Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday At The Movies! The Non Concession Speech Edition.

Speaker Gingrich Delivered a Speech Last night that was by no means a concession speech. While Romney did take a lead in total delegates won so far, it is in no way insurmountable. During the month of February, there will be a total of 7 contests that all favor Mitt, and were scheduled that way on purpose. The bad news for Mitt, they are small prizes, all of them. None of those contests during February are winner take all, and then what? Speaker Gingrich has some states in his wheel house come Super Tuesday, and those will be big prizes. Newt Gingrich has been reported dead a grand total of 4 times now, and yet here he is. Unlike Ron Paul, he has actually convinced people to vote for him, and unlike Rick Santorum, he has actually convinced people to vote for him. Hillary Clinton had a larger lead on Barack Obama at this point in time, and even managed to win more delegates on Super Tuesday, and yet, we call Obama President today, and Hillary has been exiled to other nations. Romney's message of, "Newt is evil, and my state specific socialized health care plan is better somehow than the federal counterpart," will not ultimately be a winning message, no matter how much money he has to spread it with. Just as an aside, and as a matter of accounting, Romney's lead today is a grand total of 46 delegates out of 1188 necessary. One of the February contests is the meaningless Missouri Primary, where a vote is held, but the delegates are not awarded, but free to vote however they so choose, come the convention. After that, 39 states and the territories will have yet to be decided, and a good bit of those will favor the Speaker. The inevitability argument is still baloney.

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