Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh, That Pesky Constitution!

Welcome to that brave new world called 2011. Welcome to that day in history when the political left finally said out loud what we knew they wanted all along. Mind you, this was not put out into the cosmos by the fringes of their side of the aisle at all, but by people who quite correctly should be considered members of their leadership. What I am speaking of is the statements recently made by Peter Orszag, and Bev Perdue that perhaps America would be better off if we just skipped those cumbersome elections in scheduled in November of 2012. Democracy only works you see if we happen to elect people who agree with inflicting a nanny state upon us. Since Governor Perdue has attempted to backtrack from this position of hers, and since the statement that this was all some big joke, I say let's give it a listen to see if this was, as she suggests, a rehearsal for some comedic open mic night at the improv.

Yeah, that doesn't sound like a joke to me either. What it sounds like to me is that a Committed leftist wishes to escape accountability and removal from office now that the policies of her ilk have produced the unmitigated disaster anyone with any sense of economic reality knew those policies would cause. We little non elites you understand, we are just not capable of making the choice necessary to ignore the destruction of our national defense, economic well being and see that these elites really are better suited to run our lives for us than we are. It of course is not entirely our fault, it is just that these people who are clearly superior to us in every way are not able to develop a message that we will go for in the simple language we are capable of understanding. We need to have all information spoon fed to us in Soros approved talking points, and Fox news is the enemy for allowing us to see the unedited versions of what these guys are saying. We just should not be trusted with full disclosure and unedited access to their obviously brilliant plans, which we might not be able to comprehend in the first place.

To the people of North Carolina, fire Bev Perdue at your earliest possible date, she quite obviously holds you in contempt. To the rest of the Democrats, November of 2010 was a restraining order filed against you by the American People. You chose to ignore the order and doubled down on the Socialist policies which have caused this economic malaise. Be prepared to face another angry election, which judging by the statements being made by Congressional Democrats, those preparations are well underway. The Republican primary this year will henceforward be referred to as the Republican Stampede to the White House. President Obama is looking at Mondale numbers

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday At The Movies! Trifecta Edition.

The Trifecta crew point out a universal truth of any economic system, the slight pain felt during any economic cycle is a trigger that signals the need for a change in direction. New goods, new services, and more efficient use of resources are born because of those small discomforts which tel us that we are not allocating our capital in the best way. It is the change in these allocations which spurs invention, and by attempting to make it all painless, we in effect end up subsidizing the very failure which will hurt far, far worse at a later date.

it never ceases to amaze me how my Black liberal friends can look at a Herman Cain or a Condoleezza Rice and exclaim, they don't represent me, while Barack Obama is claimed as one of their own. President Obama has zero in common with what is considered the Black experience in America, while Cain, Sowell, Williams, Elder, Rice, Keyes, Innis, Powell, Watts, Thomas, and many other right of center Black people have not only had that experience, but the temerity to actually thrive in our society. They have been berated of course for the crime of not being liberal.

Governor Bev Perdue lets slip the real beliefs held by the political left towards our Constitutional form of governance. She seriously states that we should suspend the 2012 election, because we might make a mistake in her opinion by firing the Socialists and putting their failure to an end.

For the ultimate in stupidity appearing on the television screen, there is none better than Janeane Garofalo. Follow her tortured logic in calling Herman Cain a token Black. Herman would probably take issue with it, as he is trying his level best to be elected President.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For.

I have been mulling this over for a while, and as usual, someone else was able to put the words together far better than I was, and able to make my point exactly.  The essay written by Thomas Sowell is a clear and accurate description of how we got stuck with John McCain as our candidate in 2008, and how if we are not careful, we very well may be stuck with a warm body in 2012 as well.  In Milton Friedman's, "Free To Choose," Part V entitled Equality, Sowell engages in a debate with Francis Fox Piven.  During this debate Piven argues that since the Free Market System is not perfect, we should adopt Socialism as an alternative.  The reactions of Sowell and Friedman were priceless.  It took all of about a nano-second for both men to point out that no system is perfect, and further, holding Free Market Economics up to perfection, rather than the extremely low bar set by Socialism was intellectually dishonest.

So here we stand today, on the eve of another new year, it starts this evening for those of us who are Jewish.  We have before us an important decision to be made.  We have the task of picking our next President from among the current contenders, and any who may jump into the race, for the Republican Nomination,  Let us be careful to not choose the warm body who happens to survive.  This will happen if we hold any candidate up to the standard of perfection, rather than an honest comparison against the other contenders.  Bash the front runner is a fun sport to watch, popcorn worthy even, but it is no way to pick our next leader.  Especially when we need to have that leader reverse the damage inflicted upon the country by one Barack Hussein Obama.

From Sowell's essay:

One of the problems in trying to select a leader for any large organization or institution is the tendency to start out looking for Superman, passing up many good people who fail to meet that standard, and eventually ending up settling for a warm body.

Some Republicans seem to be longing for another Ronald Reagan. Good luck on that one, unless you are prepared to wait for several generations. Moreover, even Ronald Reagan himself did not always act like Ronald Reagan.

Even Ronald Reagan was not the Reagan that is remembered today. Holding every single candidate up to that standard is self defeating for several reasons. The obvious one is that we are holding that person up to a memory, and an inaccurate memory at that. Next, we need to hold them all up to the standards set by the other candidates in the race, lest we get stuck with the warm body who went largely unnoticed until the others had been kicked out.

On Southpark once, Trey Parker and Matt Stone characterized the national election as a choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. While I disagree completely with their supposition that President Bush was one of those, I do agree with their point. Do you want to know how we end up with that choice? We end up there, by doing the exact thing we are doing right now.

I am not suggesting that the candidates should not be vetted, just that seeing the positives any of them bring to the table is an important part of the vetting process as well. All of these candidates, with the possible exception of Jon Huntsman, would make a better President than Barack Obama.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where Have All The Marxists Gone? Why To The Green Movement Silly!

For years, many of us on the right have noticed the green movement demanded economic suicide for the sake of saving the planet. I have good friends who stated emphatically that they were willing to pay extra for gasoline, heat, light, and everything else in order to stop the scourge of man made global warming. Of course, they were also the ones screaming the loudest when gasoline topped $4 per gallon. It was all George Bush's fault, and he must have done it personally in order to help oil companies make bigger profits, blah, blah, blah. That is the beauty of the leftist ideology, it completely divorces theory and the application of that theory from the consequences. The green movement demanded the ban on DDT, and now a Million people a year die needlessly of Malaria. Then George Clooney will go on T.V. and state that Malaria outbreaks are caused by global warming and that we need to regulate the living spit out of our manufacturing base in order to save the planet. A telethon will be held to by mosquito nets for the poor people in Africa as it that's going to help, and when the factories close up and move else where to operate, George W. Bush will be blamed for lowering taxes on Oil barons. If I skipped a step, I apologize. The steps to following a thought emanating from the left is a daunting task for anyone not in the depths of a drug induced incoherence.

We all want a cleaner planet to live on. We have as a people done a better job over the past half century of cleaning up after ourselves. That being said, the green movement has been co-opted by the Marxists who had no where left to go after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Several things have happened over the past couple of years which have not only served to call the global warming theory into doubt, but outright disproved the nonsense all together. When I pointed this out to friends, they merely shrugged their shoulders and said, "hey oil can't last forever anyhow, so we might as well pretend global warming is real." Time has a tendency to remove us from the reality of the past. I will read several times over the next month opinion pieces masquerading as actual news stories of how capitalism failed, as if the Soviet Union never fell, and it was actually the free market economies which had to be bailed out by Europe's Socialist heroes. In the same vein, during the 7th century, long before oil and air conditioning, disease and pestilence were rampant because people were living in filth. Our young geniuses who have successfully divorced their idiocy from the consequences of that idiocy however do not realize that progress has brought a much cleaner world because every movie they see of the 7th century shows a freshly manicured landscape and not a single piece of dirt anywhere to be found. Who needs reality when you have Democrats?

