Thursday, June 30, 2011

Well, It Had To Happen Sooner Or Later.

So, it might as well have been sooner. Congressman Elijah Cummings (D) Mars, has decided to make Operation Fast and Furious all about increased gun control laws.  In his worldview you see, the fact that the Obama Administration was purchasing automatic weapons and giving them to the Mexican Organized Crime syndicates is besides the point.  According to Cummings, the real threat to America is the idea that the law abiding citizens living close to the border in Arizona might accidentally find that they also have the ability to purchase guns, or something like that.  He feels that the prospect of Americans protecting themselves is just to scary to think about, and really, when the Drug Lords invade Arizona, they quite possibly might think about not shooting American Citizens, if those citizens would just allow them to loot, rape, and pillage, unchallenged.

The lawmakers praised Rep. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the Oversight committee, for broadening the inquiry into Fast and Furious to include a look at American gun laws. The Maryland Democrat released a report early Thursday titled “Outgunned,” that details how ATF agents say gun laws need to be tightened for them to fight organized crime along the U.S.-Mexico border.
“These reforms are essential to help law enforcement to stop guns from getting into the hands of the world’s most dangerous criminals,” Cummings said in his opening remarks. “Prosecutors and law enforcement agents should not have to bend over backward to imprison those who provide military-grade weapons to murderers.”

Remember, part of this story which needs to be retold apparently, is that by following the laws already on the books, the sporting goods store owners wanted to refuse to sell the weapons to the straw purchasers in the first place.  They called law enforcement, including the ATF and the FBI, and were told to go ahead and sell the weapons, it was all part of the sting.  At first, the Obama people attempted to throw the gun dealers under Obama's bus, and were chagrined to learn that they had all been recorded during each of the conversations.

We do not need increased gun regulation to combat the problem of armed Mexican Drug Cartels.  We need to get our own President to give up the practice of buying them the guns and delivering them parcel post.  This entire operation was carried out for the express purpose of creating the illusion that America would be better off without the Second Amendment.  Even if American citizens had not died in this criminal enterprise perpetrated by our President no less, it would qualify as demagoguery.  How do you Obama supporters sleep at night, knowing that you have inflicted this man upon our country?

UPDATE:  Those same porous borders which allowed the guns to travel south with such great ease, did no better at preventing them from traveling back north, Phoenix is the first lucky winner in the Obama free guns for entrepreneurial criminals program.  To the, "Bush lied and people died," crowd, where is your catchy slogan chant for this fiasco?  

Hat tip: Rodan

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jealousy As An Economic Philosophy, Will It Work?

So, today I saw this statement written down by an Obama supporter.

Over 50,000 manufacturing plants in America have been shut down over the past decade.I don't care who is at fault. Today, nearly 44 million Americans are living below the poverty line, the largest number on record. The poor and middle classes have suffered. It is time for wealthy corporations to contribute as well. 

So, why do we need a basic understanding of economics anyhow? What good does a basic understanding of any economic theory do for us? Hopefully, this essay will answer those questions. Let me start by saying, a complete ignorance of how an economy works is how we got landed with Obama in the first place. Basically, there are two different schools of economic thought competing for our affections in today's world. There is the Keynesian school, (named after its author Maynard Keynes for those about to become hysterical with the thought that I might be claiming that Barack Obama is from Kenya and not Hawaii.) There is also the Austrian school. The Keynesian school holds that government is the best tool to spur economic growth and development. The major countries in the industrialized world to have followed this model were the old Soviet Union, Greece, and until the early 90's, communist China. It was also the basis for economic thought for the Soviet satellite nations, Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, etc. The major industrial nations which have followed the Austrian school have been the United States, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Chile. This sets up a video.

No matter the track record of failure which has been witnessed by the proponents of the Keynesian school over the last century, politicians press onward. The reason why? To put it bluntly, it allows them to make irresponsible promises to a willing electorate. Face it, we all would like free stuff. Promise me a bag of goodies from the public largess, and tell me someone else would be able to pay for it. Don't concern me with trite little details of who that someone will ultimately be, just tell me it will be a big benevolent government with no identifiable face. The problem of course, is that our government does nothing to earn any of its own funds. Every penny a government spends must be confiscated from its citizens. That leaves a set of very limited choices for any group of ruling leaders. One, pitch taxes to currently maximize revenue to pay for the bag of goodies, or two, spend money it does not have and force future generations to pay for today's party. Why try to guess and argue over the results of this path? We have a wonderful laboratory in existence today, which will show us quite clearly what the results of this economic philosophy will be. How has this all worked out for Greece? About a year ago, Greece received a bail out to stem the tide of their last round of riots from the EU. Here we are a year later, and they have their collective, (pun intended,) hands out again. In 1981, Greece elected a Socialist leader who promised hope and change. How has it worked out for them?

On the converse side, every where capitalism has been tried, and freedom been tried, it has succeeded with unparalleled success. The wealth created by the free nations of the world is unprecedented. Our poorest citizens are much better off than the poor of any other nation. People are constantly whining about the destruction of the middle class, but at the same time, a middle class only exists in those nations which employ a free market system. Our middle class in America enjoys one of the highest living standards in the world today. Putting aside for the moment that the argument posited above depends entirely on invoking feelings of jealousy in all of us, let's follow it to its natural conclusion. Let's pretend that we all just got together and passed a, "Too much profit tax," on every corporation in America. When ever any company exceeded the predetermined amount of allowable profit, they would be forced to pay whatever penalty the mob deemed necessary. What do you believe the results would be? If I were a CEO of any company, I would lead my team to produce what ever the limit was, and then stop. So, if I sold gasoline for example, we would sell how ever much gas it took to reach our limit, and not another drop beyond. I might have to send all of my employees home for the last half of the year, but too bad for them, the government set the limits. People who purchased my product might need to continue driving to work and to soccer games for their children, but hard cheese for them, they determined through the law of the land the fact that I was not permitted to produce beyond my limitations. The other alternative of course would be to pass along the increased costs of taxation directly to the consumer. The very people we profess to be helping would be screwed by our efforts.

BP did not create our society to be dependent on oil. We all found a use for the oil BP produced, and then we bought a lot of it. Now that it has become so useful, our demagogic leaders are telling us that use of oil is our basic right and that BP is suddenly evil for selling it to us. Question: What will we do when we put every oil producing company out of business?

By the way, in addressing the above statement in purely political terms, Boeing tried, and was shot down in extreme regulatory fashion, to create thousands of manufacturing jobs in South Carolina very recently. It seems that competitive pressures and a shifting of their market place made it a profitable decision to build a new airplane, one which they currently are not manufacturing. So why is it that the same folks who are so busy looking out for us little guys are not allowing Boeing to create these thousands of high paying jobs which will also create jobs for other industries which will be needed to service Boeing and her employees? Any way, I will leave you with Milton Friedman and the miracle of the pencil. This is the best explanation of how a robust economy works. A subject on which the author of the above statement really needs an education.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday At The Movies! ATF, Fast And Furious Edition.

