Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Week, Another Presidential First, We'll Call This One Treason.

Make no mistake about it, as a President of the United States of America, there is only so far that even our worst chief executives, no matter which party you happen to belong to, or where your ideology happens to place you on the spectrum, have managed to fall. Barack Obama has shattered that record, and managed something that no other President has dreamed of in their deepest narcissistic meanderings. Open treason committed against the United States of America is something that even James Earl Carter and Millard Fillmore kept clear of, Barack Obama, not so much. Asking the leader of our primary enemy that they cool down their shenanigans until after November in order to help their paid agent get reelected as our leader constitutes, beyond a frightening realization that we elected a traitor to our nation as the head of it, a treasonous act. Yet, somehow, I believe that only half of America's population knows that this event even occurred. That would be the half that watches Fox News, reads the conservative blogs, or listens to talk radio.

I have asked many times, and have never received any kind of an answer, this one question. If you were going to set about the business of destroying the United States of America from within, would you do anything differently than what Barack Obama has done as President of the United States? I'll leave that as an open question to those liberals who read my blog.


  1. History is replete with warnings about being alert for enemies from within. JFK warned us that we need not fear external enemies, it is our internal enemies we need to fear. In 1963 45 goals of the communist party, taken from the book "The Naked Communist," were read into the congressional record. Find them, read them, then judge for yourself just how successful our internal enemies have been. Our continued insistence on being blind to history will be to our great and disastrous chagrin.

  2. Enemies from within is a distinct hazard of having an open and free society. National Pride is something which should not be mandated any more than forcing people to purchase health insurance. That being said however, having our own supply of malcontents and knowing that some of our numbers will be enemies from withing is a far different thing than electing one of those as President. But why stop there. There literally must be thousands of silent aids, political allies, and Democrat Party apparatchiks who have to know what a complete treasonous prick this man is. Should they be held to account for their silence?


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