Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday At The Movies! Firewall Edition.

Bill Whittle's Firewall on PJTV. Whittle takes a look at some of the differing opinions on the intent and interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday At The Movies! Milton Friedman Discusses Market Failures!

With every hippie and his uncle claiming that our free enterprise system of economics is replete with market failures, I think some intelligent discussion on the subject is in order.

Steve Green, the Vodka Pundit, points out that the OWS protests have been joined officially by the Communist Party U.S.A. and by the American Nazi Party, great company you are keeping there leftists. Please tell me more about how the Tea Parties are a threat.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday At The Movies! Flattaxapalooza!

With every GOP Candidate and their brother offering up their version of a Flat Tax, PJTV offers some comparative analysis.

Bonus Feature: A Wall Street Protester calls into the John Gibson Radio Show.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday At The Movies! Mark Levin's Interview of Paul Ryan.

Shockingly, Paul Ryan is disappointed in President Obama's class baiting tactic, which is apparently the center piece for his reelection campaign in the upcoming Presidential race. Ryan was too polite to say it, but I am not. Barack Obama is the least qualified person in any room he enters.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

When The 1% Went To Wall Street To Defend Their Good Name.

Meet Peter Schiff. He is a Wall Street Investment Banker. For those of you who have 401k's, there is probably, and this is nothing more than a guess, about a 40% chance that Peter Schiff is managing a sizable portion of your retirement assets. He manages a mutual fund which specializes in international investing, it is called the Europacific Fund, and he has a marketing agreement with American Funds. His track record for success is undeniable. In short, he is no fool.

I give Schiff a lot of credit. He is brave, and has the patience of Job. How quickly revolutions eat their own, at 7:20 we get an idiot who screams about Steven Jobs being evil, and I would bet you anything he owns at least 2 pieces of technology invented by Jobs. Let's not forget that Jobs has usually been a darling of the left as well. At 8:09 the same fellow asks this fundamental question which I believe really defines the difference in philosophy between the left and the right. He asked, "do you agree that the government has the right to govern the lives of the American People?" To that I must answer, besides a resounding no, simply stunning. It is unbelievable to me that anyone could have grown up in America and not realize that our nation was founded in direct opposition to the concept of the government having the right to govern our lives. I believe the time has come for we Americans to go our separate ways. It might be time to seek an amicable divorce between the people who wish to remain free, and those who wish to impose Socialism. My next posting will be a proposed division of the marital assets.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rick Perry's Economic Plan: An Analysis.

You can read Perry's economic plan by clicking here.

A request by Rodan.

When reading Rick Perry's economic plan, it may seem very familiar to you.  That's because it is.  For anyone who doubts Perry's conservative bona fides, a review of this plan should immediately alleviate those fears.  This plan is a comprehensive list of the very things we free marketeers have been saying for years.  It is also very similar to what has been offered both by Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain.  Right off the bat here are my main impressions of the plan, the highlights so to speak.  Perry introduces his idea for a flat tax, proposes balancing the budget by statute and by cutting spending.  He seeks to eliminate special tax breaks for behaviors approved by government, and a massive roll back of onerous regulation inflicted by a bloated Executive Branch.  You may recall that yesterday I came out in favor of Newt Gingrich based on his 21st Century Contract With America, but I also hedged somewhat by stating that any of the Gingrich, Perry, Cain trio would be O.K. with me.  With that in mind, I will give Perry's plan an overall grade of A-.  There is room for improvement, but all in all, it is Red Meat for us Conservatives.


Perry starts out by pointing to a little talked about government statistic.  It costs American Taxpayers $483 Billion per year to comply legally with our current tax code.  Remember that figure for later, it will be important.  If you log onto the IRS website, you will see an estimation from the IRS as to what percentage of Americans who pay taxes, in fact overpay.  This percentage usually hovers around 90%.  According to the IRS' taxpayer advocate in testimony before congress, this is due to the fact that the tax code has become too complicated for even the IRS to follow anymore.

Personal story:
Last year, I called a CPA on behalf of a client.  I asked about a specific deduction a client wished to take.  The CPA gave me a negative response, saying, "that's ridiculous."   The client pressed on, so I called the IRS help line.  The IRS told me sure, the deduction is good, and here is the publication that I found that info in.  I called the CPA back, feeling somewhat not confident in the info, first being conflicted, and also the IRS' own disclaimer about their answers not being guaranteed.  As it happens, they were both wrong.  The CPA, graciously followed up by reading the entire publication and not just the first paragraph, or even only the first sentence as I suspect.  As it happens the deduction was allowed, but with very severe caveats.  The client was not Warren Buffett, but an average American tax paying citizen.

Why does this happen? Over the last decade, there have been 4428 changes in the tax code.  There will be 350 changes for 2012.  60% of Americans employ the help of paid professionals to file their personal returns.  One mistake Perry makes here is one that I have noticed personally.  Many of the professionals hired have no actual training or expertise in tax law or preparation.  There are a lot of people who operate tax preparation businesses with no more expertise than the software they purchased at their local book store.  While I do not wish to disparage the fine software products being sold,  It is not the same as paying for the services of a CPA or an Enrolled Agent.

Perry also points out that the Average Corporate Rate paid in the United States is the second highest rate of any industrialized nation.  While most of the other industrialized nations around the globe are lowering their rate of confiscation, our government is seeking to increase our corporate tax rates.  Perry has also done his homework and refers to a graph originally produced by Art Laffer.  In this particular chart, Laffer pointed to the past, and noticed that no matter what tinkering occurred with the tax code, revenues were consistently around 18% of GDP.  Fluctuations in tax rates only served to affect GDP in the long term, while increases or decreases in revenue were only affected by increases or decreases in GDP.

The basic reason for this is something the political left will never be able to comprehend, and when they do get it, will always revert to attempts to force the issue through increased government oppression.  The universal truth is that people will alter their behaviors.  Rick Perry obviously gets this.  This is why a Democratic Socialist State will invariably become a Totalitarian Socialist State.  If our tax rates are increasing on our corporations while other industrialized nations are decreasing theirs, any corporation who can afford to, will at least consider doing business elsewhere.  Individuals will also adjust their behavior, by not investing capital that would otherwise be used to produce economic growth or create jobs.

anecdotal question:
How hard do you personally need to work in order to earn $1000 that is free and clear of any bills which are needed to maintain your lifestyle.  If a person knocked on your door and told of his great business plan, and you can make money by investing your $1000, what return would you expect for that $1000?  Would you be happy with getting your original investment back only, or would you expect to make more than that back?  How would the government's self proclaimed ability to take a portion of your earnings affect your decision?  At some point, if you are a prudent person with your own finances, you might very possibly decide to keep your $1000 rather than investing it.

What Perry proposes, as if it were a shock to anyone at this point is a flat tax.  He uses the previous proposal pushed by Steve Forbes during the 80's.  His program would allow for certain deductions, but few enough of those to, "keep the return the size of a postcard."  He argues against a national sales tax, which is also something that I am personally against.  A national sales tax has been employed by 10 other industrialized nations, and in 9 of those, the percentage taken has increased already.  A national sales tax also has the ability to embed extra hidden costs by layering taxation during several different stops along the product manufacture and distribution cycle.  In practice, it has not worked out well for those nations that put it into place.  Perry's plan also calls for a corporate rate that is flat.  He places the corporate rate at the average of the other industrialized nations, 20%.  His flat tax is designed to keep us on pace exactly with Laffer's graph referred to above.

My biggest problem with the Perry tax policy is the caveat of allowing people to opt out in favor of choosing the current structure in place.  I understand his reasoning that people made investment decisions based on the old system and would face undue costs by losing those benefits afforded under the old system, but there is another way to handle that, and it is called a grandfather clause.  Going forward, we all should be playing by the same rules.  The flat tax would do something else for us, it would give the 47% of Americans who do not pay any taxes at the federal level skin in the game.  Clamoring for an increasing supply of gifts from a benevolent federal big brother will take on a whole new meaning when the recipients are forced to pay something for it also.  We should all have a stake in the game, and not have half of the country be supported by the other half.  It won't be long before the working half realizes it is more fun to receive than to give.

