Monday, April 2, 2012

Old And Busted, Kabuki Presidency: New Hotness, Chicken Little Presidency.

Political Cartoons by Eric Allie

Former White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel quipped, during the very first week of Obama's term in office, that a crisis was a terrible thing to waste. This of course angered many people, as it should have. Not that the children who had just taken the reigns of power would be so stupid as to say that out loud, but that they thought that way at all. A crisis you see, gets people thinking emotionally, rather than using facts or logic as their guiding principles. It allows people with nefarious plans, to offer what ever society damaging agenda items that they have, all under the guise of solving what ever crisis has people thinking irrationally at the time. During the President's first week in office, besides the financial and economic crisis, there was the completely fabricated fear of Swine Flu, H1N1 for those afflicted with political correctness disease. Just as a side note, 43 Americans per 84 years of life expectancy will meet their demise due to lightning strike, which is 33 Americans more during that same time frame who will meet their demise due to this one strain of influenza. But why should that little factoid prevent people from going berserk for totally unnecessary shots to prevent a strain of the flu that is less likely to hurt anyone than being struck by lightning. As a second note, I do not know anyone who received a flu shot that did not get sick enough to miss work with, "flu like," symptoms immediately upon receiving said shot.

We also had to completely ignore the laws governing debt and the order of securing payment for creditors so that we could grant two auto companies to the unions who used to work for those auto companies.  This supposedly, was necessary to bail out the banks, the auto manufacturers, and any other group who helped to get Obama elected.  A cool Trillion Dollars flushed directly down the Potomac River, never to be heard from again.  A completely manufactured crisis, with a pretend solution, that somehow got us all to give up just a little more of our personal freedoms, and to accept the precedent that our federal government is free to step in and abridge our free market system any time that it sees fit to do so.

The result of these aforementioned crises of course were the gifts known as Dodd Frank, and the Obamacare Law. The economic crisis lasted a full two years, and most would argue is still in effect today. Anything to keep Americans scared, and to keep them from questioning the wisdom of our man child President. The next crisis was the Gulf Oil Spill. Our President during that time helped out by ordering BP to not do anything to actually fix the problem, while he went on T.V. daily to complain that B.P. had left us all with a terrible mess that he himself would now have to clean up. His intention of course, according to the principle of not allowing a crisis to go to waste, was to have the oil spill be the back drop of the mid term elections. In the end, B.P. went ahead with their own plan to plug the leak, for which the President threatened legal action, not because their ideas worked, but because they plugged the leak without Barack's permission. They then used their chemical dispersants to eliminate any traces of excess oil floating on top of the water. It should be pointed out to Chicken Little that not only have the hysterical calls for decades of a lifeless Gulf not come to fruition, but here we are two years later, and very little environmental impact has been proven at all. This of course is not due to a lack of trying, as Green Peace and every other nut job activist is down in the Gulf praying for something to die in that region. What did the crisis net us you may ask? We now have an EPA that is doing all it can to prevent any oil production at all by any American companies. Foreign oil producers are free to drill to their heart's content, but it seems that anyone with a tie to the U.S. should be banned from producing oil. The ironic thing here is this, BP is a British company, and therefore exempt from the orders which bans American companies from drilling in the region. They follow the ban due to their own lack of fortitude.

Peppered behind the whole 3 years so far is the hysteria over, "global warming."  Since a slight handle has been gained on the manipulation of data, results, and reporting, the phrase of, "global warming," has been replaced by the less ominous sounding, "global climate change," and finally by the terrible sounding, "global climate chaos."  A whole host of manufactured environmental scares have been thrown our way, including the ill effects of hydraulic fracturing, which the EPA has just admitted in open court that they simply made it all up.  This leads us to today's crisis, higher gas prices.  Our President will not allow this opportunity to get us to give up our basic freedoms for what ever snake oil he is peddling to solve this crisis either.  He has been out on the campaign stump telling anyone who will listen, which unfortunately is somewhere near 50% of us, that the higher prices are the result of George W. Bush, Big Oil, Speculators, Republicans, Mitt Romney, Dick Cheney, Coal Burning Electric Plants, and the Tea Party.  What he neglects to mention, is that this is one of the precious few campaign promises that he has made good on.  Steven Chu, Ben Bernanke, and Timothy Geitner, have all been working feverishly to insure that gas prices climbed to the point where Americans would actually want those Chevy Volts that he is selling form his now personal auto company, even if the darned things are prone to spontaneous combustion.

Our good friends, the leftists, know that we will never knowingly go for their snake oil solutions to their temporary crises when thinking clearly.  Fear is a constant need.  A major part of the problem with the solutions enacted so quickly to combat problems for which they quite frankly have zero chance of actually helping, is that they carry with them farther reaching scope than anyone realizes, except for a select few who's goals are the destruction of our current form of governance.  One of the Chicken Little plans enacted during the last 3 years includes Obamacare.  2900 pages of discretionary authority being granted to the executive branch, (including the fixes passed in the followup legislation,) is not something that needed to be done without debate, or even the chance for our elected representatives to actually gain an understanding of what it was that they were voting yes on.  Our Supreme Court last week held 3 days of oral arguments concerning this law, and all 9 of them admitted that they have not read the darned law either.  How on Earth would any of them actually know if every aspect of this law were Constitutional or not?

We have reached a cross roads in this country.  Are we going to be a nation where we allow our government to rule over us, or would we wish to have a government which follows our lead.  The United States was created on the principle that the government would be constrained by the consent of the governed.  It is that very principle that is in jeopardy today.  We the People would never willingly give that up, but we could be frightened into it. We have proven that, with the election of Barack Hussein Obama.  The question is, will we ever be subjected to a sufficient number of crises that we will begin to start thinking clearly?  The terrible thing that I fear is not that Obamacare reached the Supreme Court and our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms granted by our creator now rests on the decision of 9 people out of a population of 311,000,000.  The terrible thing is that it ever got this far to begin with.  We not only elected Barack Obama President, but we gave him a huge advantage in the House and a super majority in the Senate.  Come November, we will have an election, and while I like Mitt Romney not at all, I feel that electing him President may be the single most necessary decision that Americans have faced during our entire history as a nation.  (I would still much prefer Newt Gingrich for this office, but reality is starting to set in.  Romney will be the alternative candidate during this election.)

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