People are comparing this fiasco with the Watergate Scandal. I believe personally that this comparison is not fair. No Americans died as a result of Watergate. Sadly, 150 fewer people are alive today than were previously alive as a direct result of this little DOJ adventure.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Fast And Furious Assault On The Second Amendment.

For years, we have been inundated with propaganda, from many different sources, claiming that our constitutional right to keep and bear arms is causing violent crime. Never mind that there is not a single credible study, statistical or otherwise which shows any kind of connection between the Second Amendment and an increase in violent crime rates. Think logically for just one moment, if a criminal does what they do because of their complete disregard for obeying the law, why would they choose to obey gun laws? the only thing gun bans have accomplished in major American cities over the last half century, has been the loss of control of urban areas to roving gangs of armed thugs. Throughout all of this, we conservatives have been told adnauseaum that our views of upholding the constitution as written, our belief in limited government which is accountable to the populace which elects them to power is both radical and the reason for the violence in our society. Somehow, the Tea Parties and the supporters of same were now responsible for all gun violence in the country. I am still waiting for the left half of the country to apologize to me for calling me a murderer in the wake of the Representative Giffords shooting. Even a full week after it was learned beyond any doubt that Gerald Loughner was indeed a registered Democrat and committed leftist, I still had people commenting to my facebook profile that it was us conservatives, and more specifically the Tea Parties which were complicit in the day's horrific events. Of course, in all of this finger pointing, it is never mentioned that the useless sheriff's deputy was providing security for the event, unarmed. Had the peace officer been armed, as most officers of the law in this country are, he might have been able to prevent a second round from being fired. Maybe Barack Obama can expand the courageous restraint medal to include Puma County Sheriff's Deputies as well. What finally stopped Loughner's rampage that day? Why it was an armed private citizen who ran to the scene from two blocks away.

Something was said over the weekend, which brought this all back to me. It seems, the new Police Chief in Chicago will be getting an early start on where to place the blame for his failure, (which didn't even have the chance to materialize yet,) on Sarah Palin's Moose Hunting activities on her Alaskan life Reality Show. It seems that people in his last town, Newark New Jersey, somehow saw Governor Palin on T.V., hunting, and decided to vent their frustration by inexplicably shooting each other. For those following along, Phase 1: watch former Alaskan Governor on T.V., phase 2: ?, Phase 3: shoot your neighbors.

For those of you who live in Chicago, the moron who is now your police chief is Garry McCarthy. Best of luck surviving in the windy city with this imbecile in charge of the Chicago P.D. One can only hope that the county has elected a competent sheriff. Of course, lost in the media coverage of Anthony Weiner's wiener, was a little known incident involving the Department of Justice, at its highest levels and the ATF. I am speaking of course about Operation Fast and Furious. This was an Obama Administration program of buying automatic weapons in large quantities and handing them over freely to Mexican Drug Lords and their foot soldiers. A coherent purpose has not yet been established. Phase one: give guns to Mexican Drug Lords, phase two: ?, phase three: 150 Americans including one ATF agent shot.

When I first started writing about Fast and Furious, testimony had not yet been given. Now that some of it has, there is evidence before the committee which states that the operation was actually an initiative by the Obama Administration to highlight the dangers of a lack of gun control laws. By allowing American and Mexican citizens to be shot by illegally obtained guns, we were all supposed to collectively state, I get it now, the Second Amendment is wrong for us. All that has happened though, has been a stark illustration of what happens when thugs are armed, and law abiding citizens are stripped of their constitutional right to protect themselves. The Second Amendment, and indeed the constitution is under assault by not only the Obama Administration, but also by every liberal in the country. For some reason, the very plainly worded language written in this text has been left open for bizarre interpretation. Fortunately, the guys who wrote this fine founding document had the foresight to see that we would one day screw this up. They wrote their intentions down in a collection of essays called the Federalist Papers. They wrote these papers to explain the constitution to those citizens who would be asked to ratify the document as our national structure. James Madison, the author of the Second Amendment made clear in Federalist number 46 that the Second Amendment was not to form militias, but for private citizens to be armed for the purpose of self defense, and for the further point to fight an oppressive government should our Federal Behemoth become what it pretty much is today. I am not advocating armed resistance against the government, but what I am saying is that we get to keep the First Amendment because we have kept the Second.

One further point. I can not help but notice that it is the proponents of gun control who have resorted to insuring that innocent American citizens become the victims of gun violence. Many years in prison is what the end result for Fast and Furious should be, and it better not stop at simple fall guys either.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday At The Movies! Respect My Authoritay Edition!

A Reason T.V. reporter is arrested for exercising his constitutional right to record a public meeting. Notice the Washington D.C. cop simply making up laws to enforce as the mood to affect an arrest suits him. The charge being proffered, "I can arrest you for not being a reporter."

This cop reminds me of someone famous. Who is it?. Ah yes:

A discussion on the media's dishonest spin on a story in which a man robs a bank for health care.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Stick Two Pipes Into Texas and Get That Oil.

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

One of the most maddening, and asinine arguments I hear with regularity from the political left is that, "we can not drill our way out of our energy problems." This foolishness is then added to with the further ridiculous statement that even if we started drilling today, it would not benefit us for at least a decade.

Let's start off by shagging the pop fly first. The argument that drilling now won't help now, but would take a decade to help will be easy to refute on several grounds. First, so what? Something useful taking a long time to start working sounds to me like a reason to get started sooner rather than later. If only we had started developing our own sources of oil a decade ago, rather than waiting for today, we wouldn't be in this mess. What if we had started to develop our full energy producing potential back on the very day we made the horrible mistake of establishing a Department of Energy, which was supposed to prevent this energy crisis from ever happening again? The point is, refusing to drill simply because the perception is that drilling won't produce enough oil quickly enough, ignores the fact completely that we will also be facing the same energy problems in the future as well. No matter how much we want the green energy fairies to produce magical sources of energy using pixie dust and magic wands, oil, coal, natural gas, and nuclear fuel remain the only reliable sources of energy currently. Even with massive government waste, endless educational propaganda, and fraudulent accounting techniques, the green energy fairies have failed to produce any actual success.

Next, let's take a look at the actual results of prior actions. During the crisis of 2008, as soon as President Bush announced that he would end the Presidential ban on new exploration and that he would increase the land available for federal lease to oil companies, the world price per barrel fell. As a matter of fact, each and every time we here in the United States made any kind of official sounding noise pointing to an increase in our own production, the world price per barrel fell. In the summer of 2008, gas was pegged at $4 per gallon for most of the country. When Bush left office in January of 2009, we Americans were paying $1.87 per gallon. It is not so difficult to understand the economic and political reasons for this that we need Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams to explain it to us. When our good friends at OPEC,(sarcasm,) caught wind of the fact that we might produce more oil, they increased their own production immediately. They produced an amount of oil sufficient to lower the world price to make our production not as cost efficient as when gas was $4.00 per gallon. The free markets produced a solution which 4 decades of central planning was unable to produce. For 50 plus years, we have seen repeatedly, that the members of OPEC are eager to cheat one another when market conditions dictate that it is in their best interests to do so.