Perry seeks to end taxation of passive income, dividends and capital gains.  This would certainly spur investment in our country that would give an instant boost to employment and economic growth.  Personally, I feel that there is no reason to drop this to zero, but it would have a positive effect.  Dropping those rates to 10% would give a very similar boost, while allowing the people who make money by investing and not working for a wage to also have skin in the game.  (I can see no reason to allow Warren Buffett to pay zero in taxation.)  The Perry plan would eliminate the inheritance tax, which is money that has been taxed once already.  Taxation of estates is nothing more than the Federal Government's attempt to re-confiscate the earnings of successful people rather than allowing that to be passed on in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.  The wealthy in our country are able to manipulate the laws via trusts, foundations and insurance plans anyhow, so in the end, it is only the middle class which ends up paying this bill.

Perry advocates the cessation of tax credits for approved behaviors.  Every liberal friend I had jumped for joy at the concept of government subsidy for green technology.  They all told me with pride that it was about time that we broke the oppressive hold over us by the evil oil companies.  Then, when GE took advantage of the program by forcing those stupid cfl light bulbs upon us and building those Windmills which now dot our landscape, they cried like babies that a fortune 500 company was able to make a huge public sponsored profit while avoiding all taxes.  Again, a flat rate of 20% with no deductions, ie, loopholes.

Perhaps the best part of the Perry tax plan will be the least talked about.  Repatriation of American funds.  It will seem counter intuitive, but I will try to do it justice anyhow.  Currently, when an American company operates over seas, they will pay taxes on their income at the foreign rates first, and our government then charges an income tax at American rates to repatriate that money back to America.  This has the effect of discouraging businesses from bringing money back.  Capital is then invested in foreign nations for new factories, job creation, etc.  Currently, only enough money will ever be brought back to pay what ever dividends will be necessary to keep shareholders from getting angry.  For those of you with longer memories, George Bush did this in 2003 and in 2004.  The result was that when John Kerry went around the country screaming about how Bush had the worst record on jobs since the great depression, it was no longer true by the time of the 2004 election.  Perry seeks to make this a permanent change.


Our Executive Branch has added 38,710 new regulations over the last decade.  These new regulations are contained in 628,100 pages of print so fine that even pilots will need a magnifying glass to read it.  Only 10% of these regulations are reviewed or audited by anyone at all.  That means that 34,839 new government regulations contained in 565,290 unreadable pages have been added to our regulatory labyrinth without anyone voting on it, or any consideration beyond the bureaucrat who decided upon that rule arbitrarily.  The cost of compliance for our regulatory structure in the United States today stands at $1.1 Trillion  Couple this with the cost of compliance to our tax code, and you have a compliance cost in this country of $1.6 Trillion.  Does that figure sound familiar, like say an amount equal to our annual budget deficit, maybe a little more.  I am not advocating for an elimination of all federal regulations, and neither is Rick Perry.  When the regulations are being added to our structure without so much as a second opinion however, clearly a line of common sense has been passed.  To illustrate just how egregious it has become, farmers are now responsible to spend a fortune on milk spill prevention and cleanup programs.  It appears that the EPA has declared milk to be a dangerous substance and errant farmers have been endangering the public by not developing programs to deal with the possibility of large quantities of milk being spilled ruining the environment.  You may have noticed a sharp increase in your costs of milk at the grocery store, and now you know why.  When the Perry Campaign requested a list of Federal Regulations which carried a possible penalty of prison time, the Congressional Research Service responded the the request represented a task that was so onerous and time consuming that they could not possible be expected to actually complete the task.  The list would be impossible to compile under any standard.  For an independent business owner anywhere in America, what chance would they have to make their way through this maze of possible pitfalls?

The result of all of this is far more onerous for small businesses than those who can employ legal teams and accountants in house.

From the graph above, what you see is that the cost of compliance costs small business owners an average of 44.77% more per employer than his larger competitors. When Dodd-Frank was instituted for example to make certain that we would never again fall victim to the too big to fail trap, its result was in fact opposite to that intention. To add insult to injury, this law even exempted the two primary entities that created the fiasco which spurred on its passage in the first place. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have in fact re-instituted the very same practices which caused the financial collapse to begin with. And why shouldn't they. According to law, the government has declared them exempt once again from the consequences of poor risk analysis. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The price will be paid by the smaller entities of the financial system, Dodd-Frank has made certain of that.

Perry's plan would force every current regulation through a review process and prevent all further additions of regulation from occurring until that process has been completed. Each regulation will be forced to be justified by stringent criteria, including a cost benefit analysis. Regulations which can not pass the test will be canceled completely. Some that partially pass, but not every aspect of the criteria process will be rewritten and or simplified. All regulatory agencies will be given a specific budget to work within, and funding will be cut off once those funds are exhausted. Currently, these agencies, by statute have no limitations on their expenditures. (And you wonder why we are in a fiscal mess.) Perry also calls for a searchable database where every American would be able to easily identify what the rules are.


Rick Perry took a lot of heat for, and I can not stress this enough, correctly calling Social Security a Ponzi Scheme. So, for a bit of snark in an otherwise wonkish analysis, enjoy Steven Crowder reporting the Social Security Administration to the SEC.

Perry states his goal to be repairing the system, which will collapse without some one taking immediate steps to prevent this from happening. Whether you agree with his language or not, the fact remains that he is in fact quite correct in his analysis. His proposals are also nothing new. Gradual increases in the age of retirement phased in according to increased life expectancy, Giving private control over our own individual accounts based upon the choice of each citizen, (he refers to the very successful Chilean model for this, which George W. Bush was roundly vilified for.) He also proposes making it illegal for the system to be robbed for other government uses, such as highway funding, or a model cities program, (two previous uses for raiding the social security fund.)


He proposes similar steps to be made with respect to Meicare and Medicaid. He also includes placing the responsibility for these programs back with the states. The interesting thing here is that he in effect uses the exact same argument made by Romney when he was defending his Romneycare program. Many people have been beating Romney up, and deservedly so, over his Romney care law, but in actuality, there is a difference between putting that into place at the state level and making it a national program. With respect to that specific argument, Romney is right.


Dodd-Frank. As stated previously this will have the exact opposite affect from what its purported purpose is.

Sarbanes-Oxley. Requires duplicate audits of a company's books. All public corporations were previously required to audit their own books, and have an independent auditor assess the companies reports and speak to their validity. This wasteful regulation forces a third audit to be performed by the company to audit the audited report of themselves. It in a nutshell would prevent zero crime from occurring, as anyone crooked enough to cook their own books, take the time to sneak it past an independent auditor would not then tell on themselves in a third round of paperwork. What this idiotic piece of legislation does do however is cost a hell of a lot of money to enforce. It also has the added benefit of preventing smaller privately held businesses from going public and possibly expanding.

Obama Care. Go to the search engine of this blog and type in, "finding out what's in it." I believe that I am up to 12 now. Suffice it to say, I am against Obamacare, and yes, I realize that I have only scratched the surface.


He proposes to balance the budget by cutting spending. Perry recognizes that our budgetary problems are related to spending and spending alone. He proposes an end to Baseline Budgeting, that Carter era law which requires that our national leaders ignore reality when drafting a budget. In this world of the Congress Critter, increases in tax rates are scored by the CBO as revenue increases even though history has thoroughly debunked that myth many times over. The law also forces the calculation for the opposite assumption. It also forces the CBO to include an automatic growth for all budget items which is in fact greater than prevailing inflation rates, as well as holding that even implied expenditures be included for calculations involving future savings or deficits. So, all of this serves to give us a picture that starts off being deceptive, and that is before any politician has the ability to lend their spin. I give Perry high marks for taking on this issue.

He also advocates the repeal of Davis-Bacon which prevents the Federal Government from seeking competitive bids for contracted work on federal projects. I also agree with this. He proposes the end to continuing resolutions being used to circumvent the budgetary process. I agree with this as well. The idea that a budget will be imposed upon our nation with out the signature of our chief executive is preposterous. Putting a stop on budgetary items being stealthily passed by using the emergency budget provisions for things that are not emergencies but merely items for which no one is willing to face accountability, will be accomplished by defining emergency.

