Thursday, March 31, 2011

No Idiots, We Are Broke!

I have often been amazed at the argumentation that I hear from the political left.  How could some of these things be said with a straight face.  Most especially when those statements are so easily refuted, with but a moments thought.  Let's shag a few pop fly balls for practice. 

The C.W. Mills Power Elite Theory, which states that our national leaders will come exclusively from the 11,000 wealthiest of Americans.  That the average person born in America really does not have the ability to rise from whatever social strata they were born into and achieve political fortune.  The refutation of course would be Presidents Ford, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Johnson, Truman, Lincoln, and probably a few more.  That was an easy warm up. 

How about another easy one?  Chicken Hawk is a term we've all heard over the years.  Actually, I first read this refutation in an article pointed out to my on Pajamas Media.  The easy out is that it is nothing more than an adhominem attack.  That means, for those liberals reading this, the argument itself has not been refuted in any meaningful way, it is simply meant to end debate by insulting the person on the other side of the debate.  In this context that debate would be the use of military force.  Since this is still practice, and we actually need to get our swings in, we'll refute the chicken hawk charge further.  The person using this as a debate tactic is in fact stating that only people who have served in the military should be allowed to have a vote on matters concerning the use of military force.  Carrying that to its logical conclusion then, should only police or former police be allowed to have a say so on political decisions concerning law enforcement working for any municipality?  How about other professions?  Should all tax laws be written and decided upon by CPA's only.  The latest Financial Industry Reform Law which Obama is touting, was that written and voted upon by only people with the proper securities credentials?  To take this argument even further to where it inevitably leads, how do we all think it is going to be regarded by the people who employ it in the first place?  The Constitution, very smartly I believe, establishes civilian control of the military.  In other words, the armed forces answer to the elected executives of the nation.  The chicken hawk argument destroys that.  By stating that only those in the military should be included in the use of military debate, civilian control is removed.  I seriously doubt that the very people who so virulently hate the military would somehow welcome martial law.

Sufficiently warmed up, let's debate a meatier issue.  Soaking the, "rich," will solve our national economic problems.  This is predicated on the mistaken belief that our economic system, and in fact our entire society is zero sum.  When we were all in kindergarten, we knew that if Jane and Bill had the ball to play with, Tony and Betty did not get to play.  That is of course, until Betty's mom bought Betty a ball of her own, thus introducing a second game into the kindergarten society.  Betty, by asking her mom for a ball, showed an industrious initiative and created the wealth of a second ball.  For those who missed the metaphor of kindergarten economics, I'll explain.  Our society works the same way.  Wealth is not zero sum.  The so called rich are not rich because they stole money and goods from everyone else.  They are rich because for the most part, they created something which other members of society found a value in.  Bill Gates did not become wealthy by sneaking into every home in America and stealing $60 and leaving a copy of his operating system on the night stand as a calling card.  His operating system enabled every person in the United States to enjoy benefits of owning their own computer and made the experience easy to utilize, so much so that people who were fine without a computer at home now go ballistic if theirs stops working.  People were willing to fork over $60 to Mr. Gates really without much thought.  They in turn used this to build their own businesses in many cases, to save themselves time and money, (wealth in other words,) and to use it as an inexpensive form of entertainment.  Mr. Gates provided a value to millions of people around the world.  He created wealth.  Now that it has been deemed useful to most everyone in society, many people are arguing in favor adding it to the public largess as a newly formed basic Constitutional Right.  Bill Gates is being vilified for his success by people on the left as a monster for stealing the wealth of the average American. 

Many times a week, I will accidentally hear a spinmeister on the Telly say that our current economic crisis was caused by reckless tax cuts for the, "rich."  This is pure stupidity for a few reasons.  One, tax cuts are not something which need to be paid for.  The rich became rich by providing value which benefits other members of society.  Tax cuts are merely a cessation of the government's confiscation of the created wealth.  When the Bush Tax Reforms took place, the percentage of taxes contributed by the top wage earners in this country actually increased.  Not only that, but the total revenues of the Federal Government also increased.  The reduction in overall rates actually produced a tax increase.  Why this fact is conveniently left out of the media narrative is easy to see.  The main stream media is biased in the most dishonest and evil way possible.  They have an agenda to see government grow.  What did cause the financial meltdown?  That is an easy one.  It was something called the Community Reinvestment Act.  This was first signed into law by James Carter.  It was later strengthened by Bill Clinton.  It basically dictated that banks, would now be forced to loan money to people who were not credit worthy to avoid criminal prosecution for their executive officers.  It also enabled banks, and wall street firms the ability to devise schemes to keep banks afloat despite this insane business practice by creating exotic investment vehicles to hide the pea under the shell in the largest game of 3 card monty perpetrated on the American Public.  Eventually, as with every capital market bubble, it burst.  The same politicians who passed this madness into law, and then threatened those who resisted with prison and fines, raced for microphones to call the bankers and wall street execs. evil.  I still marvel at how people to this day are saying, "there's plenty of blame to go around."  No, there is not.  Democrat politicians are to blame, period, dot, end of story. 

