Friday, March 16, 2012

What We're Up Against In The General Election!

Let me start off by saying, unequivocally, that I do not condone the message of the door magnet pictured above. While I do agree that America would be much better off with someone else performing the duties of the Presidency, more specifically, just about anybody else, I do not believe that this blatantly racist message has any place in any of the discourse, from either side of our political divide.

My problem with this message does not stop there however. My problem is that I don't believe it, not one little bit. I saw this picture posted yesterday by a Facebook friend. Of course others piled on with blistering anti conservative messages and anti GOP attacks, all of which accused those of us who reside right of center as being racists. Sound familiar? Mission accomplished.  I did some checking however, and this is what I found. Click the link and you will see that this particular door magnet, (I'll explain why I believe it to be a door magnet later on,)  is only available through a definite left of center source for such campaign paraphernalia.  Personally, I have never actually seen such messaging which legitimately originated from our side.  I have seen plenty of infiltrators who pretend to be Tea Partiers so that they could make it appear as though they represented our racist roots.  We have all seen the advertisements for the SEIU crowd to, "crash the Tea Party," and do exactly this type of thing.  We have all read the Chuck Schumer email which told his fellow Democrats to stop debating issues and just blindly accuse us of racism.  None of that matters however, the media in this country gave up reporting in an honest manner a long time ago.

The owner of this vehicle took definite strides to avoid placing bumper stickers on his car. Those other two adornments are static window clings.  One if for Benelli Fire Arms, an Italian manufacturer of shotguns.  The other window cling is promoting duck hunting.  Both of these adornments will have relevance past this year.  Clearly, the owner cares enough about keeping his car free from adhesives and the ugliness of old bumper stickers that even activities and companies with which he will be permanently affiliated do not receive that place on his rear.  The thought that a political bumper sticker which will lose relevance 8 months from now would be given this position is not believable.  This is either a door magnet or vandalism.  I am giving the good people at American Progressive Politics the benefit of the doubt.

The person who donated their car for this photo, probably without knowing about it may or may not be aligned with our side politically.  What I do know is that this is just the beginning.  No amount of dishonesty is out of bounds for the political left.  They are going to pull these kinds of B.S. tricks to label us as racists.  We need to find a way to fight back against this chicanery.  We are all used to the left lying about any subject in which the debate.  They lie about their own positions on every subject.  We are used to them leveling the most blatantly dishonest attacks, and then pulling the victim card and screaming about the, "mean Republican Attack Machine," as if any type of truthful debate about substantive issues constitutes some sort of out of bounds thuggery.  Selective editing by news editors, and doctored photography published in magazines and newspapers are all par for the course.  This one is different though.  This is the combination of their, "astro turf," and those very lies.  This is creating the evidence for their false claims of what ever evil that they will be accusing us of perpetrating.

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