this Bill Whittle piece is three years old, I find that it is more timely today than when it was produced. The reason is that this is now 2012, and the President who benefited from the sickeningly hollow coverage of the 2008 campaign is up for reelection. With the man on the ropes so adeptly provided by his actual record as the single worst President in this or any time period, you can bet your bottom dollar that the same media who so lovingly carried the Obama water in 2008 will be working harder to portray him as a deity in 2012. It is true that Roesgen was eventually fired by CNN for precisely this type of reporting, but all they did was to eliminate the face of their embarrassing unprofessionalism. Roesgen did not act alone. Her reporting passed editors, producers, and executives alike. This particular piece ran on a loop several times and was only pulled after people noticed the ridiculousness of it and began to call CNN out on it. These purveyors of the spin will only eat their own so to speak when it is obvious that their audience has caught on to the lie. The best example of this is Dan Rather's fake but accurate statement concerning his 60 minutes hit piece on President Bush's military service which aired five days prior to the 2004 election. Eventually, Rather and Mapes lost their jobs, but only after it became painfully obvious that they had actively participated in the forgery of those documents which they used in an effort to denigrate President Bush days before a Presidential Election. Keep in mind that Mapes and Rather both won several awards for their, "journalism," prior to their fall from grace. Their fall was for getting caught, and not for the criminal acts which led to their getting caught.

The election coming up is important, as it represents America at a cross roads. What kind of a nation will we be? Will we have a government constrained with limitations upon its authority by the consent of the governed, or will we have a government free to inflict any power upon us as its leaders so choose? Here is what we can all do to help. Pay attention to the media's description of events and people. Scrutinize the reporting, and call them out on it. Write in your blogs, go on youtube, talk to your friends about each and every lie. Help illustrate the absurdity, and above all don't lose faith. Barack Obama may have been helped by the media bias in 2008, but the more likely culprit for his victory is the fact that many Conservatives just stayed home. I am hearing that many will not vote for Romney should he be nominated, and I agree in that he was never my pick to begin with. More than likely, this man will be the Republican nominee, and our only chance to prevent America from becoming a nation where a government reigns supreme above the people's ability to control it. After the November election, we need to get busy in the endeavor of creating a third party to represent the voices of Conservatives in this country. Prior to November, we need to oust this current bunch of Marxists before they inflict damage upon us that we may not be able to recover from.

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