If in fact the economic truths of supply and demand do not exist, as the Democrats are want to preach to us, why the release of the SPR as announced by President Obama? (a maneuver by the way for which he should be impeached. We'll discuss this in the next paragraph.) If it were true that we could not lower the price we pay at the pump by increasing the supply, why open the SPR? Why not just continue down the same road of regulating our own production down to zero and allowing foreign producers to continue to dictate unilaterally what our price would be, and how much we would be allowed to purchase. In 2006, when Democrats gained control of the House and Senate, and they announced that their top two priorities would be to create jobs, and to end our dependence on foreign oil, did you believe that it would result in $4.00 per gallon gasoline and a 9.8% unemployment number? If they had stated that their plan to end our dependence on foreign oil would include punishing us for driving at all, no one would have bought that. Ending our dependence on foreign oil should mean that we wish to produce our own considerable energy needs here at home, something which many of us feel is within our national capability. Even if it is not, we can only help ourselves out by working towards this goal.

As promised, the Barack Obama dedicated paragraph. If you were going to try to destroy America, would you do anything differently than what Barack Obama has done during his Presidency? Release of the SPR, while simultaneously instituting a regulatory environment which could only be described as an all out war on the oil and gas industry is irresponsible for a few reasons. It is criminally so. One, it lowers the amount of oil available to us should an actual crisis occur. Even though his release only represents 4.13% of the SPR, it still represents 30 Million barrels less that we would have available to us in case of a crisis. Two, by not allowing us to produce our own, he is merely trying to hide the problem for a later date. This will do nothing to solve our energy problem, it will only temporarily hide the symptoms until after he stands for reelection. This is a dishonest and potentially criminal move on the part of our President.
In January of 2009, B. Hussein Obama placed his hand on a Bible and swore to defend the Constitution and the United States of America. This cynical maneuver is an affront to that promise. This is not a crisis involving the disruption of oil supply, it is a political ploy to help with Obama's electoral chances. Richard Nixon was run out of town for using his political might as Chief Executive to sway a Presidential election, and justifiably so. The difference between the two Presidents of course is that Richard Nixon did not endanger the well being of a single American in doing so. The same can not be said of Barack Obama. Between this, operation Fast and Furious, and Pigford, Barack Obama should be incarcerated, and not let out for a very long time.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

From Rodan: Tight Election Results Predicted

Later than I thought getting this out, but here is Rodan's rebuttal piece. He's laid out his arguments, and the early comments at The Blogmocracy would seem to suggest that most are in agreement with him.  The beautiful thing about this debate, we will have the opportunity to see who was right in November of 2012.  Rodan's piece is worth reading.

Barely, if at all, via Rodan

Why Obama will be tough to be beat.
My Good friend, FlyoverCountry, believes that Obama will lose Carter-Mondale style. I disagree with his assessment, as much as I would love for it to be true. I disagree for the following reasons.
1) The media and the entertainment industry are in the tank for Obama. Most Americans aren’t politically aware like us on the blog. They’ll turn in sometime in the Summer of 2012 when the pro-Obama propaganda is in full swing.
2) Obama is a pop culture icon. Although he’s not as cool as he was in 2008, he still has a cool factor. Many younger people will still vote for him to appear cool. The fact they don’t have jobs or a future is irrelevant. It’s about the fact that being popular and supporting Obama is culturally popular.
3) Obama will raise $1 Billion. Don’t underestimate what that type of money can do.
4) Americans still personally like Obama. Most of us here know Obama is thinnetwod skin and has a nasty streak. But thanks to his media and pop culture image, all they see is a smiling cool guy. This can change if a Republican gets in his face and he loses his cool.
5) White progressives view Obama as their political version of Jesus. They believe that by supporting Obama, they are washing away America’s sins. For decades the Left in academia have taught this guilt ridden version of American history. We are a bad, Imperialist, racist nation. By voting and supporting Obama, many white progressives feel as if they are redeeming America. They know he’s a failure, but to admit it would destroy their belief system.
6) He’s black. People like Charles Johnson will claim that you are racist to oppose Obama. The sad part is that many Americans agree with this. Therefore, to prove they’re not racist, they will vote for Obama again. Blacks will turn out in large numbers again, to make sure Obama doesn’t lose
7) Obama’s the incumbent President. It’s difficult to beat a sitting President. The only two who have been defeated in recent times are Jimmy Carter in 1980 and Papa Bush in 1992. Barack Obama is a more formidable politician than these two and many are emotionally invested in him.
8) His is opposed by the Republican Party. The GOP has this tendency to run the lamest candidates who refuse to fight hard. They are scared of being called racists, so they will hesitate to go nuclear on Obama
I do think Obama can be defeated, but it’s not a slam dunk. If he loses, he will get no lower than 47%. In fact he result will be he Republican getting 50% of he vote and him getting 47-48%. The electoral map will be close as well. The GOP candidate must run on a Conservative message and attack Obama without mercy. That is the only way to win.
2012 is not guaranteed and our side should expect a tough fight.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Prospects For An Obama Second Term.

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

In a word, dim.  Today's post is something different.  I am engaging in a point counter point kind of thing with Rodan at The Blogmocracy.  My belief is that Obama will suffer a defeat electorally somewhat akin to those suffered by folks of the same political stripe as himself within the last half century.  McGovern, Carter, Mondale, each had huge landslide defeats as a result of their vision for moving America to a socialist Utopian society.  America has spent the last 31 months viewing the worker's paradise which Barack Obama envisions, and it is my further belief, that a majority of them want no part of this.  Rodan believes the election will be a nail biter, down to the last vote close affair.  His argument will appear at The Blogmocracy, along with mine.  If I am successful at gaining his permission, his piece will also appear here.  On to my argument.

First, we need to take a look at the election of 2008.  I do not believe that there has ever been a President of the United States so poorly vetted, with the possible exception of Millard Filmore.  Who Obama was, where he came from, who he associated with, who were his influences, even what his beliefs were and are, have all gone almost completely unreported by the press.  Barack Obama rode into the White House on a platform of substance free platitudes and gibberish.  Hope and Change, with not a single word on what was going to be changed, nor what was to be hoped for.  Many Americans voiced their own opinions of what they were hoping for, or what they wanted changed, but the man himself, not a single thing.  Indeed President Obama arrived as an empty palate, to be painted at will by a seemingly incurious electorate.  Obama became what 52% of the country were looking for, collectively and individually.  This malfeasance practiced by the press had some after effects.  The birth certificate nonsense lingered on past the point of comedy, largely because the press did its level best to hide who Obama was from the public.  Had America known that Barack Obama spent the vast majority of his life associating and rabble rousing with terrorists and thugs with whom he shared political beliefs, there is no way they would have gone for him as their President.  Compare that for a moment with the sick obsession of a gotcha press spending a boat load of money reading and reporting on 25,000 personal emails from Sarah Palin just a few weeks ago.  I have to video clips two illustrate this first point.