James Delingpole is one of the people who helped to unearth the East Anglia email scandal. That was the event that showed the world's top climate scientists openly discussing how they were going to fake data, and out right lie about their findings in order to perpetrate a giant hoax upon the world involving a myth about something called global warming. Before you shrug that concept off, bear this in mind. We, as taxpayers just flushed half a Billion bucks into the toilet on a dog of a company called Solyndra on the basis that this was not a complete lie. Solyndra is not the only company where we made this losing bet either. You are paying more for gas and heat and air conditioning because our government followed this lie, and indeed helped to perpetrate it. This angers me, and it ought to anger you as well.

Monday, September 26, 2011

So, Someone Else Labeled Me a Racist, So What!?

It happened again this past weekend. It happens so often in fact, I am beginning to become numb to it. That, is the true tragedy, that the charge itself is becoming meaningless to me, and I suspect, many other Americans. I woke up on Saturday morning to discover that yet another person who has achieved fortune and fame for his ability to entertain the rest of us has, without meeting me, labeled me a racist. His evidence, not that he needs any, is that I disagree with the President's politics. There are two video clips below, and I promise that we will get to those soon enough, after I have said my piece about a couple of things.

First, the charge of racism in this instance amounts to nothing more than our old friend, the ad hominem attack. For those of you, who might once again need this particular debate tactic defined, I will indulge. When someone is losing a debate, or plainly unable to articulate arguments sufficient to counter those of the debate partner, they serve up an attack to discredit the debate partner, rather than fight against his/her positions. The example before us is this. The Tea Parties are a grass roots movement who's aim is to reign in government malfeasance and monstrous growth. The Tea Parties believe in free market principles as being the best and most humane way to help people in the lowest social echelons of our society improve upon their lot in life and indeed climb to other social echelons. The belief is that the best way to help people in lower classes is to eliminate the distinctions between those classes entirely. Capitalism is based on the concept that the people who make up a society are able to keep the capital that they produce, and decide upon their own destinies. The argument is hard to defeat, and I would argue impossible, especially since it has worked everywhere and every time it has been tried. Conversely, the economic destruction of Socialism has been just as complete, each and ever time it has been tried. So absent an actual argument, Morgan Freeman, labeled half the country racists.

Another problem of course with all of this, and often the problem overlooked, is this. Level this charge enough, and it will become meaningless. If you continue to label me a racist simply because I disagree with a political figure you like, it will not be long before two things happen. One, your words will become something I ignore completely, and two, any charges of racism will fall on deaf ears, even though they may be accurate in the future. I am not black, and by no means am I an expert on the topic of racism. It is a very sensitive subject in America, and rightly so. The charge currently carries a sting, as it represents that which everything our great country was established to put an end to. There was a realization by many during our founding that slavery was going to be a potential cause of our eventual downfall, and indeed it became a lightning rod some 87 years after our founding. A war was fought to end the practice, and that war took a toll of life that even today has to its credit the largest loss of human life and casualty than every other war America has been involved with combined. The ravages of that war were indeed not enough to heal us from that horrible mistake of having a class of citizen such as slaves. Here we are some 150 years later, and we are still having an argument about it. The way to heal us of this damaging part of our history is to find actual racism and put a stop to that. Using the charge of racism as a bludgeon to cajole our populace into voting for your chosen political candidate is counterproductive to your cause.

Open debate is the single greatest sign that our political system is healthy. All of this pap about a new tone and the need to come together is nothing more than a cheap attempt to silence those of us on the conservative side politically. I also have news for you Mr. Freeman, and any other leftists out there, you are only proving my point about everything I believe you represent with your attempt to silence all debate. The need for limitations on the power and scope of government has never been more clear to me. As Americans, we have the guaranteed right to disagree with our political leaders, and further the right to put up our own candidates who will oppose those your choose. There needs to be some leeway to allow for dissension with your views that does not denote mental sickness or aberrant behavior solely based on not believing you to be correct. If you would be able to provide one scintilla of evidence that equates a limit of the power of government to actual racism, then by all means, let's talk it over and determine if it is true and if so, what might we do about it.

Racism as a charge, is impossible to disprove. The very act of attempting to disprove it appears as defensive and itself promotes the concept. That is why charging people as racist indiscriminately has been such a powerful political weapon for the Democrat Party since the 1960's, This, is also the very reason for our innocent until proven guilty form of judicial system created with our nation's founding. It is almost impossible to prove the negative. It is incumbent upon those leveling the charge to show that it is true, and I can not help but notice that not a single one of these entertainment stars who have leveled this charge has provided even the flimsiest bit of evidence to support their accusations. I have personally been called a racist for pointing out that Barack Obama is a Socialist. There is literally a mountain of evidence to support that claim. His entire 3 years in office so far have served as the very definition of Socialism. Our entire free market economy is under assault, with massive government takeovers of about 20% of our economy so far. My charge has a basis, yours, Mr. Freeman, does not.

I think that Herman Cain, Tea Party candidate and winner of the Florida GOP Straw Poll has the best exit question for Morgan Freeman: Have you ever been to a Tea Party?

Also of note, there is an active and well documented movement which has been organized by the people. This effort is to paint the Tea Parties as racist by getting Moveon leftists to show up at Tea Party Rallies and pretend to be examples of what they are claiming we are. The Tea Parties are so not abut racism that the opposition has to show up and pretend to be both Tea Partiers and over the top racists in order to give this charge the appearance of truth.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday At The Movies!

Say what you want about Newt Gingrich, but nobody beats him in open debate. There are undoubtedly two Newts. There is the Newt who stood on the floor of the House and led the Conservative Coalition as a minority during the 80's, which ultimately led to the Republican takeover of the House in 1994. Then there is the Newt who made commercials with San Fran Nan in which he extolled the virtues of Cap and Trade. The latter Newt will keep the Former from ever winning the GOP nomination, but watching him debate Obama would have been a blast.

Herman Cain gives the single best personal plea to end Obama care ever given, and he is absolutely right. Under the President's health care scam, Herman Cain would not have been able to survive, nor even had the opportunity to be treated. Repeal of this monstrosity of a law is a moral imperative.

PJTV talks about job creation and what actually might work, versus the President's plan.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday At The Movies! Bibi Netanyahu Edition.

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

Please enjoy Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to the U.N. in its entirety. This man is the leader we need right here in the United States. Oh Reagan, Where are you now?

Money quote: "As Israel's Prime Minister, I didn't come here to win applause, I came here to speak the truth."

Friday, September 23, 2011

Separation Of Church And State Was Meant As A Means Of Practicality, Not Political Correctness Run Amok.

As a Jewish child growing up in West Virginia, I can look back on lessons in life that many of my fellow citizens did not have the fortune to learn.  That is probably true of everyone in the country, to some extent, but I truly believe that it has given me a perspective on certain topics that most do not benefit from.  That is why I will say this with confidence.  As it is now officially the autumn, and the last quarter of the year is well underway, thoughts will soon be turning to the holiday season.  Replace the phrase Happy Holidays with the, and this is unfortunate, politically incorrect term Merry Christmas.  It is unfortunate that Merry Christmas has become politically incorrect to say.  It is even more unfortunate that the reasons for this shift are moronic at best, and a complete denial of who we are and were we came from as a people at worst.  At the heart of the issue is a complete misunderstanding for something which is not even written in the Constitution, but instead a a private letter penned by Thomas Jefferson.

During my youth, whenever Easter came around, I would attempt to become invisible at my desk while the class sang every Easter song contained in our little music books.  This was for no other reason than the fact that I knew that at some point the teacher would say, "maybe the little Jew boy would like to teach us all some Passover songs and bring us some matzoh to try."  It wasn't that I wasn't happy to do those things for anyone who asked, I just did not like being singled out as the example of anything for the other kids to look at.  I never enjoyed being the center of attention.  I certainly never enjoyed being used by others as the reasons for advancing their agenda.  The teachers of my elementary school you see, were attempting to inflict diversity training upon the small children.  The result of the inflicted diversity training was almost always a fist fight after school, and precious little actual cultural understanding.  The important thing I guess is that the teacher really felt good about herself, and that is what really counts to the political left in our country.  It was not nearly so bleak during my formative years however, as many, and I mean many of my childhood friends asked me on their own about my family's beliefs.  One such friend even stated that he intended to convert on the basis of enjoying matzoh, which personally I will never understand.  Without being force fed diversity, most in our society are able to learn about the many other cultures which make up our great nation, and actually appreciate the experience to a far greater degree, than if those lessons are coerced or inflicted upon us.