Ending bailouts, ending earmarks, hiring freezes and paygo with a twist round out his budgetary proposals. Perry was able to find duplicate regulatory oversight in some instances as many as 34 different agencies watching the same lucky group of people. I am not sure, but I bet a national regulatory database would be able to find these wastes, and help us to end them.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some Things Are Just Too Priceless.

I could have just as easily entitled this one as sweet irony, or possibly called it the grass is always greener, but the title truly does not matter. It is perhaps the single best commentary on the crazy parade that the Occupy Wall Street protests are, and have always been. What is amazing to me, is that almost no one in the nation realizes that these protests have all been organized to appear as grass roots protests against the concept of bail outs and corporate welfare by the Marxists in combination with the Anarchist group Anonymous. How these groups are able to get together is one of those enemy of my enemy being my friend kind of tales. They want very opposite outcomes than the other group, but both seek to destroy our economic system in order to achieve that end.

One of the things that puzzles me though is how are the Marxist and Anarchist elements to all of this been kept so successfully a secret, especially when the Marxists have been out there screaming the entire time and making their presence known. The main stream media has done a masterful job of reporting on the entire proceeding while avoiding a single interview of the protesters who will very loudly state their goals. All this, and no one has become at all suspicious of the coverage from a distance approach being taken. So, in that spirit, I have here an interview with three of their members. It has to be the single most ironic things ever to happen here in America, so enjoy the heck out of it.

Hat tip to Verum Serum for the video.

Oh, the rich irony of it all. Three skulls full of mush explaining the virtues of Socialism to a fellow who actually lived under that repressive system of governance and economics. The misery he explained to them is the very real, and by the way well documented result of a Socialist regime. But don't worry, these dolts believe with all of their being that it would somehow be different if employed here in the United States. Why, you may ask. Well, our wonderful public education system has provided them with that faith, plus the ability to ignore reality and give lengthy explanations as to why reality was never so in the first place, and even if it was, why the stars aligned to work against the people's attempts to live in the Utopian dream. It was not Socialism and all of its failures which lead to cannibalism in North Korea while they enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the evil nation of South Korea, it is the fact that there is not enough farm land in the North to sustain the people's Utopia. It is furthermore evil of the capitalist pigs of the South to not redistribute their wealth to the people of the North, who have been at war with them for over half a century now.

I guess what perplexes me most about the Occupy Wall Street crowd is that they are not protesting at all against the people who committed the unspeakable act of evil that they claim is responsible for what has them so upset. While on Wall Street, they took their protests past the door steps of some of New York's wealthiest people. Curiously enough, only industrialists received the attention of the protesters, while the Financiers, like say George Soros, received zero of the attention. Soros is what these people claim to be against. He has been convicted of insider trading in France, he manipulates currencies to fit his private whims, he uses his capital to influence political decisions and elections around the globe, and he is shameless about it. He also happens to be financing the current group of brainless teenage thugs defecating in public in NYC right now. Why not also protest against the crooked politicians who approved the bailouts and governmental takeover of our financial institutions. If the bailouts made you children mad, certainly the group of people who did the bailing out deserve as much of the anger as those who received the help.

How does our group of protesters measure up to their own vision of Utopia by the way. I have heard much commentary about how these fine folks are really the same as those awful Tea Parties, who were derided just a few weeks earlier. I believe the term used was Tea Bagger, or some such thing. Now, they are just two groups mad about the same stuff, and isn't it wonderful that they all in fact agree, that the evil capitalists are somehow ruining America. I must say though, that while the Tea Parties were reported as being full of gun toting racist bigots capable of unspeakable acts of violence, so we better all hide our children and board up our houses, etc. At not one single Tea Party rally was a flyer handed out explaining to young women what they should do in case of sexual assault. There were never any arrests of Tea Party activists at any time during any rallies anywhere in America. In three years time, zero, while there were arrests made of counter protesters assaulting the Tea Party activists, zero is still the number of Tea Partiers actually committing acts of violence. In a report yesterday, handgun crime is up 28% in NYC this year, all of it due to crimes being committed by the Wall Street protesters. the neighbors who live around the area of Zuchotti Park have really had enough as well. I guess the endless drumming and public filth has them rightfully ticked. During all of the Tea Party Rallies, every law enforcement service had stated publicly an amazement how this group would leave the area as clean and well maintained as they found it. Our group of Earth loving environmentalists in Zuchotti Park, not so much. Garbage, Urine, Feces has been their calling card. These folks, who are preaching to us about the evils inflicted by the wealthy have done irreparable damage to the inhabitants of a city that did them no harm. Their entire life style of carelessly sponging off of society was paid for by the very system that they claim created every evil imaginable in the world. What they need is soap, water, and responsibility.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Primary Endorsement Time, My Pick - Newt Gingrich.

First off, let me say that I know that Newt is not perfect, nobody is. Yes I know that he has let us down in the past, those of us who consider ourselves conservative that is. I know that he has not been the best husband to his many wives, but belonging to the club of buying perfume in six packs myself, I will not hold that against him. His appearance with Nancy Pelosi on the love seat pushing for a cap and trade program ticked me off as well, and I hope he is over the political pandering phase of his life. He also at one time, was the voice of conservatism, and stood all alone in the well of the House and spoke eloquently to only a hand full of people about conservative principles, free market economics, and the positive spirit that made America the single most successful nation in Earth's history. So, let me ask all of you, who is the perfect candidate? I have heard gaffes from each of the Republicans already to fill a book the size of the U.S. tax code. Every one is guilty. President Obama sets the bar so low that in fact I would even consider voting for Ron Paul, and he is the definition of clearly insane. It is my belief that focusing on a person's negatives, and those alone is the exact wrong way to go about choosing our next President. While I agree that it is important to thoroughly vet our national leaders before turning over the keys to the country so to speak, (If these last three years have taught us anything, they have taught us that,) I also feel that looking at the positives aspects of a person's ability and ideas are as important as well.

This decision was a tough one for me, but not for the reasons that many might believe. There are three candidates who stand out in my opinion. Make no mistake about it, Bozo the clown would defeat Barack Obama were he nominated by the GOP to face him in the General Election next year. Electability has not factored into this for me at all. We are all hearing about who is capable of winning against Obama next year and who is supposedly not. It is all nonsense. That is why my endorsement will not be for,

Mitt Romney, the RINO

Hat tip to 1389 for the pic.

There is no reason to nominate another confused Democrat to be the standard bearer for the Republican brand. We tried that in 2008 at the suggestion of the New York Times, and how exactly did that work out for us? That eliminates Mitt Romney, pictured above, and John Huntsman as well. While I agree with the Libertarians about 70% of the time, the 30% of the time that I do not is important enough to actively campaign against them. For that reason, I must say sorry to Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, economically you are usually spot on, (more Johnson than Paul,) but your beliefs in isolationism and completely open and undefended borders is to say the least, scary. Besides, the Libertarians already have a political party, (shockingly called the Libertarian Party,) and I can see no reason to have them co-opt the GOP. Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachman, I have never really felt comfortable aligning with the Social Conservatives. Usually, although admittedly not in either of your cases, the Social issues are the only conservative views that they hold. I give you Mike Huckabee. A social Conservative and an economic Marxist would for me, be the worst of all worlds. While both of you have always supported the free markets and fiscal conservatism, those have been the less forcefully stated opinions you have both expressed over the years. While it is true that not a single school board anywhere in America which instituted Creation Science has survived the ensuing school board elections, and it is nice to see our Constitution do what it was designed to do in each of these instances, I am not comfortable with the concept that a Santorum or Bachman Presidency would serve to go against the very principles we conservatives believe in by choosing this moment and issue to challenge the Tenth Amendment. My field has now been whittled to three, Perry, Cain, and Gingrich.

