Friday, February 17, 2012

New Day, More Baloney Spin, We Need To Have This Fight Already.

One of the positives of being reported to, "Attack Watch," an earlier version of Team Obama's thought police from last year, (I believe the latest version has been dubbed the, "Truth Squad,") is that the Obama Campaign sends me all of their latest campaign paraphernalia, talking points, and outright fabrications. Take a good look at the picture above. When I opened my email earlier this morning, it caused me to send coffee through my nose.  So, for the various people, and there were a few, (and one I actually asked,) who reported me to the Obama snitch on your neighbor website, I say thank you.

Here's why the coffee flowed.  My right to swing my arms freely, ends at your nose.  Vice Versa for you by the way.  One thing the political left has always been better at than those of us on the right has always been their ability to shift the debate in both esoteric and substantive terms.  We, suck at it, they are great at it.  They are also better at the game of politicking than we are.  Case in point?  Look at every debate hosted by a non Fox team through this entire campaign so far.  If the Debate has lasted 2 hours, then the issue of abortion has taken up 1.  Our conversation nationally has been about almost everything else, bad economy, crippling debt, asinine foreign policy currently being utilized, socialized healthcare, decimation of our military, usurpation of our basic freedoms, a President suing individual States for protecting themselves from foreign invasion, and many more worth while topics.  And for any one left of center who is reading this and believes the media to be unbiased or dare I say it objective, read the Daily Caller's verifiable proof that the media has been coordinating with the Democrat Party, the White House, and Media Matters for years as to how to sway public opinion to get their chosen candidates elected.  The above picture is nothing more than that concept in action.

Notice how the concept of religious freedom is portrayed as the monster that prevents women from their right to use contraception.  We could get into a debate that would last all day and night and still not get anywhere as to the meaning of pursuit of happiness as found in the Declaration of Independence.  That is not the point.  The point is that the pursuit of happiness spoken of is a personal journey, and not one which involves the rest of society forking it over to you.  So, I will be more than happy to stipulate that any woman has the right to eat as much Acacia Root as she can stomach in order to avoid pregnancy, or any other method available, if she will stipulate that it is none of my business.  I would also ask that it be stipulated that it is not the business of any third persons.  Your right to pursue your dreams of not having any children belong to you, and you alone, just as my right to pursue my dream of the Swedish Bikini Team feeding me grapes on a beach in the tropics is mine, and mine alone.

When something is not my business, I should not have to pay for it, and most especially should not have to perform the service for it.  So, for those of you who have posted this picture to your facebook page as the President's team of miscreants have suggested, I say this.  Take all the contraceptive measures you wish to take, but spring for the expense on your own.  Catholic Charities happens to be the single largest provider of health care in the United States.  If you do not appreciate the religious doctrine which has driven them to operate their hospitals, funded by patients, insurance companies, with huge shortfalls made up by private donation, then go and open your own hospital or donate to a health care provider that is not run by the Catholics.  There are plenty of other places for you to get your services provided.  Planned Parenthood springs immediately to mind.  While we are on that subject, fund that yourselves as well, as using taxpayer money to pay for that impinges upon my freedom to do what ever I so choose with my money.  (I believe the beach and bikini clad Swedes is a vision I have already shared.)

Part of Catholic Charities operating their hospitals is that ultimately, they answer to their religious beliefs.  If you see the word Mercy on the marquee, or notice a giant cross standing on the grounds, it may be a good bet that things will be administrated by folks with deep religious convictions.  This being America however, you have a choice.  There are other places you can go, and almost always other options.  I, in my 50 odd years have never heard anyone argue that contraception be made illegal.  Only that taxpayers not be responsible for the bill, and now, that doctors who do not wish to perform these services, not be forced to do so.  This President has turned our Constitution on its ear.  What he has done a masterful job at as well though, is to spin his messaging in such a way as to make the weak minded believe that he is actually defending the Constitution.  All one needs in order to believe that, is the belief in a, "living breathing document," rather than in interpretation based on what it actually says.  I guess my favorite part of that picture is the pose of a man lecturing to the rest of us.  He appears both benevolent and condescending, all at once.  That picture almost makes me forget, just for a moment or two, Barack Obama is the least qualified person in any room he enters.

In less than 4 weeks time, the Supreme Court will hear 3 days of oral arguments on Obamacare.  I hope the scope of what they look at reaches beyond the individual mandate and the whole question of how far the commerce clause allows malevolent politicians to destroy the remainder of the document.  Huge as that decision is on its own merits, there is so much more malfeasance to consider hear, like the continuation of the Tenth Amendment being rendered inert.  President Obama issued an edict stating that the Catholic Church be forced to provide the same services as Planned Parenthood, and we all took the bait.  Our outrage was at the edict itself, and it should have been at the fact that President Obama issued an edict at all.  This is the fight I would like to see taking place in the Supreme Court.

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