Friday, January 20, 2012

Even Worse Than His Poll Numbers, The Obama DoJ Invokes The Fifth.

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What does it mean when our Law Enforcement Executives start invoking their Fifth Amendment Rights?  One thing it means is that this is really, really bad news for Barack Obama and his team of Marxists.  Until now, the investigation into Fast and Furious had been, from a legal stand point anyhow, about the rampant incompetence in the Obama Justice Department.  What Patrick J. Cunningham has just done, was to move the main focus of what was an investigation into incompetence, to the more serious and nebulous world of criminal investigation.  There is going to be a much stronger pressure now for Daryl Issa to follow this as high up as it goes, while looking for actual prosecution of felonious activity involving some very real prison sentences.

Let's all of us be honest.  We all knew that this was the case prior to Cunningham's latest dodge, but now, he make's that knowledge both official, and something which will hurt the current occupier of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue far worse than his terrible approval ratings.  It is hard enough to keep this on the back burner, even with a compliant media, but it will be impossible to do so when during the campaign, members of his Administration are being led from their homes in handcuffs.

The chief of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona is refusing to testify before Congress regarding Operation Fast and Furious, the federal gun-running scandal that sent U.S. weapons to Mexico.
Patrick J. Cunningham informed the House Oversight Committee late Thursday through his attorney that he will use the Fifth Amendment protection.
Cunningham was ordered Wednesday to appear before Chairman Darrell Issa and the House Oversight Committee regarding his role in the operation that sent more than 2,000 guns to the Sinaloa Cartel. Guns from the failed operation were found at the murder scene of Border Agent Brian Terry.

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Issa has two choices before him.  One, he can demand that Cunningham be let go because of his inability to perform his job without compromising  his ability to serve as a law enforcement official without involving himself in felonious activity.  At which point he will offer an out of work Cunningham a plea deal should he roll over on his buddies, who obviously set him up to be the fall guy for their own wicked plan.  Two, he could offer Cunningham immunity for his testimony, which is enforceable by a contempt order.  This would place Cunningham in prison until such time as he testifies or the Republicans are replaced as the majority party in the House.

More importantly than that, what Cunningham's move has done, was to completely illustrate every dodge put forward by Eric Holder to date as a dodge.  The original, "There's nothing to see here," defense has just been officially deflated.  The, "We were just continuing the Bush Program," defense has just been illuminated as ridiculous.  The, "They're only pursuing this because they are racists," defense has just been shot in the back by an admission of felonious activity.  The, "I didn't really know what was going on," defense hangs by a thread, contingent on Cunningham never singing, which he most certainly will.  All of this of course, will be playing out during the backdrop of the General Election.  It will be hard to deflect, when people are led from Obama's Podium by their shackled wrists and taken straight to the big house.

Even for those of you who missed this, because the MSM did not think it worthy of coverage, it will be front and center this Autumn, and the details of this are worse than any public scandal in history.  Nobody died as a result of Tea Pot Dome or Watergate, but many have as a result of Fast and Furious.  What's worse, the President weighed the value of the lives he placed at risk for this ill fated exercise, and he decided his political agenda was worth more the the lives of simple men.  There is your champion for the middle class and the poor.

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