The latest bit of lunacy that I've heard is that America is not broke.  That we have plenty of cash, if only we would just go and take it away from those greedy bastard rich folk who have stolen whatever they have from society.  Bill Whittle provides a great visual of how stupid this is.  He credits Iowahawk for the legwork and research at the end of his video.  In a nutshell, if we take every bit of wealth away from every corporation and rich person in this country, we could operate at our current level of spending for a year.  Then what do we do?  After every bit of wealth has been taken and redistributed, we would still need $3.5 Trillion for the next year, and there would not be any jobs left for anybody, as we would have liquidated everything to pay for this year.  Enjoy the video.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Obama Doctrine, As Presented By The Man Himself.

Thomas Sowell has written a brilliant essay on this subject.  While I usually agree with everything Sowell has to say, I somehow feel as though he did not go far enough with this piece.  It is not his fault, how could he and at the same time keep withing the confines of normal editorial rules.  President Obama's foray into his usage of military force will be the subject of historical ridicule for centuries to come.  Last week I wrote about Andrea Mitchell's valiant and yet idiotic attempt to define the Obama Doctrine.  As painful as it was to read, even the President felt the need to set the record straight.  On Monday evening, President Obama and his teleprompter took to the broadcast airwaves to make his case to the American People.  His speech took 27 minutes.  After that 27 minute speech, I am left with this.  The Obama doctrine is bereft of any actual core belief system, value, principle, or policy direction.  It is made up entirely of blind political ambition coupled with a dangerous combination of unbridled arrogance and a singularly clueless ineptitude.  I believe a new word is in order, we'll call it, "Blind Ambeptogance."

Where to begin with this strategy that irresponsibly places American lives in danger.  After days of several Administration officials taking to the airwaves to discuss why we are doing this, I am left wondering if any of them even know each other.  Has any one else noticed that no two Executive Branch leaders has given the same statement of concise policy, nor a reason why the necessary consultation with Congress did not occur.  After listening to the President's speech, I have an idea why.  Obama himself was self contradictory on when it would be appropriate to go to war.  His reasons for when military force were appropriate beyond being sophomoric can be summed up as thus, "When I feel like it."  This places the United States in a dangerous position.  We have now become the tool of the League of Arab Nations, and of the U.N.  Farming our National interests out to foreign powers, and placing our foreign policy for approval by unfriendly dictatorships is much better reason to impeach a president than the spectre of lying about perverse sexual acts with a clueless First Lady in an adjoining room.  All throughout 2008 I implored my liberal friends to reconsider voting for a candidate who would do this very thing.  They all assured me that I was crazy, that Candidate Obama would never co opt our national interests to the U.N.  On Monday night, in his own words, he made this the cornerstone of his foreign policy decision making process.  I am not surprised at this statement.  What does surprise me though is that the spin doctors are still giving a valiant effort to convince me that this is smart diplomacy at work. 

Since Barak Obama got elected largely on his criticism of Bush's use of military force, let's compare the two Presidents, shall we.  Bush got Congressional approval each and every time he authorized use of the military.  Obama did not.  Bush spent 9 months building his coalition for, and his case in support of his use of force in Iraq.  Obama spent zero time in gaining support for his war in Libya, while he claims that he did not need to build a coalition in this war, that we joined one in progress, it is a much more limited coalition than the one built by Bush for both Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Coalition Countries - Iraq - 2003
United StatesAfghanistan,
Czech Republic
El Salvador
South Korea
United Kingdom

Coalition - Libya - 2011
United States
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirate

Bush had a clearly defined mission, with a clear definition of what victory looked like.  Obama's mission direction is still being interpreted by a group of highly trained linguists who quite frankly are going insane from the challenge of the language of despotic empty suited teleprompters.  Bush applied his doctrine consistently, whether you agree with that doctrine or not.  Obama's doctrine can not possibly be applied evenly, as it is entirely left to his whim at any given time.  That statement right there should preclude him from holding any office with any kind of authority, let alone President of the United States.

Enjoy Bill Whttle's dissection of the dizzying argument for a war, which quite frankly, if we win, we lose.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Drill, Brazil, Drill!

Where do you start asking the questions of an Administration that threw coherent policy direction out from day one?  One of the things the Democrats have been whining about since the Nixon years was the need for a national energy policy.  We could argue the merits of such a policy for hours.  The dry and often boring statistics of energy production and the economics of commodities prices would put all but the most serious of political wonks to sleep.  Sometime during the Jimmy Carter years, the Department of Energy was born.  A brand spanking new Federal Bureaucracy designed to deliver the much needed energy policy to ensure that our most needed commodity would be stable in price and supply was touted as a better solution than the free markets.  How has that worked? 

O.K. the last question was a cheap shot, but also a valid question.  I keep getting tired of hearing politicians state that we need to ween ourselves off of foreign oil.  Maybe it's true, and maybe it's not.  That is not what this essay is about.  What it is about is the incoherently inept/utterly dishonest energy policy being inflicted on the United States Citizenry today.  When the political left makes this claim to carry the mantle of energy independence, what they actually mean is that we little people must stop consuming energy and live a 7th century lifestyle.  If they campaigned on us little folk living in the dark ages, no one would vote for them.  So, they dress up their message, and state that we need to innovate and develop some mythical form of powering cars and heating our homes by developing something called green sources of energy.  Jimmy Carter installed Solar Panels on the White House in 1977.  Even with the power of 3Presidencies, and Democratic controlled congresses, 34 years later, and solar power, wind power and pixie sprite developed power account for zip. 