As it happens, and whether you like it or not, we live in a country where most of our citizens are Christians.  Christians, are like most other people.  They grow up, learning from their parents, teachers, and experiences.  They are proud of their heritage, and as a general rule, are usually as tolerant of other people's cultures as they would expect us to be of theirs.  That is why I find it amazing that theirs is the only religion being singled out as being politically incorrect in almost every public and private setting.  The examples of Christianity being bullied by an oppressive Judiciary are almost too numerous, and by the way absurd to list.  Centuries old monuments are being ordered destroyed by courts all around the country after the malevolent ACLU notices that it contains a reference to God or shows a cross in its text somewhere.  Any reference to the Christian God is immediately prosecuted to the point of persecution, lest anyone make the mistake of noticing that our founders were deeply religious men, and also happened to have used that faith as one of the guiding forces for declaring their independence and starting this great nation.  As troubled by all of this as I am, I am also annoyed that the  spirit of my elementary school teachers lives on with the fact that I am being pointed to as the reason why all of this is a morally superior path to take.

This politically correct nonsense is not just relegated to the environs of government.  It, as it always does finds a way to spill itself out into the world of the private sector as well.  In the bowels of our society lives a species of human we should all of us fear.  That species of human is called the Lawyer.  One genus of this species is called the plaintiffs attorney, and this animal is adept at creating phony outrage and injury and using that as a means to damage unsuspecting people in every aspect of their daily lives.  Another genus of this species is called the corporate attorney, and they are adept at inventing asinine workplace rules in order to, "protect," the rest of us against the ravages of the first genus.  One such set of rules which has been invented are those that say that by mentioning the phrase Merry Christmas in the work place, we might be making non Christians, all 10% of them, uncomfortable.  Meanwhile, Muslim symbols are allowed everywhere.  Muslim schools receive public funding in all 50 states.  Ramadan allowances are made in every workplace, and in every governmental office.  In short, it has somehow become incumbent upon the majority to be tolerant of the intolerance of the minority in this country.

Included as a stand alone page within this blog, (note to all of my blogmocracy friends, it is here,) is a copy of the Constitution of the United States.  I believe that all of us were taught in elementary school that the concept of a separation of church and state were contained within the U.S. Constitution.  I invite all of you to read this document.  The first thing you will notice is that it is written in very plain and easy to understand language.  The men who wrote the thing were plain ordinary men, and almost none of them were lawyers.  So, the first thing that I noticed is the the nuance often mentioned by the left is baloney.  The next thing which may grab your attention is the complete lack of the phrase, "separation of church and state."  This statement came from a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptists in 1802, a full 13 years after we became the United States of America, as founded by our Constitution.  Jefferson was referring of course to the First Amendment which stated that our government would refrain from establishing an official religion, and indeed allow people to worship as they wished.  Jefferson's statement went further to explain that the founders were afraid of the religious and political corruption which had occurred with regularity in Europe when the churches became involved in the political decision making process.  This phrase did not appear in our lexicon until 1947, when it was used as bludgeon to cajole people into a completely different philosophy entirely.

The trip from keeping the hierarchy of a church out of the political decision making process to be equated with any references to God being removed from public view or our Pledge of Allegiance requires logical gymnastics worthy of Gold Medal Consideration.  Extending this outrage into the private sector is adding insult to stupidity.  But then, the political left is fully capable of this kind of insanity.  If you wish to follow this idiotic behavior, I have two things to say.  One, you are a fool, and two, don't use me as the excuse anymore.  You should be able to argue your positions based on your own values, and not to point me out as the reason why, I am not in agreement with your asinine example of diversity according to you.  I will say Merry Christmas to my Christian friends, and I will start in August.

Hat tip to Rodan.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Elizabeth Warren and the perverse robber baron myth.

Part of the wonderful effects of being reported to attack watch, and subsequently my immediate application for membership into that website is that I now get daily emails from the official Reelect Obama Campaign. This video was included in today's mailing. I am sure it is viral by now as I have seen it in other places as well. Watch carefully, it contains in one two and a half minute nut shell, the entirety of Leftist Economics. Socialism defined, by the woman who will be seeking to unseat Senator Scott Brown newly elected in Massachusetts. A small rebuttal will follow.

First, shag the easy pop flies. The $1 Trillion tax cut for the rich as she terms it, actually gave the country a dramatic increase in revenue. It spurred economic activity and served to end the recession which President Bush inherited from President Clinton. It also shifted the pie chart as to the percentage of taxes paid by social strata to the sharpest percentage of taxes actually being paid by the upper strata of income earners to the highest percentage in our nation's history. Such that as of now, the bottom 47% of Americans pay zero in income taxes. It increased the number of people able to call themselves millionaires, and served to actually increase the living standard of America's poor to a point where they enjoy a living standard which is better than the middle class in most other nations around the globe. I would rather be poor in America than middle class in Ghana. Secondly, the prescription drug plan, as much as I hate that piece of legislation, which by the way was a bipartisan effort, pales in comparison to the mammoth cost of Obamacare. Calling the prescription drug entitlement a budget buster while still supporting Obamacare is intellectual dishonesty in its purest form. Warren is most definitely a female version of our current President.

Now onto the crux of her argument. It is based entirely on the premise that any wealth in this country was built on the backs of the masses. This argument is the first cousin to the broken window fallacy. Anyone successful in this country has now been dismissed as a robber baron in this woman's worldview. During Ms. Warren's rant, she suggests that it was the taxation previously collected and spent on behalf of all citizens which made business success possible. He logic breaks down almost immediately. First off, this is not a chicken and egg argument. Since the huge amounts of money spent on those very bridges and roads were made possible by the unprecedented wealth created by the free enterprise system itself. Evidence for this is not hard to find. travel to any other nation in the world where the Socialist model of economics has been employed. How are those roads in say, the former Soviet Union, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, China, etc? For that matter, how is any of the infrastructure in any of the Communist Bloc countries? The wealth which was created by entrepreneurs undoubtedly came first, and it was that wealth which made any social welfare program possible. Ms. Warren should be saying thank you to the business community, and not attempting to create antipathy towards it.

Then, with complete disdain for the Second Amendment, she gives credit for the protection or our early settlers to the Police Departments established hundreds of years later. Those entrepreneurs for example would have been destroyed by marauders in the early 1800's if not for the armed police officers patrolling our cities today. Do not take this as a statement bashing the noble and difficult work of today's peace officers. It should just be noted that the Railroad owners hired private security officers to keep their assets protected. These men, armed under the protections of the Second Amendment used deadly force to protect their interests. By the way, who will protect us from rogue police officers once they begin to abuse their authority. Youtube is full of incidents of police officers overstepping the constraints of the trust placed in them.

The businesses also give a chunk of their profits away in the form of taxation and regulatory thievery already. Roads are in fact the perfect example of this. I am not a trucker, but man I feel for that class of business owner. To use those roads, he pays 18 cents a gallon on top of all other taxes already collected on fuel, just to repair the roads Ms. Warren wants them to pay for again. This is before each state, county, and municipality gets in on the fun. Next, the truckers have to hold an IPCC license just to drive each vehicle on the road. These licenses are route specific, and expensive. They carry so much value in fact, there are many trucking companies who earn Millions in profit with out operating a single truck. What this means of course is that the government, saints that they are in Warren's world, have already taken their pound of flesh long before any wealth is created.