The next point I'd like to make is this, it will be far more difficult to hide who, and what Obama is from the American People in 2012 than it was in 2008.  Democrats are able to win by pretending to be conservatives, and while the converse is not true, meaning Republicans are not able to win by pretending to be liberal, what is true is that the conservative Democrat victory laps are short.  Ask Jim Webb and indeed the entire class of 63 Democrat House members who were elected during the previous two cycles that are no longer in Congress.  Pandering to the crowd you are in front of is nothing new for a politician.  I am not going to give Barack Obama credit for inventing that technique of soft dishonesty.  He did however take it a step further.  The Socialists in this country were voting for Obama the Socialist.  (My personal opinion is that this version of Obama is closest to being the most accurate view.)  Obama had many conservative backers who were voting for Obama the pragmatic tax cutting fiscal hawk.  Obama had supporters who believed he was going to be backing a strong national defense.  Obama had people voting for him who believed that he would never sell our national sovereignty out to the United Nations.  Obama convinced Jewish and Christian groups that he was going to be a staunch supporter of Israel.  In 2008, with not a single identifiable record of anything having ever been accomplished, or voted on, (a complete lack of any type of personal history should have been a major clue that something was terribly wrong,) the press was able to paint a broad picture of a messianic figure where we as Americans were free to fill in our own details as we wished to see them.  Since January of 2009 however, there is a tail shaped record which we can pin onto the Obama Donkey.  That record, as I will show in the remainder of this rant is not pretty, nor even close to what people thought they were voting for. 

The record so far, which will damn Obama to the Carteresque defeat in 16 months.  While promising a new tone and more transparent way of conducting the people's business by a more enlightened and more honest Washington, President Obama has run the most cynical and corrupt Administration in our Nation's history.  That's saying something, considering we've had a President who literally came from Tammany Hall.  The way in which the Health Care Law was passed will be studied in two hundred years, and the students of history at the time will wonder why nobody went to jail as a result of it.  Arm twisting is nothing new politically, but the level of bribery and outright vote buying for this monstrosity is still coming to light.  The Corn husker Kickback, All student loans will now be made from a single bank on South Dakota, water being shut off in California's central valley until the appropriate House member changed his vote, the Defense Department's disbursement office being kept open in Cleveland so that Dennis Kucinnich would change his vote, are all just massively expensive tidbits in a very corrupt scheme which completely ignored the express will of the American People.  The new tone myth was sufficiently busted with this, Obama's crowning achievement.  Not only did the American people not get the chance to read this 2000 page bill prior to Obama's signing it, our own Representatives did not seem to feel that reading a bill they voted yes on was necessary.  We got something we did not want crammed down out throats, which two years later we are still finding things hidden in this Law that no one would have ever supported.  Not only was the transparency promise broken, but Obama managed to up the tax bill for everyone but the so called rich.  The 11 new taxes packed into this law will place a burden to be borne by America's poorest citizens, and not a single member of Obama's supposed despised class of the Rich will be forced to pay an extra dime.  The Obama Administration, since the massive defeat of the 2010 elections, has taken to a program of massive enforcement of a vast regulatory structure.  Executive fiat, failing the ability to direct legislation anymore, has become the modus operandi.  While Americans may not be spending their time keeping up with the overbearing culture of unilateral and unthinking regulation, they are aware of its results upon our economy.  Those results are continued depression like unemployment numbers.  Obama and his team of cronies have been peddling this mantra of things are getting better out there, as though Americans aren't smart enough to know when they are feeling pain.  While that may work for a month, possibly two, it won't work beyond that.  The regulation is so overbearing, Obama's own pet infrastructure projects can't even start. 

By the way, that guy chuckling to Obama's right is Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE. I'm glad he thinks this is funny. GE is the company who lobbied hard for a ban on incandescent bulbs, so that they could force us all to by GE produced Cfl's which are made in China and require a hasmat team to clean up should one break in your home. The point is that our economy will not fully recover, as long as we are encouraging a regulatory environment which declares milk to be a dangerous substance that requires the same environmental maintenance and control as Carbon Tetra Chloride. We can read the bad economic news stating very eloquently how we are still screwed, and no matter how many times Reuters or the AP place the word unexpectedly in their column, the American People have long run past the point of being duped into believing that a turnaround is at hand, let alone that Obama save us from the brink disaster. Obama's foreign policy has been even worse. While in the rank of what American's care about, foreign policy takes a back seat to the economy, at least today it does, his record on foreign policy is probably a bigger disaster. The new, "Arab Spring," will have disastrous implications for generations to come. I am not even certain that there are any Coptic Christians left alive in Egypt anymore. The Muslim brotherhood has not taken an official root in several nations, where they were previously outlawed. The Obama Administration even attempted to deflect this criticism by spreading the position that the Muslim Brotherhood was nothing more than a group of loosely associated social workers, ignoring the fact that Hamas, and Alqueda are both branches of the Brotherhood. Americans, if nothing else, are proud of American independence. That independence does not include America becoming the thuggish tool of tin pot despots, such as what is happening in Libya today. By allowing our military to be ordered into action by a small faction within the U.N., we have not only sold our national sovereignty out to the Arab League, but we have also become the mafioso leg breakers of that same group. We are in fact now fight alongside the same people who attacked us on 911. While we are now making nice with our enemies, how do we treat our friends? An American President was not invited to the Royal Wedding. That says a lot. This is the definition of Smart Diplomacy. The foreign policy polling has not been getting a lot of play in the press, but my belief is that it will all come up prior to the election, especially when discussing America's standing in the world. What discussion of Obama's foreign policy would be complete without mentioning Bibi Netanyahu's bitch slap of Obama in front of rolling cameras in the Oval Office.

This Obama gaffe was so bad, that his reception at AIPAC was less than warm only two days later. AIPAC's leaders were reduced to begging their membership to clap for Obama's speech, the boos he received were surgically removed from press reports on the day. The list of let them eat cake moments is long indeed. Telling a man who was expressing his frustration with gas prices that he should go out and buy a hybrid car. The all out assault on the energy industry as a whole to create artificially inflated gas and electricity prices will not have voters feeling warm and fuzzy in 16 months. The financial shenanigans used to claim that Chrysler paid back their loans from the auto bailout fooled no one, and in fact, not even the auto workers who Obama was bragging to, as the United Auto Workers Union Local in Toledo openly heckled the President. Literally, the record is too abysmal to get it all into one article.

The upcoming campaign. The last incumbent President who ran on a campaign of, "this malaise is the best we can do in today's world, so get used to it," was James Earl Carter. Then, as now, the press were running stories about how America had become so big that it was just too hard to be President and that the job had indeed become impossible for just one man. Then, as now, we were told by Carter and indeed the press that we just had to accept the fact that our best days were behind us. What a depressing and utterly false message that turned out to be then. This is no less true today. Americans in general voted for Barack Obama primarily for one reason. When you boil the whole thing down to its core, people will vote for the candidate who they believe will lead the country to its greatest living standard. The message of you can't drive the vehicle you want, or live in the comfort you want, because Barack Obama has determined that it is just not fair to the remainder of the world will not play well at all to the American People. Now that Obama has an actual record, which just as predicted, has produced the results we now live with, he has no options but to campaign on our sacrifice because people in the Sudan don't have air conditioning. The campaign based on you must sacrifice the living standard you want because I deem it to be so is a loser. That lesson will be learned for a fourth time since 1972 by yet another Democrat Candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On Line Identities, The World Of The Left.

