Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Face Of The, "Do Nothing Congress."

During the upcoming General Election, one of President Obama's many campaign memes, will be to paint the picture of himself as hero fighting a valiant effort against, "the do nothing Congress." There's just one thing missing from that meme, and that one thing of course is honesty. That really shouldn't surprise anyone though. This is a President who no matter where he is or who is speechifying to at the moment, one can always hear the theme musing from the Twilight Zone overdubbed with Rod Serling's voice off in a disembodied distance. Why should this particular meme be any different. It is all about Dear Leader after all, and his pathological narcissism. Remember, this is a man who wrote two autobiographies before he was shaving. Truth and integrity are nothing when placed in the context of his getting reelected to office.

You may be wondering what this picture is, and what is wrong with it. It was yesterday's Senate Budget Committee Meeting, and what is wrong with it is that while every single Republican on the committee showed up to discuss the single most pressing and dangerously neglected issue facing our nation today, some other people on the committee are missing. You will notice that the right side of the table is filled to capacity, while our view of them is completely unobstructed by the backs of heads that should be on the left side of the table. I believe that three Democrats eventually sauntered into the meeting which by the way, as with all committees in the upper chamber since 2006, they happen to chair. With their absence of course, there was no quorum, and hence no ability to even substantively discuss anything relating to a budget.

I'm just spit balling here, but is it possible that part of our inability to control spending may be due to the fact that no actual budget, the means by which the remainder of the world controls the checks that they write and the money that they spend, has existed since the time when the Republicans controlled completely both the Executive and Legislative branches of our government? That includes by the way, the two year period when the Democrats held both branches completely. It is also noteworthy that they once held a super majority in the Senate, and indeed were for two years completely unconstrained from even the most modest of input from the opposition party. There is no real question for anyone paying the slightest attention to pesky little things called facts, which party is taking the actual responsibility for getting a budget done, and which party is shirking their duty and pointing fingers. The Republicans in the House have proposed a budget each and every year that they have been in charge, and this year was no exception. While I agree that the Ryan proposal was too bloated, and went no where near far enough with its necessary cuts, at least he put pencil to paper, produced, and proposed an actual budget.

I, like most conservatives in this country, am pretty peeved with the Republican Party these days. They, meaning the GOP, feel entitled to my vote while at the same time have been working hard to shut me up. The only reason why I vote Republican most of the time is because the opposition party has become an openly Marxist entity. I realize that at least for now, any chance for achieving any of the things I believe are right for this nation rests regrettably with Republican electoral success. John Boehner and Mitt Romney are not the Rinos, I am. That being said, I still must at least concede that the Republicans have performed their Constitutional Duties. One of the very few duties that our Congress actually does have is to produce a budget, each and every year. Their constant creation of bigger and more powerful bureaucracies is not something which they should be involved in. Perhaps if we sent them collectively to bed with out their supper, told them no having fun destroying our freedoms until they did their homework, then they might actually do the one thing that they are supposed to do.

Take another look at that picture, which I believe to be worth one thousand words. Remember it in November when the Democrat in your state tells you during the campaign that they are a fiscally conservative but socially liberal leader who will actually help to stop Barack Obama's non frugal ways. We've heard that lie before, and we know how that movie ends. Remember it during the fall campaign when Debbie Wasserman Schultz gets on the Sunday morning talk shows and announces that the budget would have been passed long ago had the Republicans only gotten serious about actually helping to solve the problems our nation faces. I am not saying that the Republicans are perfect, but at least they are at work. Not every one can say that.

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