Most of the time, any business that is started in this country is done by the business founder taking a hell of a risk. For every business that succeeds, the profit and loss system also has one that fails. When a business fails, does Ms. Warren's saintly band of bureaucrats then take that person, and make him whole. Warren is quick to lay claim to the reward, but where is her share of the risks involved. People who build businesses that employ the rest of us, do so with not help from the Warrens of the world, but obstacles placed in their way. Warren, who has never worked in the private sector, has done nothing to justify the share of the winners pot to which she is trying to confiscate. Here, clarified for us is the stark difference between the left and the right in this country. Those who have worked for nothing in their lives are telling us all that we should hate those who have. They are trying to convince us that they are merely being benevolent and completely altruistic by confiscating a rather large percentage of the fruits of those creators of wealth who in actuality created any the wonderful things being pointed to as the accomplishments of the elites who seek to rule us. They demagogically call the wealth creators greedy, while at the same time openly steal the lions share for their own grab of power and influence.

In the profit and loss system, loss is every bit as important as profit. This sum of earnings represents the degree to which all of our society has been served. When an oil company or a drug company makes a large profit, this represents the degree to which we were all positively impacted. In the case of the drug company, it represents lives saved or discomfort reduced, or quality of life improved. In the case of the oil company, it represents the ability to expand your personal labor market in terms of miles from your home that you are able to travel, and do so comfortably. It also represents how far you are able to travel for recreation and what you can accomplish in a day. It also represents the dependability with which you are able to accomplish these things. If a profit is viewed as obscene, it simply means that even more people were impacted in even greater fashion. Ms. Warren has helped nobody get to work, nor has she saved a single life. Her politics, if allowed to flourish will destroy plenty though.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Smart Diplomacy At Work Here!

Today's post is nothing more than fun, and a bit of well deserved sarcasm. Bear in mind that this man made a central theme in his campaign to become our country's top executive the concept that President Bush was a bumbling dullard on the world stage, and that his cowboy style of diplomacy was not only amateurish, but also damaging to our standing in the world community. So, here we are three years later, and how is our standing now? Barack Obama has insulted our staunchest allies while allowing the Middle East to become a far more violent and dangerous place. Pro American Governments have fallen, and been replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood. Israel is in a far more precarious position today than she was three years ago. The Dali Lama was forced to leave via the rear entrance past the garbage. The Israeli Prime Minister was left waiting in a holding room while the President excused himself from the meeting he scheduled at that time of day so that he could eat dinner with his family. The Churchill Bust was removed from the Oval Office and England insulted further by the return of this historic gift to that nation, our oldest and most trusted ally.

And when we thought he could not top any of those amateurish stumblings through his daily execution of his duties, he jumps head first into the world of childish behavior. It is one thing to engage in a little tension breaking horse play, it is another to flat out insult other world leaders during an obvious photo op staged for those very same VIP's. What's next, rabbit ears? Perhaps we should give him another shot so he could use the old stand by of crossing his eyes and sticking out his tongue.

During the upcoming campaign, we will no doubt hear plenty about how dumb the Republican Candidate is, no matter who it turns out to be. They will be labeled a cowboy, and unable to communicate effectively and/or smartly with other world leaders. It will be said that our standing on the world stage depends on keeping this Buffoon as our President. Remember this picture in November of 2012.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Israel, The U.N., The Palestinian Authority, And Durban III

Another one of those land mark events is occurring at the U.N. which should tell us what President Obama's actual views are towards the Jewish People and the State of Israel are. President Obama has, as in every other aspect of his political life to date, paid much lip service to being a supporter of Israel, while his actions and deeds have been decidedly the opposite. I have been shouted down by many of my fellow Jews for pointing this out, and flatly ignored when I pointed out that the real Jew hatred in this country comes from the political left. Whether you agree with me or not, one thing is absolutely certain. That is that Barack Obama's policies have led us to where we are today. Whether due to his hatred for the Jewish People, or his banal incompetence combined with his unjustified arrogance resulting in a poorly executed foreign policy agenda have led us to this point is of little importance to me. The fact is, his statements about the pre 1967 borders and his backing of the Muslim Brotherhood's takeover of several nations in the region have led to an event which could lead to the annihilation of Israel. The Obama Administration has stated publicly that they will be vetoing this initiative, but I would expect that veto to be coupled with another sickening apology to Muslim Overlords who are pressing this issue. Barack Obama's sickening habit of moral equivalency which somehow puts a member of Hamas blowing himself up in proximity of a kindergarten school bus in the same category of the Israelis building a fence along their border designed to keep explosives off of their streets and out of their schools is every bit as evil as the act of blowing up those kids, (who's only sin by the way is being born Jewish.) The Durban III Conference is starting this week, and it has already been eschewed by many brave nations. Going on at the same time will be something called Durban Watch. The U.N. had a fine and noble purpose. Bringing the world's nations together to iron out differences diplomatically before violence became the only means necessary seems like a good idea. The only problem with it is the practicality. One, a lasting peace, in the entirety of world history has never been attained diplomatically. Two, it allows for an inherent moral equivalency. It starts with the premise that there is no such thing as a good or evil nation. That every behavior is just as morally acceptable as any other. In fact, every leftist philosophical argument starts with this premise. Clearly, people blowing themselves up in pizza parlors with the idea in mind of killing as many innocent children as possible is not good. Such evil must be defeated outright and not negotiated with. We as Americans used to understand this. At least today I am hoping that 51 percent of us strategically placed about the country understand this. Any Jewish person who votes for Obama is clearly insane.

Enjoy the video narrated by Bill Whittle for a much needed history lesson on the subject of Palestine and Israel.

UPDATE: This addendum was thoughtfully provided by buzzsawmonkey, so a hearty hat tip to him.

Kudos to Bill Whittle for his video. It does, however, contain several serious errors:

1) Arab violence against Zionist Jews in the Land of Israel dates back to the 1880s, when the first pre-Herzl efforts by Jews to establish the groundwork for a future state began. Since that time, there has not been one single year when Arabs did not seek to murder Jews living in the land.

2) The video wrongly refers to the Arabs in the Land of Israel and the territories as “Palestinians”; that is a misnomer. Prior to Israeli independence, Arabs in Mandate Palestine were referred to as “Arabs”; “Palestinian” was the term used to refer to Jews. The Arabs did not adopt the term “Palestinian” until the formation of the “Palestine Liberation Organization” (PLO) in 1964; at that time, Gaza was ruled by Egypt and the West Bank and Jerusalem by Jordan. The “PLO” was formed, not to create an independent “Palestinian” Arab state, but to destroy the state of Israel; the name “Palestine” was adopted to differentiate the Arabs from Israelis.

3) Jerusalem is given short shrift in the video; while the video mentions Arab riots in the ’20s which went into “West” Jerusalem, what the video does not address is that the city of Jerusalem, as far back as population records exist under the Ottomans (back when “East” Jerusalem, i.e., the “Old City,” was the only Jerusalem there was), was a majority-Jewish city. Jordan occupied the Old City during the 1948 war: the UN, which had declared that Jerusalem should be “an international city, with free access to all holy places,” did nothing to prevent this, and stood by while Jewish property was expropriated, Jewish cemeteries and places of worship desecrated, and the Jews who resided in the Old City were killed or expelled. The media today speak of “traditionally Arab East Jerusalem”—but the only time for the last several hundred years that “East” Jerusalem was “traditionally Arab” was during the 19 years of illegal Jordanian occupation.

4) The video does not mention that following the independence of Israel, some 800,000 Jews were expelled from the Arab lands where they had lived for centuries—often with little more than the clothes on their backs. These refugees found a home in Israel. The Arab nations, however, refused—and continue to refuse—to accept and absorb the linguistically, culturally, and religiously identical “Palestinian” refugees, in order to keep alive a “problem” to delegitimize Israel. In short, the fledgling nation of Israel solved a “refugee problem” in a few years that the Arab nations have not merely refused to solve, but exacerbated, for more than half a century. Furthermore, other refugee populations were created in 1948; millions of Hindus were expelled from what became Pakistan, and millions of Muslims left newly-independent India for Pakistan; these people, unlike the “Palestinians,” have gotten on with their lives.

