Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Danger U.S. Citizens: Smart Diplomacy At Work Here!

Political Cartoons by Glenn Foden

I promised myself that I would not spend 4 solid years griping about how terrible a President Barack Obama would turn out to be, (having grown extremely tired of hearing about how George W. Bush was responsible for every evil in the universe, whether real or fabricated,) I am chagrined to see glaring examples on a near constant basis of how dangerous a man this is, who currently occupies our Oval Office. Much has been written and debated already about the Barack Obama national apologapalluza. It escapes me entirely how any person, no matter what their political bent, could defend the blatant incompetence of a President who so cavalierly places American lives in danger in such an empty manner. That this man was touted as somehow being intellectually superior to we mere mortals is laughable. That the same people who told us tales of little Barry's great mental prowess also told us that President Bush was not smart should disqualify them from ever again being taken seriously. That the Democrats have not only failed to muzzle their idiot in chief candidate from doing more harm, solely for the purposes of political damage control shows how dangerous the Democrat Party truly is to the Citizens of these United States.

First off, in case you did not realize this, Afghanistan is in a state of war right now. During times of war, regrettably, things get broken, burned, and often times people are hurt. I would almost understand if our personnel rounded up every single copy of the Q'ran and saw to a mass destruction of all of them. Maybe then, the epithets and comparisons to Nazi's burning books would be appropriate. As it is, these were two copies of a book for which this would be impossible. These books were burned accidentally by troops wishing to stop the communication of enemies through covert means. If you want to be angry with these fellows, be angry that they did not turn over these already defaced Q'rans to their intelligence units for analysis and counter espionage protocols. Since Barack Obama's heart felt over the top apology, riots and national seething has ruled the Muslim Street. Of course, that unfortunately is the reaction we have become accustomed to. So far, 4 American Service Members have been killed. Barack Obama cares nothing for them. Moral Equivalence you see allows him to equate their deaths with the events blamed for them. Make no mistake about it though, if messages are being passed amongst the insurgents who are killing American Troops, then those messages should be intercepted and or stopped by any means necessary. If one American life is saved by burning a Q'ran, then I say Fahrenheit 451 or 452, what ever it takes. Wars are won by killing the enemy, breaking his spirit, and destroying his things. Wars are not won by helping the enemy with his self esteem.

This nonsense of turning our military into the world's largest social services outreach organization began in earnest under the terrible leadership of William Jefferson Clinton. The program has been placed on steroids by Barack Hussein Obama. Our standing on the world stage has gone from respected to laughed at. For anybody who believes that we were hated while George W. Bush was in office, I have this to say. You were probably only listening to the Marxists around the world. He was hailed as a hero in most of Africa, much of Europe, and even thought of fondly in several of the places formerly controlled by Marxists. While that is not everyone, he, and consequently we were at least taken seriously. That is not true today. Barack Obama, and consequently the rest of us are considered a toothless joke.

The Obama apology tour has placed every American in danger any where that they travel around the world. Where once upon a time, people every where thought twice about kidnapping, bombing, or generally messing with Americans, Barack Obama has seen to it that this behavior will not only go completely unpunished, but net you one of his famous lofty sounding apologies for our transgressions, whether they actually happened or not. So, my question for you 52% of Americans who voted for this man, is this what you consider a smart execution of our foreign policy? Is this what you had in mind for an American President? I would also like to point out this other little fact. What ever success in our foreign policy that Barack Obama has enjoyed, and for that matter endlessly spiked the proverbial football, has come because of the benefit afforded by the Bush policies that he campaigned against, (enhanced interrogation techniques, Gitmo detainees, wiretapping of known enemy combatants, targeted drone assassinations, etc.)

War is hell, and the only thing worse sometimes than fighting one is not fighting the ones where we have a chance to stop true evil, such as is the case in Afghanistan and Iraq and Iran. I will add this caveat though, if we are going to send our sons and daughters over there to fight, we better send them to win. These asinine rules of engagement are worse than anything. We need to quit undermining their mission and allow them to do their jobs. My son in law is in Afghanistan, and I sure don't want him to fall victim to Barack Obama's moronic sense of moral equivalency.

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