I like each of these three, and would be excited to vote for any one of them in November of next year. What it comes down to was the specific ideas brought to the table by Gingrich's 21st Century Contract With America. Gingrich has promised to put an end to much of what has caused our economic ills in this country, specifically repeal of Obamacare, Sarbanes Oxley, Frank Dodd, and the Community Reinvestment Act. He has promised to allow the free markets to openly produce as much energy as we Americans choose to, and to not get in the way of any energy production. That right there, would be the single greatest economic stimulus package since the Eisenhower Administration, and it would have the virtue of actually saving us a fortune on administrative costs for a cessation of wasteful government spending to enforce laws which make things that already were illegal extra double illegal.

Gingrich also proposes enforcement of the Tenth Amendment, which is a good start in forcing back the encroachment of a bloated federal behemoth which has grown far beyond the size and scope of anything our national fathers had in mind when establishing our Republic. Decentralized government, one that separates authority and places checks and balances upon those in charge have served to insure that we would not ever fall victim to those who would seek to usurp the power derived from our citizenry, or to the passing momentary passions of angered mobs. The United States of America is comprised of 50 individual and sovereign states, and not the other way around. He has been solid in all of the debates so far, and to tell you quite honestly, part of me only wishes he would win the nomination just to see the fun which would ensue from an Obama/Gingrich debate. (I have a feeling though that this debate would never take place due to the fact that Team Obama would never allow him to be seen in any forum where he would be expected to match wits with Newt.) Speaker Gingrich provides a positive vision for an American Success story, something we have not had since the days of Reagan. While he is prone to occasional bouts of pandering, and he will capitulate his ideals in order to negotiate a deal, (something which has become a major sore spot for many conservatives over the last two decades,) he is also someone who does not have hearing problems when an angered electorate points out the fact that they are upset with a direction he may take. Boiled down, governing against the expressed will of the American People is why Barack Obama is going to lose next year.

In short, I feel that the positives of Gingrich outweigh his negatives. I also feel he possesses the most positive vision for America's future, and has backed that vision up with solid specifics as to how to accomplish that vision.

Download the 21st Century Contract With America here.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday At The Movies! Thomas Sowell's, "Right Direction."

I have a lot of takeaways from this Sowell special which aired in November of 2005. Sowell started out his career as a Marxist. After working for the Government helping to implement his Socialist ideals for one summer, he began a transformation. Today he stands as one of the leading voices for Conservatism.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Sowell notes the pictures of vehicles submerged on the streets of New Orleans which could have easily been used to remove the victims who remained in the city long enough to become victims.

Money quote from the third segment, "people don't want to believe that benefits have costs." While he was speaking to the Patriot Act, this can be applied to almost every thing in our modern society.

sowell notices that while the conservatives are often accused of not caring about people, it is more often that the political left are willing to do harm to members of society in order to promote their vision.

Money Quotes:
"Better to wound a child's self esteem during his education than to allow him to go through 50 years of being permanently behind because he can not read or write sufficiently to survive in our society."

"There is no evidence here or in any other country that people who are poor have benefited in any way from affirmative action."

Sowell points out that the only thing that will reduce poverty is the creation of wealth. By tearing down the wealth creators in this country, we are acting is a self destructive manner, which will only lead to more of what we claim we are trying to end.

Money Quotes: "Intellectuals create confusion."

On environmentalism, "I just wish there were some way to add up the enormous cost to appease a small group of self righteous people."

Friday, October 21, 2011

He Said What!? Joe Biden Edition.

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Enjoy the clip, and ask yourselves if you would like 4 more years of this type of leadership. Notice how Biden's keepers wasted no time in collecting him before he had a chance to actually answer a reporter's questions, simply priceless.

Joe Biden is a Gaffe Machine. He's the man. Hands down the champion of hoof in mouth disease. I marvel at the media coverage of the 2008 campaign, and how the press was able to pull off calling Sarah Palin an embarrassment when Joe Biden was on the loose at the same time. This is a man who predicted a major world attack upon America if we elected his boss President, who stood at a political rally and instructed a wheel chair bound supporter to, "stand up and let em see ya," said that Barack Obama's popularity was due to the fact that America could, "finally see an articulate and clean black man." All of that, pales in comparison to what he said yesterday. Yesterday, our Vice President told us that unless we pass the Stimulus Two, Rapes, Murders, and Arson will all increase. Putting aside, just for the moment, that this is nothing more than a shameless attempt to scare the citizens into reelecting team Obama, is on its face a blatant insult to the intelligence of every American citizen, it is also an insult to the peace officers and fire fighters charged with protecting the rest of us from these things. Just to let you in on what the Police and Fire people themselves feel about this revelation, check this out.

This is a room full of Police and Firefighters union members, the main recipients of the record setting bribe known as the American Jobs Act, and as you can see, they can at best be described as tepid towards the Presidents Campaign Finance Money Laundering attempt which he is euphemistically calling an economic stimulus. Gone are the days of sermonizing in front of Greek Columns and such for little Barry O. He has now been relegated to packing a couple hundred or so supporters into school class rooms and small union halls in order to give the illusion of star power he once enjoyed. Begging for applause on his signature legislation this year, and not getting any is not a good sign for a man who's ego is laughably greater than his ability.

Getting back to the Biden scare attempt, I hope that by now, America is getting tired of the, "Republicans want to push granny off of a cliff and kick your puppy dog," school of campaigning. Will someone tell me why it is always the vital services that are threatened when there is a budget shortfall seemingly looming. Police and fire protection are always slated to be cut, but the cowboy poetry festival must live on. Our government wastes money like it comes from a monopoly game, but it is always the actually useful stuff that gets threatened when we pull the tit away from the suckling pigs. Our police and fire and educational services have operated for over 200 years without federal support. These are local issues which are supported by local and state sources. This is a constitutional issue. According to our founding document, it is the responsibility of the local citizens to determine what services they wish to pay for, and not up to the federal government. This may seem like a small point, but why should the people of Georgia, who have handled their affairs in a responsible manner and are not facing a budget shortfall be called upon to subsidize the people of California, who have handled their affairs in a completely asinine manner acting as though their generous public union benefits could be paid for with money that somehow grew on trees. California's pain must be felt by Californians, and it is a pain that can only be postponed temporarily, not avoided forever. By adding Georgia to that equation, the President and the Socialists in charge are only seeking to postpone that pain and to force it upon another state, not to lessen the severity. Barack Obama cares only about how things look in 2012, and could not care less about what happens in 2013 and beyond. Next, our police and fire services are made up of trained professionals. They have been capable of doing their jobs long before Barack Obama was elected President. The idea that they can only succeed with Obama's help is preposterous. Joe Biden's, "help us Obama-Wan-Kenobi," moment insulted me. I have a hard time imagining what the professionals in those occupations must have felt at the time. Watch the video again, and take notice of the facial expressions of people in that room. Consider also for a moment, this room is filled with the very recipients of the giant union bribe that this bill is.

All of this of course is on top of an already ridiculous optic.  This new piece of proposed legislation is not about jobs for America, but an obvious portion of the Obama in 2012 election effort.  Not lost on a lot of us is the disparity between who Obama is calling out as obstructing this bill, and who is actually obstructing this bill.  President Obama does not even have the support of the majority of his own coalition on this one.  The same man who is telling bald faced lies about how many economists are in support of the bill, and what percentage of Americans are in support of it thinks we are not only stupid, but blind as well.  At the rate in which the President is going, his Nomination Acceptance Speech will be delivered in room 315 of the Holiday Inn of the city where the Democrat Convention will be held.  The crowd will be 55 people, or whatever the maximum occupancy allowed by the local fire department, but they'll  be whooping and hollering like idiots.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

He Said What!?

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

A caveat before I begin.  Our form of governance is not perfect, and I recognize that.  Our economic system is not perfect, and I recognize that also.  Holding these things up to the bar set by perfection will continually make them look like a poor second choice.  That is what the bar of perfection will do for any idea, concept, or choice for economic or political solutions.  That being said, both our republic, and our free market systems have performed their functions far better than any solutions set into practice by man so far.  When I hear the arguments of the political left, many of them boil down to the this basic principle, which is, your system is not perfect, therefore we must spread misery equally.  Punish the successful because there are some who have difficulties.  When as a small child I asked how my eating something I did not like would help feed starving children in India, there was no real answer to that question which would ever satisfy me.  Ending India's Socialism was ultimately what put an end to the perpetual famine of that wonderful nation.