5) None of the nations surrounding Israel are more than 30 years older than Israel. Israel is often regarded as the “new kid on the block”—but Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria were all created out of the debris of the Ottoman Empire following WWI—as, for that matter, was modern Turkey. Jordan, as the video notes, was created later by the British from the lion’s share of Mandate Palestine. In the Middle East, a few decades are as the blink of an eye; to regard Israel as some sort of upstart creation, when the surrounding nations are very little older than Israel, is absurd.

—reposted from Correspondence Committee, and from PJM

Monday, September 19, 2011

It Is Time To End Obama's Assault On The American Economy.

Today, President Obama gave another piece of his Kabuki Theater production campaign speech thinly disguised as official business.  The latest production of the Obama Theater Company's performance of Commit National Suicide occurred at the White House Rose Garden.  In his speech today, Barack Obama unveiled the same exact thing he has been saying since he probably was a loafer at Harvard, pretending to be an diligent student.  He wants us to hate rich people and Warren Buffett has told him to fix the outrage of him only paying taxes at the qualifying dividend rate, which the accountants who are taking orders from Warren Buffett have worked hard to make sure that he pays his taxes on qualifying dividends rather than on earned income.  Let me address the Buffett principle momentarily, before I get to the rest of Obama's baloney.  Warren should consider taking his money in the form of a salary greater than the $100,000 he takes as the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.  Next, Warren should consider paying the $1 Billion he has allegedly stiffed the IRS over the last 10 years.  According to the IRS, the team of accountants hired by Buffett to inflict his outrage of underpayment of his fair share managed to give Warren about a Billion bucks in bad exemptions, which Warren took.  So, take out your pen Warren and end the outrage yourself, and maybe the effective rate that you should pay would be higher than what your secretary pays, as we now know that it is higher than what you have actually paid.

During his speech today, Obama said, in yet another straw man moment he excels at, "It is not class warfare, it is math."  Well, as it turns out, one man running for President has a degree in Mathematics.  Click the link to read what Herman Cain has to say about the President's Math skills.

 Here's what I can tell him about math: raising taxes on anyone, no matter their income level, will do nothing to stimulate our economy, create jobs or balance our federal budget. Increasing taxes on the private sector will destroy jobs, further damaging our economy and sending even less revenue to the federal government.

By the way, we already have a Buffett rule in effect, and it is called the Alternative Minimum Tax. We have had for years, something in place to end the outrage which magically lives on today, and in fact, is now affecting millions of American Families who do not qualify for the level of rich as defined by the Obama Administration. When the AMT was passed, it was specifically designed to affect only America's 50 wealthiest families. How did that work out? According to Warren Buffett, it does not apply to him, as he feels outraged by how little he is asked to pay, (which apparently is somewhat more than what Buffett actually pays.) Cain also points out the effects of the Laffer Curve, which is something the Socialists of the Democrat Party refuse to acknowledge. Increases in tax rates, no matter what the idiotic laws of the OMB and the CBO dictate, actually serve to decrease revenues. They always have. While at the same time, the converse is also true, rate decreases have always served to increase revenues.

The other side to this lunacy of course is that the taxation of our society is only the secondary problem. The President's assault upon our economy has been in the form of Executive Branch fiat and an environment of hyper regulation. I love the statement I hear, completely unchallenged by the way by our sycophantic media pundits, we can not drill our way to prosperity. Not to sound too harsh, but are you freaking kidding me? On what could you possibly be basing that? The fact is, yes we can drill our way to prosperity. Allow our oil producers to produce more of their product and to produce it as economically efficient as is possible, and you will, according to the laws of supply and demand taught to all of us in the 7th grade, see everything in our daily lives become more affordable. Allow businesses to operate without the choking effects of Obamacare and Dodd/Frank, and our employers will start hiring again, rather than sitting on their hard earned capital. Allow American businesses to operate without the monster that the EPA has turned into, meaning farms being able to produce milk without environmental impact statements being demanded, meaning Yosemite and Yellowstone being able to pass Ozone standards on a clear day, and American businesses will start hiring again, and quite possibly expanding their operations.

What scares me most about the President is not the possibility that he does not understand this. It is the thought that he does understand it and has chosen this path anyhow. In the evil versus stupid debate which has been bandied about recently in terms of which category our Dear Leader falls into, I have to state my position as this. I don't really care. The results are the same. If you were going to set out to destroy America, would you do anything differently than what Barack Obama has done?

Because it is apropos.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday At The Movies!

Elliot Spitzer looks just plainly confused that mere facts are used to criticize Dear Leader. How dare Rep. Joe Walsh (R) IL not recognize the greatness of the Narcissist in Chief with blind acceptance.

Another piece questioning whether Global Warming is a man made problem, or even a problem at all is the topic of the next video. This of course will upset the entire debate is now over crowd, since they can only declare themselves the winners if we skeptics would kindly just shut up.

Hilarious! Steven Crowder calls the SEC to report Social Security as a Ponzi Scheme. He reads the SEC definition of what constitutes a Ponzi Scheme, and it sounds exactly like Social Security.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday At The Movies! Solyndra Edition!

For those of you who get your news from the Daily Show, and just because Stewart is just plain funny, enjoy his reporting on the Solyndra Scandal. Some have compared this to Watergate already, but that is no where near accurate. Teapot Dome is a much more fitting comparison.

Here is Dr. Krauthammer lending his unique perspective on the Hannity Show. It is a two part clip, so watch both. Krauthammer is able to explain in pretty simple terms why Socialism and Crony Capitalism not only don't work, but also why they are destructive to an economy.

For those of you who prefer a Main Stream Media source.

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Finally, the bonus feature, the viral Attack Watch video. On a personal note, thank you for all who have reported my site to You have doubled the traffic to my site, and I want you to continue to report me, if it is not too much trouble.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Whatever They Pay Jay Carney, It Ain't Enough.

When I was 8 years old, I would run home from school every day, attempting to avoid an ass whooping. I would time my exit from school and have the best route possible for my escape planned by lunch time. Dicky Harless, would want to fight me daily, and he was easily the second largest kid in the class at the time. I was not. Being one of the smallest kids in class, outrunning Dicky was not a hard thing for me to do. Outrunning all of the other kids in the class who wished to cheer on the daily show however was another thing entirely. When caught, usually at the edge of my back yard, Dicky would beat the crap out of me. An adult was usually there, and the fight would be allowed to continue, at least until the bleeding started, usually from my nose. Each and every time, I gave it my best, and would have to be dragged away, still bleeding, asking Dicky if he wanted some more. By the time we graduated from high school by the way, Dicky and I were extremely close friends.

Jay Carney today, reminds me of what this comical scenario must have been like for the adults of my neighborhood. To their credit, they always let me fight it out, and never embarrassed me by forcing me to be saved by grownups. They never called Dicky's parents, which would have meant certain death for any child to rat out school mates. They must have laughed their collective asses off on a daily basis at seeing the same scenario play out day after day after day. Jay Carney bravely stands at the podium every single day and defends the President's lunacy to the Washington press corps. He does it with a straight face, and he manages, at least most of the time to sound sincere. He attempts vainly to counter punch some points in, and it is invariably one of the funniest spectacles occurring in political theater each and every day. We have been asked to believe by Carney that the President knew nothing of Fast and Furious, believed his hype about the new civil tone, had a budget plan even though he refused to submit one, has a jobs bill even though he refuses to submit one, was not watching the midterm election results, and now, that he was never briefed on Solyndra, the company he made the backbone of his entire economic policy.

