Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday At The Movies! EPA Admits That They View Themselves As Roman Emperors Edition

A high ranking official at the EPA makes a stark revelation caught on tape, that was actually promoted by the EPA, until this week that is. The bureaucrats in the Obama Administration seem to have such a reverence for the Romans practice of crucifixion for a few dissidents very early on in their invasion process, that they actually used that as a model for their operations today. The Romans would invade, and then crucify a few people in order to terrorize the rest of the population. The concept was that after seeing what happened to dissidents, the remainder of a population would fall in line and just accept Roman rule. So today, anyone who dares question the EPA is, "crucified," by that agency, which serves to keep all other people who wish to debate, quiet.

What can be said about a President of The United States of America who goes on late night television to, "Slow Jam," the news. If Barack Obama were any more, "low rent," he would need to install a Slurpee rack somewhere in the Oval Office. As it is, the ham handed way in which he handles his job detracts from the inherently dishonest way in which he poses every policy agenda item, the fact that he demagogues every single issue on which he speaks, and his over all arrogant attitude of contempt for which he seems to hold for Americans in general.

The Student Loan bit is especially maddening, since what is happening with Student Loans now was a direct result of the Obamacare Law's passage. He is literally campaigning on fixing a problem he purposefully created, and somehow, Mitt Romney is being blamed for it, who actually held no elective office while this was being done to us.

I love these former Soviet Citizen videos. One, he actually lived in the system that these dolts are advocating for. When they extol the virtues of Marxism, he is immediately able to set the record straight, having first hand knowledge of the ravages inflicted by that particular political form of governance and the flawed economic theory of centralized planning.

Sean Penn is made to look stupid in this video parsing of his views on the Constitution by Alfonzo Rachel. The best part of it is that Rachel did not need to say a single thing in order to achieve this effect. If I were a bigger name, or even had regular readers other than my friends and family, I would love to debate Penn on the Constitution, as I have read it, and do not recognize any of his ramblings as any possible relation to it. I watched his ramblings a few times now, and still can't find my way back to coherency.

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