If there is one problem our founding fathers were not capable of solving, it was the politician.  In one of the Federalist Papers authored by Thomas Jefferson, he warned against the formation of political parties.  It was his belief that this would create a class of professional authoritarians, who would seek to remove accountability to a citizen electorate, and would use that as a means to increase the size and scope of federal authority.  Prophetic words to be sure, but I am also afraid that Jefferson was unable to state an alternative.  To my knowledge, nobody has since our founding as a nation.  As much as I don't trust the class of individual known as the politician, our current system of governance is still the best so far, and we have managed to hold them to at least a little accountability so far.

One of the reasons for my mistrust of politicians is the fact that they have learned a great universal truth, and have learned how to use that for their own interests.  This in itself is not a bad thing, except that in many cases those interests are in direct opposition to those of us who would seek to retain our own freedoms and opportunities.  Politicians you see are not interested in discussing reality with us.  This is not because they think that we are unable to handle it, nor is it because they are terrified at the prospect of being tarred and feathered should we learn of their chicanery.  It is only because they have learned how to get elected by convincing people that they would somehow be able to provide magical benefits to their constituents which would be paid for by others.  By, "others," I mean any source which is specifically not the folks voting in that election.  In the case of national elections of course, the term, "others," refers to a mythical creature known as the government.  (I know that the government is not mythical.  For the purposes of this discussion however, it may as well be.  for while the government is considered to be an endless supply of all the resources necessary to accomplish whatever irresponsible promises made by politicians, the sad fact is that it is only able to dole out what it confiscates from the productive members of our society minus the considerable administrative costs of running it.)  Which brings us to yesterday, a day when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, (D) Mars broke the mold of irresponsible buffoons.

Harry it seems, believes that our Private Sector is in fine shape, while it is the government's role in our economy which needs to be bolstered, for the purposes of putting America on the right track.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Wednesday indicated Congress needs to worry about government jobs more than private-sector jobs, and that this is why Senate Democrats are pushing a bill aimed at shoring up teachers and first-responders.

“It’s very clear that private-sector jobs have been doing just fine; it’s the public-sector jobs where we’ve lost huge numbers, and that’s what this legislation is all about,” Reid said on the Senate floor.
Reid was responding to recent comments from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who accused Democrats of purposefully pursuing higher taxes as part of the teacher/first-responder bill, S. 1723, so that Republicans would oppose it. McConnell said the bill was meant to fail in order to give Democrats an issue to run on in the 2012 election, but Reid said the Republicans are simply trying to defeat President Obama any way they can.
Reid was responding to recent comments from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who accused Democrats of purposefully pursuing higher taxes as part of the teacher/first-responder bill, S. 1723, so that Republicans would oppose it. McConnell said the bill was meant to fail in order to give Democrats an issue to run on in the 2012 election, but Reid said the Republicans are simply trying to defeat President Obama any way they can.

 The link above takes you to a story which ran in HotAir yesterday.  In it, Ed Morrisey wonkishly destroys the argument made by Reid with a few graphs from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, (a government agency which is a great example of those very considerable administrative costs I spoke to earlier.)  My proof will not need near the complexity of Morrisey's.  Let's start with this question, what does our government produce?  A business operates by producing something of value, and selling that something to people who believe that they will benefit from that product.  The transaction is completed when they feel that the value gained is greater than what amount of their own labors is being asked for in return.  We'll use gasoline for an example.  I bought it yesterday at $3.36 a gallon.  A gallon gets me to work and back.  It was worth the price, as I will make more than $3.36 for the day's labor.  The government produces nothing.   Any government service is only paid for by extracting those funds from the citizens.  To add insult to stupidity, it does not even distribute those funds at a dollar for dollar rate.  Don't forget about the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the good people employed there.  The average wage for our federal employees is close to $100,000 per year.  There are a lot of federal employees, producing nothing, all with their little slice of the pie removed before a single benefit is paid.  These hard working people, with jobs that by definition are an incredible waste also use material on their jobs.  Computers, pens, staples, cars, e-mails, retreats to Hawaii, are all part of the equation as well.  It does not take the math skills of Isaac Newton to realize that there is an inefficiency at work here.

All of this happens of course before the discussion even becomes really fun.  In the market place, people are able to determine for themselves what it is they want produced.  Our resources are used in an efficient manner, because when they are not, businesses lose money and go under.  Not so with our government.  When Harry Reid uses our money inefficiently, the government loses money and Harry Reid gets to subsidize his arrogance by attempting to coerce our wants through price controls, shortages, and payoffs.

Part of what worries me is that Harry Reid was elected to his office by seemingly intelligent people. Harry got elected this last time out by convincing the good people of his state that Sharon Angle was too far outside of the world of rational thought to be entrusted to look out for Nevada's interests in the Senate. After a statement like the one made yesterday Nevada, you would have been better off electing Arnold the Talking Pig to the Senate. At least Arnold was the second most intelligent creature in the vacuous world of Hooterville. In case any of you, besides Harry Reid missed it over the summer, we had a huge national debate over the fact that we are broke. Being broke is a condition caused by spending more than you are producing. This is a simple concept that even a politician should get. Solving this problem will not come about by increasing our spending side of the equation while declaring that our productivity is honky dory. Harry Reid, and anyone else for that matter who even states this, let alone believes it, should be removed immediately from any national conversation, or at the very least fired during his next attempt at reelection.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday At The Movies! Lesson Of The Pencil.

It is somewhat amazing to me that so many of our national leaders are so dangerously ignorant of the most very basic economic principles. At a time when our national economy is reeling, our President gives campaign speeches positing the idea that simply allowing our energy producers to bring their product to market with greater ease will not do anything to help our economy recover. This single statement was in fact so ridiculous that I expected the Earth to actually stop spinning. Yet, no one in the national media challenged the President on what very well may have been the single dumbest thing ever uttered by a man standing behind the Presidential Seal. So, in that spirit, and as a public service to my fellow American Citizens, I give you our greatest economic mind in what perhaps was his best lecture, and easy to understand to boot.

I find it frightening indeed that belief in the free markets is considered outside of the American main stream. It was the free market system that made our nation the wealthiest in the history of the world to date, and it is the fact that we as a society are eschewing those principles that threatens our economic prosperity. The mainstream is not always correct, and being wrong on this will cost us a terrible price.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Jobs Plan That Will Work.

Yesterday, President Obama took to the campaign trail yet again and he did manage to say something new. He told us that since his jobs bill was obviously too brilliant and complicated for us not so bright conservatives to understand in its entirety, he has agreed to break it down into more palatable bites for us. Thanks! Unfortunately for the President, I am still able to read, unlike the children who will be graduating from our public schools in 15 to 20 years. In the unicorn laden universe where the President calls home, there is nothing at all controversial about this bill. Nothing like the fact that it would end the tax exempt status of municipal bonds, thereby making it harder to actually pass school bond issues in the future for those communities who want to make capital improvements on their educational facilities. Nothing like the fact that the bill calls for spending an additional half Trillion Dollars on infrastructure spending to follow the previous Trillion which was in fact not spent on what was already promised. Nothing like a brand new mountain of regulation to add to the previously new mountain of regulation to further prevent entrepreneurs and owners of current businesses from expanding and taking on new employees. Nothing like increasing taxes on those same businesses under the populist baloney of getting the, "rich," to sacrifice more for the well being of the less fortunate souls of the world.