Carney is routinely and justifiably ridiculed and laughed at on a daily basis, and yet he returns every single day. He never changes his demeanor, and never backs down from his support for his clearly insane boss. The press corp, even as much in the tank for Obama as it has been, has been pretty rough on poor Mr. Carney. They have pressed on issues, even when the answers were obvious to anybody having attained an age greater than 5. To his credit, Carney has wiped the blood from his nose and returned, asking the bullies if they indeed wanted more. Barack Obama may indeed be the least qualified person in any room he enters, but we Americans voted him into the chief executive position of the country. Carney is a loyal lap dog, and as such deserves some grudging admiration. He may be misguided and indeed not too bright, but he is not lacking in bravery. I can't wait to see the ass whooping on Monday morning. The President has a whole weekend to provide those stupid things for which Carney will be made to defend him.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Implosion 101: It Begins!

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

So I saw this little baby in the New York Times today, and it is nothing short of the death knell for the Obama Presidency.  There are 21 Democrats and 2 Independents up for reelection in the Senate in 2012.  Both independents caucus with the Democrats.  Of those 23, no fewer than 20 are opposing the President's long awaited, and by the way still not submitted, American Jobs Bill.  It is no secret to anyone with a functioning brain cell that this entire piece of Kabuki Theater which is masquerading as an economic agenda item is nothing more than a campaign ploy.  As a matter of fact, the DNC rushed a 2012 campaign ad to T.V. even before the bill itself was submitted for perusal.

The strategy was to look like this.  It was going to pit our brave Dear Leader against an obstructionist House controlled by evil Republicans who are out to ruin the lives of everyone not earning over $250,000 per year.  This is the only campaign strategy left for the Hopety Change bunch, since their record is the only thing which can be construed as shovel ready.   When an incumbent needs the conversation to be anything but what he has been doing for the past 4 years, attacking someone else and fixing blame is all that is left.  That means that an Obama Campaign which began in earnest this past week will be treating us all to some of the most impressive straw man arguments, ad hominem attacks, and feats of logical gymnastics worthy of gold medal consideration.  The country has limited patience for everything being George W. Bush's fault anymore, that meme is old and busted.  That doesn't leave much, as the Republicans actually control precious little on a National level.  Enter the Jobs bill which proposes taking $447 Billion and lighting it on fire.  Obama assured us over and over again that there was nothing in it which anyone could possibly object to.  He admonished Congress to, "pass the bill," no fewer than 125 times in the last 6 days.  He assured us that it was already paid for.  Something funny happened on the way to Congress with the bill though.  It still hasn't made it there.  Why, you may ask?  Well, it was never designed to be passed anyhow.  It is designed to never pass, and to be used as a wedge issue during the upcoming election.

The problem for the Bamster however is with the folks in his own party.

WASHINGTON — President Obama anticipated Republican resistance to his jobs program, but he is now meeting increasing pushback from his own party. Many Congressional Democrats, smarting from the fallout over the 2009 stimulus bill, say there is little chance they will be able to support the bill as a single entity, citing an array of elements they cannot abide.
“I think the American people are very skeptical of big pieces of legislation,” Senator Bob Casey, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, said in an interview Wednesday, joining a growing chorus of Democrats who prefer an à la carte version of the bill despite White House resistance to that approach. “For that reason alone I think we should break it up.”

Later on in the article we get to the heart of the matter.

 There are also Democrats, some of them senators up for election in 2012, who oppose the bill simply for its mental connection to the stimulus bill, which laid at least part of the foundation for the Republican takeover of the House in 2010.“I have serious questions about the level of spending that President Obama proposed,” said Senator Joe Manchin III, a Democrat from West Virginia, in a statement issued right after Mr. Obama spoke to a joint session of Congress last week.

A campaign strategy of me against the evil obstructionist Republicans only works if you have the support of your own party.  The message being given to President Obama right now is that the members of his party are not willing to sacrifice them selves for the greater glory of Dear Leader again.  Many of the Democrat Senators elected in 2006 ran as conservative Democrats.  They, to date, have governed as Socialists, and their constituency is hopping mad.  They ignored the voters during the tumultuous town hall meetings of 2009, and they saw the effect of that bit of genius played out during the elections of 2010.  This bunch of Senators did not have to face voters in 2010, but they watched 7 of 16 lose their seats,  What New York 9 told them, and told them loudly, is that Americans have had enough of the great experiment with Communism to start this decade.  The Senatorial Democrats have just removed the only strategy President Obama had with which to campaign on.  His soaring rhetoric, as of now have become the death gasp rattlings of the bad guys in monster movies.  He has greatly damaged the Democrat Party for years to come.  It will be decades hopefully, before anyone falls for the fiscally conservative Democrat ploy again.

The last President to overtly lose the support of his party in Congress was Jimmy Carter, a fitting tribute don't you think.  He has given us the same exact policies as Carter, and we have reaped the same exact results as Carter.  When will we learn?  Hopefully we have conducted our last experiment with leftist ideology, it has damn near bankrupted us this time around.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let The Implosion Begin! What's Next For Obama?

It is hard to fight the urge to succumb to the perception of Obama Derangement Syndrome. I promised myself after watching 8 solid years of ridiculous charges leveled against President Bush by his opponents, charges like Bush was at fault for Hurricanes, Earthquakes, sunny days, green grass, the Housing Bubble, 911, divorce rates, etc., I would not fall to the same level of hysteria about a President who's election I opposed. Here is my dilemma. 34 Months into his Presidency, and I am hard pressed to find the positives in his performance of his duties as President. I have thought long and hard about this, and I have come up with 3 things, that Barry deserves an atta boy for. He managed to stay out of the way for the Samali Pirate crisis at the beginning of his term. Since then however, he has screwed this up in a major way by paying the Jizya demanded by the pirates. The tax deal he signed onto with the lame duck session of Congress is something I thought, and still do feel was a positive step for our nation. He has also ruined that one by demanding that the deal be undone and those taxes raised every day since signing it. He gave the order to take out Osama Bin Laden. While that order was the right thing to do, he also loses points for decrying the very methods and people who provided the intel which made the President's shining moment possible.  If you are able to come up with more positives concerning the Obama Administration, please share them with me. My concern is not about the past however, but about the future for our little boy President.

New York - 9 was huge, and this can not be over stated, it is a clear signal to the Democrat establishment that they are in deep stuff. The Democrat Party's resident idiot has come out with the statement today that this has always been a tough district for Democrats. So, in the interests of giving Debbie Wasserman Schultz the benefit of the doubt, we'll look to see when the last time a Democrat did not win this seat. William McKinley was President. I feel safe in saying that not a single reader of this blog was alive the last time a Democrat did not represent this little swath of America known as Queens. If this is a tough district for Democrats, then they better baton down the hatches, there are going to be a lot of tough districts in 2012.

His jobs plan no longer has reference to the green fairy. Did anyone else notice that? This was the magical presence in the unicorn populated universe which would provide a plethora of high paying jobs by retooling our economy to be based on wind and solar power rather than on the current conventional sources. Now that Solyndra has evaporated, along with half a Billion dollars of tax payer money, his pet green jobs example for the rest of us dirty gasoline using masses provides an optic which even the handlers on team Obama recognize as disastrous. Solyndra, a company who's collapse spawned a criminal investigation, was not only touted by the President as the shining example of the new economy, but was the basis for his entire economic philosophy until a week ago. The collapse was so surprising, the White House spent the entire day Wednesday rewriting the jobs speech to scrub away all references to the new green economy. the Obama Plan to rectify this, apparently it is to lay the blame for Solyndra's collapse at the feet of George W. Bush.

The Obama record is terrible, and his prospects for an actual economic recovery are worse. Not only has he lost the green fairy, but the entire Middle East now looks exactly like Iran in 1979 and 1980. American Embassies have been over run in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, and Israel is suddenly faced with the Muslim Brotherhood armed to the teeth on 3 of her sides. Is this what he meant by smart diplomacy to restore our standing in the world? This will be another area that President Obama needs to stay away from in the upcoming campaign for President. He has gutted our national defense capabilities, something Americans actually have been against for ever. those people allowed to remain in the slimmed down version of our armed forces have been forced into diversity training rather than the old standard activities of PT and learning how to make use of weapons.