One of the reasons I say very little about who I am and what my experiences are is that in the online world, it matters not.  That is to say, I can be anyone I want from behind this computer screen.  That is true for all of us here in the virtual world.  There are two paths we can all take with this set of facts.  In my humble opinion, those of us who are more conservative choose to eschew our supposed identities and will try to form arguments which will stand up, even if offered anonymously.  Also, in my humble opinion, those on the left will claim some mantle of credibility based on assuming the identity of an unimpeachable expert. 

How many times have we busted some phony claiming to be a soldier or a former soldier who decided that it would bolster their arguments against the war in Iraq, war in Afghanistan, War on Terror, or even military spending?  How many times have we busted wide open the claims of business ownership by people on the left who were in fact union thugs arguing for increased regulation and or the asinine health care monstrosity?  How many degrees in Chemistry or Physics have been conferred by unknowing universities and colleges upon those arguing vehemently that man kind is responsible for a quick future destruction of the planet?  This list could go on for several pages, and would be fun to compose, but something happened last week that tops it all. 

The two most popular web sites and forums for Lesbians were outed as having been run by middle aged white men, both of whom were perpetually stuck in their adolescent stages of development and existing on the public dole as college students.  Without referring to the sites, as I'm sure you've all heard of it by now, I would encourage you to get your giggles out of the way.  There is something going on beyond the problems of two assholes who were so irrelevant in their real lives that they were reduced to finding validation in the virtual world by pretending not only to be women, but women with gender confusion.  (O.K., another cheap laugh here.  If you call a man who dresses in women's clothing a transvestite, what do we call these two?)  One of these, "lesbians," made it a point to use his status of expert as a member of a victim class in this world to point out that America was by far the least tolerant society in the world.  He claimed that Syria, a place where lesbians and gay men are immediately executed when found out, was far more tolerant a place than our country.  ( I know of at least two major U.S. corporations which force diversity training upon its employees in the case that anyone is caught joking about homosexuality within earshot of another person.) 

The remainder of what is going on is a complete lack of supporting facts necessary to back the liberal agenda.  One of the many signs that we on the right are in fact winning this debate is that the liberals must continually resort to spin, deflection, projection, astroturfing, and tactics like this in order to state their position.  This, reduced to its simplest form, besides being hilariously pathetic, is just another way to restate those famous and untrue words uttered by Al Gore, "the debate is now over."  We have seen this before, and mark my words, we will again.  The mantle of expertise is designed for no other purpose than to make a jaw droppingly weak position unassailable.  Whenever debating with liberals in the future, we should all remember to start our side of the debate by challenging the premise of every statement.  Be wary of those that begin with a position of some sort of expertise.  (An example would be, "I am a lesbian who lived both in the U.S. and Syria and I have found the Sharia compliant world of Syria to be much more liberating than the supposedly open society of America.)  We will be inundated over the next two years with people claiming to have gotten great health care in Canada, England, or even in Cuba or Mexico.  They will probably be lying about it.  We will be inundated by people claiming to be soldiers or former soldiers telling stories of American transgressions abroad.  They will probably be lying about it.  We will be inundated with Marxists claiming to be business owners who will state that the bevy of new regulation of the Obama Administration has been a boon to their non existent businesses, and that the new green economy is allowing them to expand beyond what they ever thought possible.  They will probably be lying about it.  We will be inundated with people pretending to be doctors who will tell tales of how the Obamacare monstrosity has allowed them to care for patients in a more streamlined and compassionate manner than they ever have before.  They will probably be lying about that as well. 

All in all, the pretending to be a lesbian thing is my favorite liberal ruse to date.  This one will be tough to top.  I would be happier if they just gave up trying.  I won't be holding my breath though.

Chris Christie Porn.

Let's start the day off with some Chris Christie porn. I believe it has been a long time since we've all had our fix. Here is the man himself letting a smug nosey liberal have it with both barrels.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday At The Movies! Lee Doren Edition.

Lee Doren spends five minutes absolutely destroying Robert Reich's viral youtube email explaining how the political left's disastrous economic policies are actually not to blame for our current economic crisis, and while we did have an economic boom under Reaganomics which we all look back to as much more prosperous times, Our own memories are lying to us and we are actually better off today. Good luck with that Bob! Meanwhile, I am still planning on voting your boob out in November of 2012.

In our second feature, a fun look into the ultimate liberal mindset. Two middle aged male white college students spent years spreading the liberal propaganda posing as two young lesbians in various places. Live blogging about the evils of a conservative society not allowing them to live their lives free of hate and oppression. In the end, they outed each other as fraudsters.

For a real hoot, read Mark Steyn's take on this semi news worthy outing of the two liberal middle aged college students pretending to be female lesbians from places where lesbians are not appreciated.  It is well worth the 15 minutes it will take to read.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday At The Movies! Part 1 Of Milton Friedman's, "Free To Choose."

I have heard Milton Friedman described as a National Treasure, and I agree. I also agree with the sentiment that Friedman has a unique ability to explain complex economic issues to those who do not study economics as a part of their regular life, but non the less are able to understand Friedman's message.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fear Not America! Obama Unveils The Second Part Of His Economic Plan.

Well, we've beaten the green economy myth into the ground, and while it deserves much more derision, and probably will receive it up until the 2012 election, President Obama has graciously provided me with another example of his complete ignorance of economics with which to laugh at heartily.  It would seem that our President, a man who has never held a private sector position which carried the equivalent responsibility as lemonade stand assistant, has found the root of our economic ills.  No silly, it is not overbearing regulation.  It is not the disastrous effects of the beliefs of Maynard Keynes, (Keynesian theory for those who insist on confusing this with Kenya or Kenyan,) put into action.  It is not massively fraudulent abuse of a vague flexibility in interpretation of aforementioned regulation resulting in bureaucrats being able to pick winners and losers based on bribery or political connections.  It is not the devaluation of our currency in line with a plethora of third world tin pot dictatorships through the euphemistically named Quantitative Easing I,II, or III.  It is not with the Socialization with 18% of our national economy with constant threat to nationalize even more.  It is not even the complete shut down of our capacity to produce energy sufficient to match even a fraction of our energy needs.  Our economic problems according to our President, wait for it...............

It is the scourge of ATM's.  Huh?  Yes you've read that correctly, it is ATM's and similar technologies which have allowed some businesses to automate repetitious and thoughtless activity, in order to provide a more economical and affordable product to their communities.   