We conservatives oppose this bill because not only will it not work, but in fact will serve to make things worse. Perhaps a brief description of what regulation in America's Old West is in order. Back in the days prior to the FDA, there were people selling miracle cures out of the backs of covered wagons, (think fake Rolex Watches out of a car trunk.) These miracle cures came to be known as snake oil, and the purveyors of said tonics were known as snake oil salesmen. Their time spent in any one town generally tended to be short lived. The free market system you see had the ability to regulate itself. After people tried the tonics, and discovered their true nature, those selling the tonics tended to be in a hurry to leave the market place behind them in search of a town in which no former swindlers had been to recently. since the government has gotten involved in regulating these tonics, we have had zero reduction in their appearance on our store shelves. I have been told personally of the wonders of St. John's Wart, DHEA, Melatonin and at least two dozen substances who's names I forget. Where it took the people of the old west about a week and a half to rid their towns of the vermin who were swindling them, it takes our current form of societal protection years to work its magic. (I saw an infomercial at 5:30 this morning where the station actually had to run a banner disclaiming the product being hawked because the fellow pitching it was imprisoned for selling the substance. As he had paid for the air time already, they could not simply pull the promotion. It had been on for about 4 years time already.) The snake oil has also taken on a new form. Snake Oil is what our President is selling. That and a healthy dose of fantasy. Does any one else get that, "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain," feeling when hearing the President speak about this latest attempt to pit one class of Americans against another?

Not to put too fine a point on President Obama's jobs bill, but he didn't even get his coalition to back his bill. Two Democrat Senators voted to uphold the filibuster outright, and a third would not vote at all, so that she would not be on the record as supporting this joke of a job creation package. There are a full 17 Democrat Senators who have stated that they would vote against the bill, should it actually make it to a floor vote. The President of the United States has now been reduced to delivering campaign speeches at high schools across the fruited plains rather than venues which are more in line with what we might view as appropriate for a Presidential Campaign of an incumbent.

In order to convince us all to support this national suicide pact designed to destroy our economy, the President and his supporters have been touting anonymous economists who have supposedly told of the virtues of this plan. They have told us of polls which will clearly point to the broad national support of this bold plan to further bankrupt what was previously the wealthiest nation on Earth. I have doubts about both assertions, but such is the wonder of national elections. We will see in a year, what exactly Americans actually think of the Obama plan to, "create jobs." If the majority of Americans actually were in support of the plan from team Obama, would there be a full 20 Democrat Senators ready to vote it down? The effort to distance themselves from Obama has sent Democrat Politicians scurrying like roaches exposed to sunlight away from where ever the President is appearing. Once again though, when the policy suggested by the political left is soundly rejected by the American People, we can count on the refrain of, "it must be our messaging," being sounded loud and clear. The American People would in fact love this, if only they were capable of understanding its brilliance. Damn that substandard Ohio State education of mine. If only I had matriculated at Harvard. The funny thing about the, "we failed to get our message out," excuse this time around though is this. The President has done precious little else while being President. There has been no difference in the activities of President Obama from those of candidate Obama. He has not stopped campaigning. I am even beginning to wonder if possibly the White House Staff might one day soon put little Barry's picture on a milk carton.

I never believed I would write these words, but it needs to be said. Jimmy Carter was a good President when compared to the bar set by Barack Obama. I now need a shower. America needs a leader. The world needs a strong America. Relish in your moment President Carter, as there is now a man who was so able to redefine the competency scale that you now appear to have been Presidential after all. At least at the end of the Carter Presidency, the very end, he realized that his policies were disastrous and he actually began to deregulate somewhat. It was too little too late, but he gave it that try. Barry Zero, well let's just say that according to his latest attempts at messaging, he has no intention of giving that a try. Success is not his goal, getting reelected is.

Monday, October 17, 2011

I Would Rather Be Right Than Part Of The Majority.

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

In the 5th century A.D. there was a Roman Emperor by the name of Valentinian III. Like all Roman Emperors, he was no stranger to waging war. He was not even a stranger to success. Attila met his end at the hands of Valentinian's battle skills, as did the Visigoths. Conquering foreign lands and removing the wealth of the conquered territory was an important business model for the Roman Empire. When Valentinian noticed the Celts living on a rather large island in the North Atlantic, he decided that it would be worth the risk of open warfare to be able to lay claim to the riches perceived in Celtic society. He saw that the Celts were not nearly armed sufficiently to ward of an assault of Rome's best soldiers. Valentinian was sorely mistaken. The Celts, as it turns out, were far more dangerous when unarmed than when they had weapons. Rome suffered huge defeats to people fighting without swords, shields, or even archery tools. The Celts clawed, bit, scratched, kicked, and basically showed that a spirit of a society, when in tact, was as powerful a weapon as anything built through superior technology. (As an aside, Valentinian's diary was the first written description of Woad, a blue face paint used by the Celts in warfare, which by the way contained a sizable percentage of absinthe, a narcotic found in wormwood.) After Valentinian's crushing defeat at the hands of the Celts, he decided to press on. He made the decision to utilize a Keynesian approach to economics, by spending money he did not have on a war. His thought process was that his initial attack was simply not big enough. The Emperor of the very soon to be defunct empire made the decision to make his deficit spending path work, no matter the consequences. Anyone who has studied history, or even the Roman Empire will no doubt be able to tell you that the Celts never became a part of Rome. Just before his death, at the hands of angry Roman citizens, Valentinian blamed the fall of the Roman Empire on his oblivious and foolishly failed attempt to defeat the Celts. He realized too late, that he had spent Rome into oblivion, and realized nothing in return for the effort. His ultimate answer was to erect a wall which still stands today on the shores of Ireland, warning future generations to just leave these people alone.

What lessons does this give us for today's world? War did not provide an economic boom for the Romans. Deficit spending created nothing for Valentinian but the need to continue to raise taxes on his citizens, which were used to pay his soldiers, who wasted the resources of the wealthiest nation in the world to that point in history. The result was not an unprecedented economic growth for the citizens of Rome, but rather an economic malaise which resulted in the assassination of the leader who led them in that direction. Another lesson was that by increasing the amount of deficit spending after the initial failure did not produce different results. I have not yet in my lifetime heard any Leftist not posit this argument, "our programs failed simply because we did not go big enough, we did not spend in a deficit manner sufficiently to produce the results we promised." The Romans spent themselves into oblivion under the mistaken assumption that they could make the program work, and as it turns out, that was still not enough. There is not ever going to be a point in time where it will ever be enough. There will come a point in time when we destroy ourselves by attempting to outspend our ability to pay off the bill. Another lesson, one overlooked and perhaps the most poignant would be realizing what happens when a society refuses to look introspectively at the path they are following. Valentinain failed on several years worth of attempts to conquer the Celts. In all, his reign lasted 29 years, and marked the end of the Roman Empire. His assault on the Celts lasted a decade. During that time frame, Valentinian could have made the decision to stop spending and taxing his citizenry, and could have deployed his resources elsewhere. It was not the Huns who defeated the Romans, it was the Romans who defeated the Romans.

I was told recently that my political views were outside of the mainstream. That somehow, concepts such as a belief in the free market economy, a strong national defense, people being able to determine their own destiny through life free from government intervention or responsibility was now considered radical. I will not argue whether or not that is so. I will argue however that those views are far better equipped to produce a society which will provide the greatest standard of living for its citizens. that is to say, I am right. All of us who hold these views, whether or not the majority agree with us, are right. We can poll and poll, and continue to seek the majority opinion, and what does that actually mean? In every instance where governments have followed the path of deficit spending with no plan of actually constraining the function of said government has ended in unmitigated disaster for the citizens of that society. Every attempt at Socialism has ended in misery and failure for the society which put that form of governance into place. Every society which has employed a free market economy has enjoyed unprecedented growth and wealth. NO matter what the endless supply of polls tell us about people's attitudes, these facts are indisputable. So while my opinions may or may not be shared by the majority of my fellow Americans, that has nothing to do with whether or not I am right.