Obama has taken responsibility for nothing.  What he hasn't blamed on George Bush, and there hasn't been much, has been blamed on the Republican House, natural disasters, and the tooth fairy.  Major scandals which would have been the stuff of front page headlines in any other Administration have been almost completely ignored in deference to Obama.  During his, "jobs speech," he glibly told us that there was nothing controversial in this bill, that it was already paid for, and that we should pass it immediately without bothering to read it.  Sound familiar.  He then went on to tell us that the money would come from those supposed budget cuts which we just had a big fight over attaining but haven't actually happened yet, and neglected to mention that it included huge tax cuts and the elimination of charitable contributions as a tax deduction, and oh by the way, hadn't actually been written at the time of his speech.

What will President Obama use for his campaign?  Here's a clue.  Barack Obama is going to pull one of the most paranoid pages out of Richard Nixon's book.  His idea to keep his job is apparently to use harassment to silence his critics.  This is not Presidential, it is thuggish, and a clear indication of a man imploding.  My only wish in life is that someone finds my blog relevant enough to tattle on me.  President Obama should enjoy these days, he will be joining the quarter of all Americans currently without a job.  Not being able to run on a platform of his first term deserving an encore, his only choice will be to attack his opponent and attempt to silence those who have the audacity to speak out against him.  The Democrats out there have to be in full out panic mode.  Not the people who vote every 2 years, but the party elites.  By the way, is it time to put Hillary's face on milk cartons yet?  Previous Secretaries of State often appeared in news stories.  Hillary, even with a quarter of the world in flames, has been suspiciously absent from all of this.

New York - 9 wasn't just a reliably Democrat district from the 1820's until now, it also represented every Demographic Barack Obama needs in order to win reelection.  It is made up entirely of a large urban center.  It is a large percentage of every single minority group that is tracked statistically.  It has a large Jewish population.  This was the Democrat's sweet spot up until 1 very long year ago.  Last Wednesday, I watched the President's campaign speech to the Joint Congressional Session thinly veiled as an economic policy speech.  It was entertaining not so much for the wildly banal content, but also the reactions of the people forced to entertain the President in the room where the speech was delivered.  Several lawmakers openly guffawed at the President's talking points.  Many feel this was disrespectful to the President.  but here's the rub, what if the laughter were uncontrollable.  Respect for the Presidency must be paid first and foremost by the person occupying that office.  President Obama has treated the office of the Presidency as badly produced Kabuki Theater since taking the oath of office in January of 2009.   We should not get mad at people taking his lead, as he is the President of the United States.

Barack Obama is imploding, and he is taking not only the Democrat Party with him, but also the entire country.  Democrats please, if you care at all about America, rid yourselves of this albatross.  He is not on our side.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Social Security Kerfuffle: It Is Not A Ponzi Scheme, It Is Far Worse Than That.

Much hay has been made over the third rail of political discourse recently. Presidential Candidate Rick Perry has had an unfortunate bout of honesty, which has led him to notice that the Social Security System more closely resembles a Ponzi Scheme than anything else. But this analysis is also wrong. While Perry's opponents deftly admit that there are problems with this system, their supposition that it can be fixed by applying several small tweaks is a function of dishonest political pandering, and not based on any actual reality. Perry is wrong, not for sounding the alarm, but because he did not realize that Social Security is far worse than a Ponzi Scheme. At least in a Ponzi Scheme, old investors are paid off by new investors. In Social Security, old investors are paid off by borrowing funds secured by the deposits of the new investors, which deposits are then subsequently spent on some other form of governmental generosity.

Social Security consists of two separate parts, neither of which would ever be enacted alone. These two horrible components have been repackaged to look as if they are something that they are not. The first part of Social Security is a regressive payroll tax. People who earn lower wages must pay a higher percentage of their wages into the system than those who have higher incomes. America's top wage earners reach a cap, whereby after they reach approximately $146,000 per year in income, they no longer need to pay into the tax. The net result of course is that the poor are indeed taxed more heavily than the rich. Is there anybody in America who would knowingly support this system. It of course has been repackaged into the realm of contributions. The second part of Social Security is a wealth redistribution scheme that transfers wealth not based on actual need, nor does it bear much resemblance to the amount of supposed contributions made, but instead is based on what industry someone has worked in. This of course has been sold to us in the form of an insurance safety net.

Either of these two halves, exposed to sunlight would have been laughed out of existence. Somehow though, people believe we need these programs to prevent the starvation of grandmas across the country. Social Security is a bankrupted bad welfare program coupled with a regressive taxation system. Calling it a Ponzi Scheme is an insult to Ponzi Schemes. Rick Perry is right to be blasting this program. It is a bad program from top to bottom and it does not need to be fixed, it needs to be destroyed and its evil ended. Welfare to seniors based on need would be far more efficient, and far better for our society. couple this with the progressive taxation system we already have in place, and that would work better than this sick joke of a lie.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pay Attention To New York - 9.

The President, and Democrat controlled House and Senate, won their elections in 2006 and 2008 by pretending to be tax reforming centrist hawks. Once in power, they governed as flat out Socialists. What they learned in November of 2009, was that people's attention spans are longer than what was previously believed. The warning bell was sounded when Massachusetts, the people's republik which had inflicted us with Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, elected someone to the Senate professing Tea Party values and its first Republican Senator since the Civil War era. The other warning bell was in Virginia, where a Republican Governor handily defeated a one term Democrat Governor. The warning signs were ignored or dismissed as poor messaging. One year later, the Democrats lost an election in gargantuan proportion. It wasn't just the 63 House seats which switched sides of the aisle, nor was it the net switch of 7 Senate seats, nor even the switch of 11 Governor's seats, but it was all of the above coupled with the switch of about 700 State Legislature seats across the fruited plains. This election represented an unprecedented rebuke of the Democrat leadership of this nation on Federal, State, and Local levels. It should have sent shudders down the spines of Democrat Party Apparatchiks. Instead, it brought the usual blather about voters not paying attention, not knowing what was best for them, and poor messaging.

Here we are, one year later, and another special election to replace a House Member. This time, as in the case of 2009, it is in one of the most heavily Democratic districts in the Country. The last Republican to win New York 9 was probably in the Civil War era. The question is, how will it be interpreted. When the Republican, Robert Turner, defeats Democrat David Weprin tomorrow, how will our liberal friends react?  I believe the reaction may extend beyond the usual nonsense of, "it must have been the messaging."  For some time now, I have met Democrats who, while alone and not in their usual habitat of political obfuscation and message spinning, have admitted that they are terrified of the destruction of their party by Barack Obama and the Moveon crowd.  We have seen already the former Clinton branch of the party try to fool us with the, "no labels," nonsense.  This might just bring about something else entirely.  A loss here, will not be able to just be dismissed by the honchos who are considered Democrat Party Insiders.  Sure, the election is to replace Anthony Weiner, the man who put humor back into national politics, if only by the jokes afforded by his unfortunate name, but that is still a D + 5 Congressional District.  That, coupled with the fact that Weiner's name is not actually on the ballot, should be enough to keep this from even being close.  Both candidates have worked to distance themselves from President Obama, and the only actual difference in their rhetoric has been the issues of Medicare and Social Security.  The Republican Turner is running on a platform of noticing that Social Security is a ponzi scheme, while the Democrat, Weprin, is using the age old Republicans want to put old people on the street and kick your puppy dog approach.  A loss here should cause wide spread panic in the Democrat establishment.  It would mean that the tried and true and once proven approach of demagoguery will have failed in a place where it should not even be a question.

What's next then?  It is getting late for this, but in 1968, the Democrats forced LBJ, a man who 4 years earlier won in the largest landslide election to that date, not to run for reelection.  They instead put up Hubert Humphrey as a candidate and damn near defeated Richard Nixon.  There are many who believe that the Democrat Party would not be able to do this today, as Barack Obama is also our nation's first Black President.  I am not sure that this is enough though.  The future relevancy of the entire Democrat Party is now at stake.  It will already be an entire generation before anyone falls for the old centrist Democrat gag again.  The old lie of, "I'm a fiscal conservative and a social liberal," will not be believed by anyone not eating paste in elementary school.  That is the damage faced by the Democrat Party before November of 2012,  Imagine the consequences they face if they run President Obama next year.