At one time in America,  farming was accomplished by individuals being forced to guide plows behind Oxen in order to be able to hand plant each and every seed.  41% percent of America's work force at one time worked on farms.  By automating much of that work, America was able to get to the business of producing other stuff, like giant steel buildings, cars, etc.  The automation of farms, did not create unemployment long term, it was an innovation which helped create unprecedented wealth, and at the same time allowed us to actually feed much of the remainder of the world, while simultaneously allowing us to foolishly pay those same farmers to not grow food on 17% of their land.  Indeed, ATM's even existed during the Administrations of several other Presidents, all of whom refrained from blaming them or even thinking of them while being President.  ATM's were around when Carter was President, and while unemployment was a major problem for Carter, that I would blame more on the fact that Carter's policies mirror exactly those being enacted today by Obama.  Reagan had the horrible machines to contend with, and wow, our economy did great as a result of his policies.  Bush, Clinton, and Bush all had ATM's around while President, yet not a single news report of grandma being thrown off a cliff because of an errant ATM caused panic. 

Of course that really only scratches the surface of Obama's idiocy on this point.  I went into my bank the other day and was helped by, you guessed it, a bank teller.  To top that off, one of the tellers, who by the way did not lose her job to automation, was actually responsible for tending to the ATM.  This made me think, what about the ATM's which are not attached to banks.  These machines are literally all over the place.  They are serviced by people, must be built, repaired, replenished, etc., all by people who previously did not work for the bank.  The machines actually created jobs, and indeed a whole industry.  How may people work for Diebold, or one of Diebold's competitors?  I would be willing to bet that the ATM technology is responsible for far more job creation than job loss.  Not only through the intangible effects of a vastly improved usage of scarce resources, but also through the visible numbers of employees working in the banking industry as a whole.

That an American President would say something this outlandishly stupid would be funny in and of itself.  (I can't help but remember the quotes attributed to George Bush, Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin, which were both often times misleading or out rightly fabricated.)  It is something else beyond funny though.  It is scary to know that this man is charged with the single most important job in the country during a time of economic crisis.  We will always need our President to not be a moron when it comes to the economy, but now, that need is more crucial than at other times.  Barack Obama is the least qualified person in any room he enters.  There is no kind or diplomatic way to say it anymore.  According to Obama's economic metric, innovation, something Americans have always prided themselves on is now a bad thing.  The phrase, I laughed until I cried, has taken on a new meaning.

UPDATE: President Obama deserves this, on no uncertain terms. I am not sure who MRC T.V. is, but what a hoot. At least they showed some folks who refused to sign the petition as well. My faith in the intelligence of my fellow citizens has been restored somewhat. Then there are the brain dead boobs who signed the petition with nary a clue as to the fact that something this stupid must be a gag. These would be the Obama voters in the crowd.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Economy Choking Effects of Government Regulation.

I am not one for anecdotal stories used for the purposes of debate. As a matter of fact, I find that particular tactic for swaying opinion particularly offensive. so, for that purpose I wish to address the issues raised in this Stossel video to their broader points.

The first star of our video, Jestina Clayton was shut down for not obtaining a license for cosmetology. What is even funnier still, is the fact that not a single one of the approved State Programs for cosmetology in her state offered the service she was providing as a course of study. At this point, all argumentation of protecting the public from unworthy practitioners of her craft breaks down completely. These regulations do nothing to promote transparency and competency, and they do even less to prevent fraud. What they are, for the most part is an added layer of taxation for a bloated government, and a means to stifle competition in order to protect the chosen winners in the government's game of crony capitalism. Who pays the ultimate price for this? Two parties are screwed. Ms. Clayton has been robbed of the opportunity to pursue her happiness and share of the American Dream. Our nation was founded on the belief that every individual citizen would be able to determine their own destiny by participating in the free society. This nickle dime regulatory happy society is not just a federal or state problem either. I am sure there are dozens of local forms of bribes licensing that our braider has to put up with as well. The consumers also have to bear the burden for this. By limiting competition, due to the constraints of supply and demand, the prices will be higher than if the regulations weren't there. Add to that, the costs of obtaining and administering the regulations, all paid for by the consumer eventually, and suddenly, getting a hair cut costs slightly more than going to visit a doctor. Please don't misunderstand my point here, I do believe that some regulations are necessary. Those that promote transparency and prevent fraud. I also believe that a certain amount of insuring competency is necessary. Certainly though, there is a difference between insuring a doctor's competency and that of a hair dresser. At 2000 hours of class room instruction, our hair dressers and nail technicians are receiving a greater degree of education than our medical practitioners.

I had heard recently the argument that regulation somehow serves the public by lowering the amount of law suits which now clog our courts. If this is indeed true, I would love for someone to explain how. Our justice system has become a parasitic lottery system decades ago. I can not help but correlate the exponential boom in the instances of people suing other people with the exponential increase in overbearing regulation. Any time a new law is added to the books, our legal system becomes even more complicated. With each new complication, comes an opportunity to run afoul of the code which as of now, requires three years beyond college just to prepare oneself to take the test necessary to be legally allowed to explain that system to others.

Bad public policy has another effect. Bad laws, those the people in general find offensive, lead to virtuous acts becoming illegal. This leads to a breakdown in the morality of our society as a whole.

Our heroine, Jestina Clayton, without a lawyer willing to take her case for free would have been saddled with a choice between to rotten paths. She could either have accepted public assistance, and become, along with her two kids, a ward of the State of Utah. She could have opted to violate the law, and open a black market hair braiding salon to support her family, without becoming a burden to the rest of society. There is no question which is the more virtuous choice, and it was not the path that obeyed the laws as written. If Ms. Clayton were not qualified to braid hair, she would not have been able to support her family for 4 years by doing it. The free market system would have shut her down almost immediately, and no one would return, no referral customers would have hired her the first time. Jestina lost her income, and the neighborhood lost a valuable skill. The only winners here are the State's coffers, and those afraid of competition.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Old Language - Global warming, New Language - Global Climate Change.

Since 1998, each years has in fact become cooler than the last. This little known inconvenient truth has been so well hidden by the media and Democrat politicians, that at least half of you out there expect it to be about 112 degrees for the entire month of July. Now we have some idea as to why this has been happening.  During the 70's, Chicken little convinced us that aerosol cans used for hairspray and underarm deodorant were going to cause an ice age and destroy the ozone layer.  During the 80's world wide cooling gave way to global warming, again caused by the scourge of man.  Then the Rain forests of the world became the next environmental hysteria, and global warming came back into vogue.  The solution by the environmental fascists during each of these scares remains the only constant.  We must stop living in countries with vibrant economies, and accept a medieval living standard in order to save the planet. 

The announcement made on 14 June (18:00 UK time) comes from scientists at the US National Solar Observatory (NSO) and US Air Force Research Laboratory. Three different analyses of the Sun's recent behaviour all indicate that a period of unusually low solar activity may be about to begin.
The Sun normally follows an 11-year cycle of activity. The current cycle, Cycle 24, is now supposed to be ramping up towards maximum strength. Increased numbers of sunspots and other indications ought to be happening: but in fact results so far are most disappointing. Scientists at the NSO now suspect, based on data showing decades-long trends leading to this point, that Cycle 25 may not happen at all.
This could have major implications for the Earth's climate. According to a statement issued by the NSO, announcing the research:
So, what does this mean for those of us who do not wish to commit economic suicide?  Will we now be permitted to burn our fossil fuels as inefficiently as we desire?  How about incandescent light bulbs, won't we be actually helping the planet by choosing the higher quality and economically cheaper bulbs now?  Now that we are facing a prolonged period of decidedly cooler temperatures, and as the environmental lunatics have already told us, any change in temperature on any day is indeed bad, Is it not all of our duty to now turn on random energy burning major appliances in order to help warm the planet?  Indeed, only Exxon Mobile, BP, and Cravatt Coal can save us now.  I would say that we should scrap the whole hybrid car nonsense, but the fact is, using these little pieces of excrement uses no less carbon emitting fuels than the all gasoline engines. 

