Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Budget Battle Redux! Maybe We'll Actually Pass One This Time.

Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

So, here we are in familiar territory, again. Yogi Berra, famous as much for his Malaprops as for his stellar baseball play, once noted that a situation was like deja vu all over again. That's where I am. Once again, at some time in the past, a budget was, according to law, supposed to be passed by our congress and signed into law by our President. A deal was struck which allowed the Federal Government to continue on without any budgetary constraints on its spending and the can was kicked further down the road to some point in the future. Once again, here we are in that future, and the debt, spending, lack of budget, are all here waiting for us taking up that all too familiar position of a looming crisis. Once again, this looming crisis will be dutifully reported on, as the end of all financial life on the planet as we have known it, should we fail to just allow the President and his Marxist allies have their own way.

Let's review a few pertinent facts this time around. Passing a budget is one of the very few Constitutional Duties our Congress actually has. The last budget passed in this country actually occurred during a year when the Republicans held the Presidency, and both Houses of Congress. When the Democrats held all three of these things, they not only failed to produce a budget, but failed to even discuss one. They passed their monstrous destruction of our Health Care System instead. Since the Republicans retook the House in 2011, they have produced a budget for both years where such a budget was statutorily called for. The Democrats have not only failed to hold any kind of a vote on these budgets in the Senate, they have not even held a discussion on anything related to a budget within the confines of their chamber. (Harry Reid appearing all over television and carping about it does not count as a Senatorial Discussion.) Again, as is always the case, the Media will report it to the American People as though it is Republican Obstructionism that is preventing a budget from being passed. Republicans do not hate old people and or puppy dogs.

The media, and not coincidentally the Democrats in Washington are of course blasting Paul Ryan's latest effort to bring some sort of fiscal sanity to our Government. They are painting a picture of Ryan's America straight out of the darkest ramblings of the bleakest Charles Dickens Novel. Even if these portraits turned out to be true, there is one inescapable fact. Paul Ryan has at the very least come up with a budget, as is the duty of Congress. The Democrats in Washington have not so much as discussed a budget since the ancient date of 2007. Paul Ryan's budget addresses the only area in which our out of control debt situation can successfully be addressed. That is the statutory spending, otherwise known as entitlement spending. As of 2010, entitlements have grown larger than our revenues of $2.3 Trillion. The fiscal problems that we are experiencing today are entirely related to our spending, as a nation, and not at all related to the revenue confiscated by our government. The economic debates over this fact have been proven so many times now, by every competent economist, (which Paul Krugman does not qualify,) that it has become beyond tiresome to mention or write about it yet again. I suppose that is the goal of the political left in some fashion, just tire us out by making the same idiotic arguments over and over and over again. I believe Joseph Goebbels referred to this as white noise.

Maybe this time, the Republican leadership will actually stay and have this fight. I am hopeful, but not optimistic. By drawing the line in the sand, the GOP held House could in fact inflict a balanced budget upon the country very suddenly. In the long run, and possibly the short term, this would in fact be a very positive thing for the United States of America. My suspicion though is that a new deal will be struck which will allow for another period of time in which our Government is allowed to spend money without anyone controlling the purse strings. A future date to address the now increased problem of fiscal insanity will be set, and I will be writing this very same article again.

Here is the Daily Caller take on the Ryan Budget.

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