We have already been treated to the insane ramblings of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as spokesperson for the Democrat Party.  She has touted the success of the stimulus package long after every other Democrat in the country, including President Obama by the way, has stricken the word stimulus from their vocabulary.  She has jumped on board of every insane theory of economics including the position that space aliens are coming to invade us because of the fact that Carbon Dioxide is present in our atmosphere.  We have been treated to commercials showing Republican meanies pushing wheel chairs off of cliffs, and commercials likening us to the actual Taliban.  Every bill introduced to Congress for the last 4 years has been given some Orwellian sounding name such as patient care affordability act, American jobs and productivity act.  None of these however will hold a candle as to what will begin on Wednesday of this week.  The Democrats are learning that the only way to win an election in 2012 and beyond is by successfully running away from Barack Obama, and it will be impossible to do that with Barack Obama's name on the ballot.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Suspect Being Sought For The Terror Threat.

Here's the guy the Authorities everywhere want you to be looking out for.   If you see this fellow, call 911.

Saturday At The Movies! Protocols Of Zion Edition.

Sad that this pathetic book written by Marxists during the Bolshevik Revolution still finds acceptance in the United States today. Levin does a good job with his documentary, and while I disagree with his leftist political bent, I also applaud his efforts to keep politics out of this, for the most part. It was tough for me to watch this, both because of the singular idiocy espoused by the progenitors of the, "World Jewish Conspiracy," and also because of how scary it is that there are so many paranoid people not in mental asylums walking around out there. I also happen to feel it necessary to realize the danger that faces us today, and this book represents the, Fiddler on the roof," for us as well as anything else in the Universe. I believe you should watch this film, not because you will enjoy it, but because if you have any kind of a heart, it will make you uncomfortable.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Obligatory Post Kabuki Theater Review Of Obama's Worthless Speech.

I would call it a campaign kickoff speech, but I have already credited a previous Obama address to a joint session of Congress with that distinction. So, this one will have to be noted as just being another run of the mill stump speech given by the pride of Toastmasters. What was remarkable about this speech was the level to which it was unremarkable. On Tuesday, I made a prediction as to what would be the content of President Obama's speech. I successfully predicted everything, except for one minor detail. I missed the bit about saving money by ending fraud, theft, and waste. Quick question here, if saving money by eliminating fraud, theft, and waste were an easy source of funds, why haven't we done that already? I was able to make this nearly perfect prediction, not by some gift of clairvoyance, but because the speech has not changed.

Following is a video from the OMSA, with a proposal on jobs that is guaranteed to work. I notice that this suggestion was missing from the President's speech not only last night, but since 2007. In fact, Barack Obama has been the main cause of this problem being discussed.

Here is another clip from a speech given by our President exactly one year ago. See if you notice any similarities.

It is a shame, but during his performance of the Kabuki President last night, President Obama did mention briefly his job choking regulatory efforts. They made a brief appearance to only be swatted away as if not worthy of consideration. Our economy is strong enough to withstand many things. It is able to survive an overly complicated tax code, crony capitalism, crooked politicians, ill advised subsidies, and even the infliction of governmentally controlled and approved monopolies. What is doing the trick of destroying us however is the reign of terror being imposed by bureaucrats gone wild. Everything else is just a side show, and President Obama doesn't need the collaboration of Congress for that. This is something he can achieve with the Executive Branch alone. This man must be removed from office in November of 2012.

Lest we forget, most of these very same proposals of the President have been tried before. They have been tried both here in America and overseas, and have not ever worked. The free market approach has worked every single time it has been tried. For what ever reason, the inhabitants of the political left refuse to learn this lesson. So while the President can repeat the phrase, "pass this jobs bill now," so many times that it has already become the stuff of internet jokes which makes the razzing Jimmy Carter took for his dopiness pale in comparison, the question still remains, why on Earth should we actually pass this bill, which history has so thoughtfully proven will be an expensive failure?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Charity Idea: Big Person Pants For Democrats.

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

So the latest head scratching theme from the left of center camp is that the Republicans are not showing the President proper respect by not offering a response to his campaign speech thinly veiled as an address to a joint session of congress this evening. Litterally, my mind is racing with a plethora of possible responses to this, but the overwhelming theme is is pretty constant, and that is grow up already. If you are going to feign insult, at least feign insult for something actually insulting.

A question to get things started. When did official opposition party responses become more than an annoying tradition? I can remember the first off party response, it was LLoyd Bentsen answering Goerge Bush's first State Of The Union Address. It was not meant as a sign of respect. It came across as a Democrat temper tantrum being thrown in response to losing 3 straight Presidential elections. Somehow, our republic managed to survive for over 200 years sans an opposition party response to any address of congress.

Next question, why is this address even being given in front of congress anyhow? Addresses to joint sessions of congress have in the past been limited to State of the Union Addresses and matters of vital national security import only. In Obma's 34 months in office, he is already the record holder for non SOTU addresses to congress. What makes this even more silly, is that tonight's speech will have exactly zero deviation from what he has been reading off of his teleprompter since he began running for the Presidency back in 2007. We, all of us, have heard this speech before, and just like every Disney and Don Bluth kids movie sold on video cassette from years ago, I bet we, all of us are able to repeat it word for word today. I believe the term I am searching for here is, Narratum Verbatum.

Third Question, is the badly produced Kabuki Theater worthy of respect? The office of the Presidency deserves respect, but respect is also a two way street. Whatever respect the office deserves should also be paid by the person who holds that office. That is a major source of the lack of respect President Obama is receiving. He does what ever he can to diminish his office, our nation's standing in the world, and even himself as a leader. Campaigning for reelection is one thing, using a ginned up address to a joint session to deliver the same exact stump speech which has been delivered ad nauseam for 4 years now is something else. Bear in mind that this, "jobs," program has been promised since January of 2009, and he felt it so important recently that he put it off until after his vacation. Many of us on the right keep waiting and hoping that the man who is the least qualified person in any room that he enters will at some point rise to meet the occasion. Before you say, that's foolish, bear in mind that even the President who came straight from Tammany Hall, Democrat Chester A. Arthur, by all accounts treated his office with the respect it deserves. Barack Obama's regime has engaged in activities which include arming the Mexican Drug Cartels, closing down American manufacturers who disagree with him politically, inciting groups of American citizens to engage in violent activities against other groups of American citizens, and using his office as our chief executive to promote the most demagogic class warfare in my memory.

Fourth question, do you democrats really have a problem with your man having his forum with out any type of counter argument? For gosh sakes, any debater in the world would love to have the opportunity to present their case without rebuttal. Your man asked for the forum, and this is his moment in the spotlight. his chief complaint for the first 2 years of his Presidency was that the GOP refused to become complicit in his lunacy and bevy of bad ideas. What would he possibly have to gain from having the same responses to the same speech as we have seen for the last 34 months. In a slight twist however, the GOP congress critters have taken to inviting independent entrepreneurs who have been ravaged by Obama's policies to the address tonight, including the CEO of Gibson Guitars. This is the tribute that Barack Obama so richly deserves.

What this comes down to, is a panic driven temper tantrum with the realization that they are losing their tenuous grip on power being played out by the left. They campaigned as center right pragmatists in 2006 and 2008 in order to capture both houses of congress and the Presidency. When they in fact governed as Socialists and Marxists once in power, people got angry. No, the Republicans are not perfect, but at least they do not try to obfuscate their positions. When you elect a Republican, you pretty much get the warts you knew were there in the first place. I have no problem with the Democrats governing as Marxists, I do have problem with them promising not to be Marxists and then governing as such. Based on the 2010 election, and what is coming up for them in 2012, it appears as though most other Americans have a problem with this as well.