All joking aside, this is not going to happen.  The reason of course is that the environmental movement has not had protecting the environment as its main goal for several decades now.  The movement's goal has been to inflict a centralized socialist agenda on us through a deceitful fiat.  Somehow, the reversal of global temperatures will be spun as the most dire of circumstances which necessitate the very same steps as were to be employed to fight when temperatures were thought to be increasing.  The only question, how long will these jerks be believed?  I have had friends ask me in earnest if I had seen Al Gore's movie, as if his piece of propaganda would somehow convince me.  (Officially, Al Gore's movie had been found to be propaganda by a British court.  The judge in that case found the film to be so factually dishonest that he banned it from being shown to British school children as part of any class curriculum.)   Now that Al Gore has purchased beach front property, and indeed built a home there, how seriously should we take his statement that the oceans will rise to the point of flooding major portions of the world?  How seriously does he take it himself for that matter?  The global warming crowd deserves nothing more than out right scorn and laughter from the rest of us.  It is time for the Socialists to try another lie, this one is getting old.

For those of you who wish for a more wonkish explanation, click here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

As President Obama Takes A Victory Lap Around The Country, I Wonder What Planet These People Are On.

This clip was of Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) Mars. No she is not beyond the mainstream of thought for the Democrat Party, she is in fact the Chairperson of it. Now I realize how every side in a political campaign, or even in ordinary debate feels the need to spin the message around to paint themselves in the best possible light, but then again, I am not an imbecile. To that end, here are some things I have noticed.

George Bush was brutalized in the papers every day for 8 years. There were negative stories about the economy in the news media on a daily basis. Even though the GDP averaged 3% growth, and in fact reached that number in a healthy and consistent manner, we were told repeatedly that the 5% unemployment number was somehow the worst post Depression era performance of any Administration. (Laughable even more for those of us who remember the Carter Presidency and the invention during those dark days of the misery index.) Now that unemployment has reached the Carteresque levels once again, Obama and his team are out there claiming that they have created 2.5 Million private sector jobs. I watched this happen a dozen times over the weekend and through the last couple of days, and I laughed, right up until the time I realized that for the most part, the statement went largely unchallenged by a sickeningly compliant press. For those who rely on the alphabet media for their news, private and public sector job creation over the last 28 months have not come close to keeping up with the expansion of the workforce through natural population growth. It is in fact so bad, the language of the Obama Administration had to be expanded to include the mythical category of saved jobs. This is a metric which is silly for several reasons. One, there is no real definition of a saved job, nor any way to actually measure it. I personally could claim to have saved a thousand jobs, and there would be no way to disprove it.

A President campaigning for a second term is nothing new. It is expected, but most in the past have waited to start the process until the actual campaign season during the year of election. One reason, most of the time, Presidents don't need to worry about winning the nomination of their party. Their organization is already in place, and fundraising is not an issue. since a sitting President does not need to spend money on a primary campaign, and has a guaranteed treasure of funds which national election laws just give them, ie federal funding, every other President in our nations history actually did their jobs until the last minute. This is not so for the Narcissist in Chief. We have very real issues for which we need a chief executive to address. In case you missed it, Pimco, one of our largest creditors, has announced that we have indeed met and exceeded their limit for allowable debt. They don't care about whatever silly number for a debt limit little Timmy Geitner is able to negotiate with congress, they are refusing to loan us another dime. Our Justice Department has been involved in treasonous activity. They have been actively arming foreign invaders in a brazen attempt to convince Americans that the Second Amendment should be repealed outright. Our economy, far from being an accomplishment which deserves a Presidential victory lap, is in flames. Federal Regulations have so choked off American businesses from even operating let alone expanding their workforces, that over half of the jobs created in the private sector over the last quarter have been added by one American corporation alone. (This is ironic in itself since jobs at McDonalds have long been derided by every single Democrat I have ever met as being somehow unworthy of actually being considered as a part of our economy.) Don't get me wrong. I am happy that McDonalds is hiring. Entry level positions will often lead to bigger and better things for those who apply themselves appropriately. It is just that this performance is hardly the stuff of braggadocio.

The middle east is in flames, and it is that way precisely because President Obama made the specific decision to project American weakness. Kow towing to our enemies while beating up on our allies has surprisingly produced the same exact results as when Jimmy Carter tried it some 35 years ago. On President Obama's campaign victory tour, he chirps about the Arab Spring, as though suddenly all threats for that part of the world are being swept away. It is not his failure to mention that last month 2000 Coptic Christians were slaughtered as a part of that renewal of freedom that bothers me most, it is that not a single member of the press challenged him with it during his claim that his smart diplomacy made this blessed event possible. Just like in 1979 Iran, the young democrat students have already been rounded up and imprisoned, if not out rightly executed, and Israel is faced with a very real and terrible new enemy located on her border. For those of you who believed incorrectly that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Shia Mullahs of Iran would never get along and cooperate, there are now two Iranian submarines tooling around off the coast of Egypt in the Red Sea.

Have you enjoyed your recent trips to the gas pumps.  Have they been worthy of a Presidential victory lap.  Get ready for a similar thing to happen with electricity prices.  President Obama, while giving lip service to making America the best place to conduct business and put us in the front seat of the new green economy is attempting to do so by destroying the sector of the economy which produces more conventional forms of energy.  Since the free market rewards quality and efficiency, the nifty green economy would not come about on its own.  Therefore it is necessary to force us into that decision by making gas and electricity too expensive to get from conventional sources.  Besides the extra costs inherent in an economic system which utilizes subsidies to promote social engineering, there is another glaring problem.  Even with massive amounts of our tax dollars being poured into these various alternative forms of energy production, nothing has yet to be close to producing anywhere near what we actually need.  Without returning to a 7th century lifestyle, disaster awaits us should we remain on this current path.  Here is an experiment for all of the Obama supporters out there.  Go the entire summer without turning on a single fan or an air conditioner, and refrain from using your car.  See how that suits you.  I would rather President Obama kept the promise he made during his latest SOTU Address and get busy ending the federal regulation which is creating this energy crisis rather than allowing his Administration to be creating it.