We are mistaken as a society in believing that our wealth as a nation is an endless resource. Our wealth was created by the principles of our founding. It was the free markets, self determination, our very freedoms from government intervention which produced our vast ability to build and buy what ever we as a nation wished to do. That ability however has an end, and that end will come much sooner than we realize if we destroy the very institutions which made it possible. If my views are indeed outside of the mainstream, and we are truly all Socialists now, then get ready to meet the same end as the Romans of 455 A.D. Our wealth here in the United States is not something we just found once landing here on this continent. Our ancestors built this up from nothing. They came to this country with very limited resources, save a spirit to work for a better existence. In a sense, we are a victim of their success at building for us a world where the fruits of their labor are taken for granted. At one time, over 75% of Americans were needed to work in agricultural pursuits in order to feed our citizens. Now, America feeds the world with far less personal labor necessary. We are free from much of that back breaking labor in order to produce other things. Water is no longer brought to our homes by carrying it several miles, and our homes are heated without the need to chop down huge swaths of forest land to burn wood for heat. Many people in the world do not live with this luxury. An often overlooked fact, those places are pretty much the same places where a top down form of governance is still employed. That is not just a coincidence, no matter how eloquently the Socialist Economists are able to state that this is so.

The problem with Socialism is that sooner or later you will run out the fruits of the labor of others. Class warfare and demagoguery may very well be the mainstream of American thought today, but that in no way means that it is right. We, as a nation truly stand at a crossroads today. Disaster awaits us if we continue on the path towards Socialism. I would rather be one of the few working to stop that slide towards guaranteed destruction of our society than part of the mob heralding the emergence of future misery for generations to come by being part of the mainstream.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday At The Movies!

I could watch Milton Friedman's smack down of Socialism all day. Phil Donahue gives him the typical, "it's for the children," hysteria, and Friedman swats it away like the worthless pap it is.

A young Michael Moore takes on Friedman over the Ford Pinto, which by the way, over a decade later was cleared in the eroneous assumption that their cars were unsafe. Another Liberal urban myth debunked too late.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday At The Movies! Unfortunately Another Spoiled Brat Edition.

Yesterday, a group of the spoiled brats terrorizing New York City decided it would be a good idea to stage the brutality of the NYPD by pretending to be run over by a motorcycle cop. The cop was moving at a cartoonishly slow pace, and the perp actually had a hard time keeping his foot in the proximity of the cycle. In the end, our young college student, out of frustration, decided to kick the bike over. That act did get the attention of the Police, who then affected an arrest. No doubt his parents will be surprised with the impending bill for his stupidity, which at New York prices, should be about 10 grand.

OWS_PoliceScooter from The Local East Village on Vimeo.

This has a, "leave Brittney alone," feel to it, but I am undecided as to whether or not the kid involved is serious or pulling our collective legs. You decide, and leave a comment on what you think.

From reason T.V., a kindly Los Angeles school teacher reminds us that the real antisemitism in this country resides firmly on the political left. Apparently, teaching the kiddies of L.A. that Zionist Jews run America's banks and the Fed. is an approved curriculum item. To add insult to injury, she of course wants to run all of the Jews out of the country. Sound familiar?

Sometimes there are no words, and then Greg Gutfeld is able to come up with some.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Critical Thought, The First Casualty Of The Captain Planet Generation.

I miss my Saturday Morning cartoons.  The good old fashioned kind when Bugs Bunny was viciously ruthless in his dealings with Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam.  I enjoyed the violent repartee played out each week by Foghorn Leghorn and the dog.  Wylie E. Coyote was much more enjoyable before he began to speak.  Tom and Jerry were always better as enemies than friends.  Then a hippie, no doubt with an impressive list of academic achievements to their credit convinced the powers that be that cartoons were creating violent maniacal children.  The bland, non entertaining, sans violence, Saturday Morning Cartoon was born.  something funny happened which I am sure is a pure coincidence, our children became much more unruly and more prone to commit acts of violence within a generation.  Personally, I believe this has more to do with the insane societal ban on corporal punishment than cartoon violence, but I still want to see Bugs Bunny in drag convincing Elmer Fudd to shoot Daffy Duck in the Face by exclaiming that he would just love a duck dinner.  Welcome to the Captain Planet Generation.  We have produced brain dead morons who are unable to consider anything that they are told critically.

For those of you who do not know him, Captain Planet is a cartoon character who flies around the globe shutting down businesses and closing down factories in an effort to save the Earth, from global warming.  It is a show designed for pre to early elementary aged kids.  The indoctrination effort of the Marxists upon our kids began in the 90's, and it started at an early age.  Al Gore's thoroughly discredited movie is still being shown as a science curriculum in our nation's public science classes, to kids at the elementary and intermediate levels.  The ties between the Marxists we thought were put out of business by the collapse of the Soviet Union and the implosion of the Eastern Bloc and the Global Green Movement have been well and completely documented.  They are still trying to inflict their failed economic agenda upon the world through the ecological movement.  Energy production you see, is the engine that drives a robust economy.  With our ability to utilize an efficient and very inexpensive source of energy, our economy is impossible for them to topple.  Which is why Captain Planet has told an entire generation of kiddies that we need to shut down everything but solar panels and windmills in order to make Earth feel better about itself.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Marxist shooting of the moon.  The green companies in this country all began failing in spectacular fashion a full year and a half ahead of schedule.  Unfortunately for them and fortunately for us, the Marxists are even worse at economics than anyone realized.  Nobody told them that no business could possible stay afloat by selling a product which cost them $6 to produce for $3.  The reason we had to sell them for $3 you see is that the Chinese were able to produce their product and sell it at a profit for that price, and that includes the cost of shipping it halfway around the world.  Think for just a moment how cheaply this very product could be sold in China.  Even with that fact, the only people buying Chinese Solar Panels are us here in the good ole U.S.A.  So, what kind of energy sources does China employ?

Oct. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Russia is nearing an agreement with China to supply natural gas to the world's biggest energy consumer.
“Those who sell always want to sell at a higher price, while those who buy want to buy at a lower price,” Putin said yesterday at the start of a meeting with Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao in Beijing. “We need to reach a compromise that will satisfy both sides.”
The Russian premier, who is making his first foreign trip since announcing plans to return to the presidency next year, is seeking to overcome a stalemate in talks on natural gas deliveries to China. Russia, the world's largest energy exporter, has delayed plans to build gas pipelines to the Asian country for more than a decade because of wrangling over how much China will pay for the fuel.
Russian gas export monopoly OAO Gazprom plans to ship Siberian gas from as early as 2015, with total annual deliveries to reach 68 billion cubic meters, more than 60 percent of China's 2010 consumption, according to BP Plc's Statistical Review of World Energy.

So, how did we get here, to a place in history where Vladimir Putin, a member of the old Communist guard in the former Soviet Union, would be a far superior business person than the guys running our country and posses a far greater understanding of economics than our own leaders to boot? The first warning sign that something was terribly wrong with the entire green movement was when they declared the debate over. The second warning sign should have been the indoctrination techniques and outright thuggery employed to silence any critics of their failed theories. Now that their hypothesis has been completely debunked by scientific experiments conducted at Cern, the true purpose of Marxism is the only explanation left for the entire farce. But the fact that the former Marxist nations selling us this wonderful green technology do not even employ it themselves is the single best clue to the bull shit I could possible think of. By the way, guess where those GE windmills are built. That's right, in China. The Chinese aren't using those either. In fact, the Chinese are building two coal burning electric power plants each and every day.

Hat tip: StoptheFreeze

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday At The Movies!

Perhaps the single best commentary on the Occupy Wall Street display of childish tantrums to date. It is also a damn good idea to boot. My only addition would be that three and a half days per year would not be enough. These brats need to be forced into the lifestyle that they preach for a period of no less than three and a half years, minimum.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shooting The Moon.

My guess is that most people have heard this phrase and somewhat understand its meaning.  I also believe that a description of it is necessary to explain the context in which I will use it today.  With apologies to those who did grow up with a deck of cards being a staple of family life, I will give a brief description of shooting the moon.  In the game of Hearts, the object is to avoid collecting any card in the suit of Hearts, and also to avoid collecting the Queen of Spades.  Each Heart is worth one point in penalty against the person who collects it, and the Queen of Spades, (often referred to as the Bitch,) is counted as 13 points against the person who collects it.  There are 4 players, and during each trick, a card is laid down and one must follow suit if able.  The winner of each trick starts the next.  When you are not able to follow suit, you can discard what you wish.  People usually use this opportunity to dump their Hearts, the Bitch, or high cards of other suits at this time.  Winning tricks means you increase your odds to not be able to avoid the lead, and collection of the penalty cards.

