Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Obama White House Scores Another Presidential First!

Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail

Well, it is that time of year again, time for the Anti Semites of the world to gather around the globe and discuss how they will go about the business this year of wiping Israel off of the map and finally ridding the world of Jews. For those of you who are new to this event, it is called the Doha Conference.  A new wrinkle will be added this year, Reverend Jeremiah Wright will be adding his own little laughably asinine twist to the festivities, He will be leading the, "March on Jerusalem." This little piece of ground bears repeating once again, Reverend Wright is the pastor of Barack Obama's church, where a peculiar brand of Christianity called Black Liberation Theology is practiced. This particular style of Christianity is basically a cross between hard core communism, peppered with pure Jew hatred, and topped off with the separatism of the races as preached by the Nation of Islam. Before anyone climbs aboard the, "calling Obama a Muslim bandwagon," slow down. The race separatism as preached by the Nation of Islam was not a Muslim thing. It was started only in this country when Elijah Muhammad started teaching and converting Black prison inmates to Islam here in America. The separatism, which truly transcends race, was something that caught on immediately for much of the African American community as a whole. Many of the African American preachers who were more interested in filling their donation coffers than in the spiritual aspects of Christianity found it to be a fruitful message.

Enjoy a picture of Reverend Wright's home in the most exclusive neighborhood in Chicago.

It's not exactly the stuff of casting away Earthly rewards for the higher spiritual existence is it. While I am a Capitalist, and unabashedly so, I believe in earning an honest living, which by the way race hustling and swindling parishioners through an organization that portends to be a church does not qualify as such. Back to the topic at hand.

There is one line in Pamela Gellar's essay that was pointed out to me by a fellow blogger.

The White House has refused to comment on Wright's decision to endorse the March on Jerusalem, or the presence of state department consultants at the so-called Doha Conference.

This indeed represents a Presidential first. As a kid, and a committed leftist, (people who knew me then probably still don't believe my conversion to the light,) I was thrilled when Jimmy Carter announced that he would be pushing the U.N. to hold a conference on Human Rights. This forerunner to the U.N.H.R.C. started my path to life on the Right. The conference, held in Sweden if memory serves, decided that the tiny nation of Israel was the single greatest violator of human rights in world history. Since its inception, the U.N.H.R.C has had among its members such paragons of human rights advocates as China, the nation that imprisoned the dali lama and occupied Tibet, Saudi Arabia, the nation where non Muslims can be executed for traveling to Mecca, Libya, the nation where a brutal thuggish insane dictator was just ousted at the insistence of the world community, Iran, a place where gay people are buried up to their necks and then stoned to death, and who can forget our good friends the North Koreans, a place where people are literally shot for not sufficiently showing enough mournful emotion when their tin pot dictator passes away. Welcome my friends to the ultimate madness made possible by allowing moral equivalence to gain a foothold.

It has always amazed me when people on the left will be willing to tell me who is a racist, who is antisemitic, who is homophobic, and who respects human rights. Growing up I heard that Nixon hated Jewish people, and yet, it was Richard Nixon who formally recognized Israel and made them an ally. It was not Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Jack Kennedy, nor Lyndon Johnson who took this courageous first step. As a matter of fact, Lyndon Johnson actually took the step of ordering a U.S. Naval vessel to take up a position with an invading armada during the 1967 war against Israel. (what the orders given to the USS Liberty actually were is still not clear. The Liberty was a naval vessel which was on loan to the NSA. One thing is certain, if during a time of war you align yourselves purposefully with an invading fleet, there is a good chance you will be shot at, and the Liberty was.) Never before in our history has a President, nor any Secretary of State seen fit to participate in the Doha conference. For those of you who might have missed the historic and political significance of this event amidst the bloodbath known as the Republican Primary, I'll lay it out for you. The United States, under the current leadership is now participating actively in a discussion on how to eliminate Israel and kill off the world's Jews.