Against the express will of the American People, in what has to be the single most cynical and crooked political maneuvers ever in our nation's history, Obamacare was passed. Its provisions don't even kick in until mostly after the next election. Even with that fact, we were told that we had to pass the pos so quickly that it remained almost completely unread by the geniuses who voted for it. Since its passage, every single thing about it has been terrible. Even though its costs have tripled since its passage, the press is still sticking with the theme that it is a budget reducing Law. Rationing has already started, with several medications losing FDA approval due to cost. Panels have already been empowered in Medicare to circumvent treatment and medications ordered by doctors based on economic considerations. 30% of employers will be dropping their health insurance programs entirely. Every one of the Laws proponents have been granted waivers exempting them from the consequences of the Law. And, as a special bonus, we now have an armed Department of Education with some of the most thuggish collection techniques since Dutch Schultz formed the New York Restaurant Owners Association.

On the one hand I can understand the meme of the economy has turned around and Barack Obama did it. After all, they can not run on a campaign of we plan on giving you 4 more years of what we did during the last 4. But, I am not an idiot either. Perhaps it would just be better for the country if Barack Obama just got to the business of becoming one of our nation's best former Presidents, just like the first guy who instituted the same policies as those we are running with today, Jimmy Carter.

UPDATE: Well, we all new it had to happen sooner or later, and in this case it took a day or two. Here is a GOP T.V. spot using the DNC Chief's laughtastic statements about the economic turnaround. My bet is that we will see a lot of ads from this material. Note to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, please keep talking.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Green Fairy Poised To Strike Again, Look For National Rolling Blackouts In 2014.

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

I should have qualified the headline, look for those blackouts if we fail to act before then.  The action needed is simple and easy.  All we need to do is ignore the lunacy of the green crowd, and reverse the damage we have inflicted upon ourselves by being suckered into this global warming, (which has now turned to global climate change,) hoax.  A little background for those of you who do not know what I am talking about.

Here is an article detailing the effects of the unreported Obama regulations are about to have on our electricity supply. 

Consumers could see their electricity bills jump an estimated 40 to 60 percent in the next few years.

The reason: Pending environmental regulations will make coal-fired generating plants, which produce about half the nation's electricity, more expensive to operate. Many are expected to be shuttered.
American Electric Power, one of the country's largest coal-burning electricity generators, said Thursday it will retire nearly a quarter of its coal-fueled generating capacity and that it will spend up to $8 billion to retrofit remaining units to meet regulations that start taking effect in 2014. Those moves will have an impact.
During the National Debate leading up to the Presidential Election of 2008, this topic came up a lot.  Politicians are very adept at making the impossible sound possible.  The whole green economy is one of those instances.  This is the reason for comparing the Obama Administration to a fairy.  A major difference between the Bamster and other lying politicians is that this particular lie, while being much more damaging than most, is also the centerpiece of his economic agenda.  Let that sink in for a moment , and then we'll continue.

Why is it impossible?  I am glad you've asked that question.  What do we have to replace fossil fuels?  I would agree that we should be searching for more efficient and any source of energy possible.  I just  happen to believe that the free market does that better and quicker than a central government planner is able to.  The government subsidizes 49 times the cost per kilowatt hour for wind and solar energy produced than that of what we pay for coal produced electricity.  Simply because you and I do not pay these costs directly to the electric companies does not mean that we do not pay them.  Since the government does not produce its own wealth, it merely confiscates whatever it spends from us, we pay for it through taxation, or in the form of debt for future generations.  That cost of course is on top of what the electric producers will still decide to charge for their energy.  Even with this subsidy, wind, solar, and hydro-electric still produce about 2% of our electricity needs.  When the fossil fuel burning plants shut down, what will we do then?

When the price goes up, and the brain trust in the executive branch enact the price controls to quell the crowd of angry citizens mad about the increased percentage of their paycheck now needed to keep their refrigerators, light bulbs, air conditioning, heating, stereo systems, Internet, T.V.'s, Nintendo, etc. we will pay for our foolishness in another way.  Rolling blackouts, and artificial shortages will be the new norm.  For those of you too young to remember the gas lines of the 70's, I will have a more recent example later on in the paragraph.  During the 70's, when we allowed our President, Jimmy Carter, to project American weakness as our foreign policy agenda's main plank, we were faced with a major shortage in the amount of gasoline oil companies were able to supply to local gas stations.  Jimmy Carter pushed something called the Windfall Profits Tax, which served as a form of price control.  The result of course, without getting too wonkish about the economics, was long lines and rationing for gasoline purchase across the country.  The lines in some cities were miles long.  A rationing system was established in several states whereby the last digit on a license plate dictated which days during the week drivers were permitted to purchase gasoline.  The more recent example, California in 2002.  This whole green energy fiasco was attempted in the People's Republik of Kalifornia.  Governor Gray Davis promised Kalifornians that their energy prices would not increase, so he established price controls.  He ignored the economic heavy weights at the Hoover Institution and pretended instead that the law of supply and demand did not exist.  The result of course was an entire year in which the State Government of Kalifornia and the public utilities czars turned off the power to the entire state, in sections which rolled for hours at a time.  Every home in Kalifornia had about 3 hours per day without electricity.  Kalifornia was reduced to being part of the third world. 

Last week, President Obama gave a speech to auto workers who build Suv's.  He told them of a brave new world where they would have great opportunities building hybrid vehicles which the government has had no luck at selling so far.  (Indeed, only 2184 have actually been sold to date.)  He told of his plan to sell these vehicles by punishing economically, anybody who would dare to consider the old and reliably efficient gasoline versions of this mode of transportation.  He told them tales of other business related to their work at the factory which had been saved and would continue to be saved by his unpopular auto industry bailout, including a restaurant which shut down literally days after his visit after 90 years of operation.  (The restaurant was called Chet's for those of you who wish to fact check.)  less than a week after his speech, Obama sold the government's stake in Chrysler for $560 Million.  This was far less than what we taxpayers paid for the auto company we did not wish to buy in the first place.  Where do I turn to to declare my capital loss on this year's 1040?  For that matter, why did I not get the opportunity to vote on the sale in a proxy vote, as something this important would definitely be mandated under the corporate bylaws?  To put the sale of Chrysler in perspective we'll try this.  $560 Million is roughly the amount new debt added by the Obama Administration in 3 hours time.  In the 3 hours it took President Obama to travel to Toledo to lie his tuchus off to the people who build the unappreciated Jeep Wranglers coming off of that line, Obama had blown through the proceeds of the stock no one gave him permission to buy or sell. 

Next question, when we are no longer able to purchase electricity, either due to the enormous prices, or due to the rolling blackouts, and grid shortages, how will we be able to drive those nifty and enormously expensive green cars anywhere?  A lot of us had been predicting these results at the top of our lungs prior to November of 2008.  All we got in response was the bleary eyed hopety change rhetoric.  Obama's only miscalculation concerning his destruction of the American Economy so far is the speed with which his agenda has had its inevitable results.  I personally believe that the ravages of his agenda would not be experienced prior to his reelection bid in 2012.  What I find most troubling is America's refusal to reference history.  These initiatives and policies are nothing new.  We saw this movie before, and it is playing out exactly the same way.  We are running Jimmy Carter's playbook again, and we are reaping Jimmy Carter's results again.  We simply can not afford 4 more years of Barack Obama.  We need to not only stop this lunacy, but to actually reverse the damage.