Shooting the moon occurs when a player successfully collects all of the Hearts and the Bitch in any hand.  When it is done successfully, the other 3 people in the game are saddled with 26 points each.  The game is usually played to a predetermined number.  For example, the first person to 100 finishes last, and the game is over, with the lowest number of points being the winning player.  Shooting the moon, if done successfully can be a huge boost towards insuring victory.  Not succeeding in shooting the moon can go just as far in insuring defeat.  More often than not, the person who attempts it, ends up collecting 12 Hearts plus the Bitch.  It is a risky move and people attempt it for a variety of reasons.  Motivations run the gamut from desperation to being dealt a crappy hand to begin with.  It requires a certain amount of luck, skill, and deception to pull off.  I can still remember the game played on a family vacation as a teen.  after 4 tricks had been played, and not a single Heart bled, my Father got a devilish look on his face.  My Mother saw it about the same instant I did and announced, "he's shooting the moon."  Sure enough, 9 tricks later, we all got saddled with 26 points, and once it got rolling, we soon realized that there was nothing we could do about it.  He played his hand perfectly, and if we had known a trick earlier, we could have stopped him, and probably made him eat his 25 points.

Part of the trick is in using the deception first, and then waiting to tip your hand for the point in time when nothing can be done about it.  What we are seeing today play out in our little corner of the world known as the United States of America is the Socialists tipping their hand at their attempt to Shoot the Moon.  The hand began in 1932, and the hand was tipped beginning in 2009.  Not everyone was paying attention, but Al Sharpton went on T.V. and announced that we were a now officially a nation of Socialists.  Time, Newsweek, New Yorker, the NYT, and WaPo, wrote similar articles positing the same conclusion.  This announcement went almost completely unnoticed by many in the country since equating Barack Obama's clearly Socialistic Policies with Socialism was decried as racism, and the country was  euphoric at the time,  after having just cleansed themselves of the sins of the 18th and 19th centuries by electing our first Black President, not matter how unqualified he may have been.

The fruits and stakes of the hand are now plain for all to see, with only a precious few tricks to be played that have any real consequence.  Our liberties have been under quiet assault and taken from us slowly over the past 80 years.  Each crisis, whether fabricated or naturally occurring, has been used as a reason to inflict a slightly greater degree of federal control over our daily lives.  Each and every instance of the capital markets experiencing a sharp decline was used as a reason to give the Socialists another Heart.  The need for Social Security and Medicare were completely fabricated and sold by the slickest devices of the top Madison Ave. advertising agencies, in the end, only two more Hearts.  The EPA, established as the answer to a small fire outside an industrial park along the Cuyahoga River during the 1972 Democrat Primary, was just another Heart.  All of these things served as reasons to inflict tighter control on our businesses and take a littler more of the fruits of the labors of our citizens.  Small increments that seemed harmless enough when only considered by themselves individually.  Had they all been implemented at once, the hand would have been tipped and stopped long ago.  Departments of Education and Energy, they were Hearts too.

The Queen of Spades, hands down was the Obamacare Law coupled with Dodd/Frank.  Judging by the fact that these two events are what gave the Tea Parties their overwhelming momentum.  Yes, the Tea Parties started in early of 2009, but until the summer of 2010, they were nothing more than a sideshow spectacle.  It was the Obama, Pelosi, Reid, complete disdain for the will of the American People which gave the real place in history to the Tea Parties, along with the hysterical response of every left of center source in America.  The town hall meetings that summer were an indication that we, as American Citizens realized that on top of taking 11 Hearts, the Bitch had just been taken by the Socialists.  The next trick up would be the 2012 elections.  As there are only a couple of Hearts left, we better plan on eating one, and doing it soon.

The hand has been tipped, and in my opinion, tipped too soon.  The OWS protesters are making no bones about the fact that they view themselves as Marxists.  The Democrat Establishment has not only failed to distance themselves from the label of Socialism, but have actually grabbed that mantle with pride.  Only this morning, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, (D) Mars made a point to let us all know that she views these self proclaimed Marxists as the main stream of American Society.  Before anyone counters with the fact that Schultz shouldn't be considered as the main stream of thought for her party, she is the National Party Chairperson, and the official spokesperson for the Democrats as a group.  The reason that there are still Hearts in the hand is that we as a country still have time to reverse all of this.  Our time is running out though.  We need to steel our national resolve and eat the last Heart or two.  The reason I believe that the Socialists tipped their hand too soon is that they very probably counted on a second Obama term in office.  What the protests are now, coupled with those held in Madison, Columbus, and Indianapolis earlier this year are the throws of desperation, and childish tantruming at the prospect of coming up short with a misplayed hand.  The typical suspects of Union thuggery are keenly aware that these 4 years of their grip on power, which far exceeds the population they speak for, possibly represent the end.  2008 to 2012 represents the very definition of now or never for them, but with one caveat, they need 4 more years.

Perhaps it would have not ever been possible to fundamentally transform America against the will of the American People.  Our founding fathers got a lot of things correct.  One of them was to build a bias against change into the mechanism that is our framework.  One of the constant refrains I hear from the political left is that the American people sent us here to work together.  A nice sounding sentiment to be sure, if fundamentally incorrect in its arrogance.  Gridlock is often a sign of a healthy national debate which should be had before something irreversible is installed.  There is a reason why the hurdle for a Constitutional Amendment is indeed a tall one to clear.  It prevents the government from being completely transformed by the daily and changing whims and sways in national passions which occur during times of crisis and complacency alike.  I am a free marketeer at heart, and I voted for my Congress Critter to go to Washington to put a stop to the Obama Agenda, and was never interested in anyone working together with Democrats in the slightest, as I fundamentally disagreed with what they wanted to do, which was and is to destroy our economy and impose a much more powerful and limitless federal government.

This video is for any who doubt that the Socialists are in charge of these protests, and in fact in charge of the Democrat Party. Many of these protesters have already admitted to having been paid for all of this. These protests are part of Barack Obama's campaign strategy for reelection.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Government's Role In Job Creation In Five Words: Get Out Of The Way.

Watch the clip below and pay attention to Governor Gary Johnson explain how he fostered an environment which dwarfed the job creation records of everyone involved in national politics today. There exists today a dangerous misunderstanding and even in some cases a massive ignorance of how an economy works. Stimulus spending will create exactly as many jobs as it has every other time it has been tried, which is zero. Consumption does not drive an economy, creation does.

Today, Barack Obama is pitching his second stimulus jobs program to members of the Senate. He has been all over the campaign trail telling everyone with a microphone that this will put Americans back to work. If the jobs bill looks familiar to you, that is only because you have seen it all before. This bill is the original stimulus bill cut exactly in half, with a few economically destructive perks thrown in for good measure, like ending the tax exempt status for municipal bonds. (You probably didn't notice that little peach since you believed dear leader when he said there was nothing controversial in the bill.)

There is not a credible economist living today who will tell you honestly that onerous government regulation and deficit spending will do anything positive to spur economic growth, and yet on my television this evening I will hear several news casters use this phraseology to couch their queries to unsuspecting guests. They will start from the premise that this is a done deal, and all the experts agree. This used to be cute, when they did not have the power to ruin our national economy and subjugate future generations to our reckless spending for centuries to come, but today, not so much.

For your edification, yesterday two Ameicans won the Nobel Prize for Economics. Thomas Sargent and Christopher Sims. What won it for them was basically destroying the Keynesian School of thought which has become a national plague since Franklin Roosevelt inflicted the new deal on an economy which very definitely would have rebounded much sooner had politicians done nothing. When Maynard Keynes grew older and started talking to people about his life's work, he often discussed regret at having conversed with Roosevelt. Part of his theory said that with small increases in autonomous spending, a stalled economy could be spurred into a growth cycle. Politicians have used this statement to act irresponsibly and outright buy votes for the decades since.

Just because we all need to see it again, here it is.

or an easier to understand version of what Dr. Friedman is talking about.