I have for years been one of the very few Jewish Conservatives. It still perplexes me. Liberalism is anathema to everything we believe. The entire economic philosophy is based on jealousy. One need look no further than the Ten Commandments to see that this is wrong. Welfare is dishonestly labeled as charity, and moral equivalence allows for any cruelty to be leveled against people who seek any type of freedom. I believe, for lack of a better explanation that the reason why so many of my fellow Jews vote with the Liberals is out of some sort of political momentum. We all grew up hearing Democrats good, Republicans bad. My conversion continued when Jimmy Carter, appointing people to serve on the Holocaust Memorial committee, looked at a list of potential candidates and famously wrote the words on the first draft, "too many Jews." The top White House visitor during Bill Clinton's 8 years in the Oval Office was Yassar Arafat. Now, Barack Obama has topped them both by sending a White House representative to see just how America can help with ridding the world of Jews. It would seem as though those promises made to AIPAC have most definitely reached their expiration date.

Let me address some of the criticism that I know is forthcoming, before it arrives. Some will say that being against Israel is somehow not the same thing as being antisemitic. Those of you who say this are full of baloney. You are either being dishonest with others or yourselves. Antisemitism in America is frowned upon, as is bigotry in general. The anti Israel canard was invented to display your hatred of Jews without overtly demonstrating your bigoted tendencies. I have sat and listened politely to your whining about, "all of that aid to Israel," for years. I refuse to sit quietly by any longer. At no point do you fine bigots bring up the Aid to Egypt, a nation which has actually taken American Hostages by the way, in the same breath. Both countries coincidentally were given those economic incentives as a part of the very same act, put into place by the Carter Administration as a part of the Camp David Accords. One of these countries by the way has repaid every penny in this aid, making that aid in fact trade. Guess which one it is. As a matter of fact, with all of the foreign aid handed out by the United States, only one nation around the globe has taken the step to completely repay us. That nation is Israel. So, to all of you who single Israel out as being a welfare recipient, you are truly hateful bigots, and worse, you are purposefully blinded by that bigotry. Be proud at least in who you are, wear your antisemitism on your sleeves, I believe history has already provided a truly appropriate symbol for you.

Some of you point out that Israel's policies are unnecessarily cruel to those poor perpetual victims, the, "Palestinians." You say this as if the, "Palestinians," are a peaceful restive people who only want to live in a world where they are able to grow olive trees and bang their foreheads into the ground 5 times daily. You will argue that criticism of Israel's policies does not reflect bigotry at all, that you are merely sticking up for the poor helpless souls being persecuted by the Israelis. Those of you who say this deserve none of my respect, nor the time I am about to spend trashing this worse than evil thought process. The Jewish presence in that region dates back over 4400 years, and in fact is the earliest written recorded history in the world. That history of Jewish presence is unbroken, despite the claims that the Jews were somehow nomads wondering the globe in search of air conditioning. The slightest bit of actual research, and not just parroting crap you've heard will show you this. The number of Jews living in Israel is a very tiny minority of population when compared to her enemies. The thought that 12 Million Jews are able to inflict such brutal crimes on 500 Million Arabs is preposterous on its face. The Israelis have a right to protect themselves against daily attempts to kill them. By the way, the efforts the Israelis take to protect themselves are mild when you compare them to what any other people anywhere else in the world would be doing. There is only one nation in the world today that takes the precaution of giving 24 hours advance notice during time of war of an imminent attack. This is done to protect civilian life, and it isn't Hezbollah, Hamas, the Syrians, or even the Jordanians who do this. If the, "Palestinians," laid their weapons down today, there would be peace, If Israel did this, there would be a massacre. Only a bigot is unable to see this very clearly.

There are some who will say that all foreign aid should be eliminated, and while this is not antisemitic in nature, it is ridiculous to believe that it will have any sort of an impact on our fiscal problems. Elimination of all foreign aid, as proposed by Senator Rand Paul, would shore up 5 whole days of our budget shortfall for the entire year. Foreign aid is a mere pittance of our annual budget. The true behemoth, which we refuse to address is our statutory entitlement spending, which has grown as of 2010, to be larger than our revenue.

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