What is different this time, is that President Obama and his Administration have gone out of their way shut down every legally operating American Business producing the energy America needs.  It has gotten so bad in fact that a Louisiana Federal Judge has found the President of the United States in contempt of court.  For anyone who does not understand the historical perspective of this, it is the first time it has happened in our nation's history.  President Obama earned 3 Pinocchios for making the statement that the reason we needed to drill in 1 mile deep ocean water is that we have exhausted our supply of oil closer to the continental United States.  Question:  How on Earth can we ween ourselves off of foreign oil by not drilling for our own supply here?

At the same time we are not drilling for our own oil here, but Obama and his minions are devising a plan to penalize those companies who hold leases to land and are not drilling.  This maneuver deserves the full 4 Pinocchios.  It gives the appearance that we are doing something to actually solve the problem.  Yes, the oil companies hold leases to land where they don't currently drill.  Not being an expert, my guess would be because they know already that drilling would not actually produce any oil.  I don't know how expensive it is to drill for nothing except the joy of drilling, but since it does not happen all that often on purpose, I believe that I will side with the oil companies decision making on this particular issue.  What else has the Obama Administration done to help America supply its markets?  This one will blow your collective minds.

Obama and his cronies are giving George Soros, the owner of the Democrat Party, Two Billion Dollars to do some oil drilling in Brazil.  Let that sink in for a minute of two.  So, the answer according to Obama is to forgo allowing American Businesses from doing what they do, hiring American workers, providing a more cost efficient commodity, and establishing the, "best environment for conducting commerce in the world," to help a foreign speculator employ Brazilians produce the same commodity and increase the added expense of transportation and excise tariffs, and a Two Billion Dollar taxpayer funded gift.  How does this ween us off of foreign oil? 

One of the positives of Obama being President is that when he was candidate Obama, the press was able to keep his policy ideas a secret and just tell us all it was hope and change.  It is far more difficult to do that with President Obama.  When candidate Obama announced in a meeting on the campaign trail that his policies would bankrupt the electric producers and the oil companies, only a few news sources carried the story.  If you watched CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, HLN etc., then you did not get to hear that.  Now, as President Obama, and his policies are actually, as planned, bankrupting the electric producers and the oil companies, it will be far more difficult for the aforementioned news outlets to keep that fact hidden.  I really have to laugh at those of you who idiotically refer to Fox News as Faux News.  We all saw this disaster of a Presidency coming, you are still under the delusion that this was unexpected.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Well Now, That Didn't Take Long, Did It?

In just a few short weeks, the Muslim Brotherhood have completely taken over that coup in Egypt.   I remember having this very argument with someone on Facebook.  Every leftist in the world argued that no, this time it was different.  The magical Internet would prevent Egypt from turning into another thuggish theocracy.  Hosni Mubarak was an evil dictator that the U.S. was wrong for supporting.  It was this type of ruthless dictator that made us look bad in the eyes of the more civilized world at large.  It never occurred to those leftists, that like the Shaw of Iran, Mubarak was just as tough as he needed to be in order to prevent the constant threat of an Islamist takeover from being realized.  That losing Mubarak in Egypt, much like losing the Shaw in Iran would lead to a much more brutal and even more dangerous threat to the peaceful people of the world at large.  It's not like this should be a surprise to anyone, as a lot of us predicted this inevitability right from the start.

I hear crickets from the left in this country.  They have moved onto their next great disaster to inflict upon the world, Libya.  (Libya, by the way is a direct result of the disaster in Egypt, as this revolution was actually ordered up by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Who we were all told by the Obama Administration were just a group of harmless social workers.)  This is one of the things which irks me the most about the left, never is responsibility accepted for the catastrophe caused by their reckless policies.  How do we go back in time to undo the election of President Obama so that the world would be a safer place than it is today.  We as a nation are still dealing with the mess created by both the Carter and Clinton Presidencies.  Carter gave us Iran and Afghanistan.  Clinton gave us Bosnia, Sudan, and Somalia.  Projecting American weakness around the world has consequences. 

Now that Libya is on the table, and it is the exact wrong thing for us to be involving ourselves in it, we are limping in, weak handed, and already deflecting responsibility to others.  Replacing a cowed evil dictator for even more crazed evil thugs will not serve our interests in the slightest.  Don't get me wrong here, I am all for fighting the inevitable fight against militant Islam.  This is going to occur at some point during our future, and when we finally take it on, we had better win.  This fight in Libya however, is strengthening the enemy of that future battle.  President Obama is either an enemy of the United States, or the single most incompetent person on the face of the planet.  It does not matter to me which is true, he simply has to go.

Elections have consequences, and we are now reaping the consequences of November 2008.  For those of my fellow conservatives who sat out the last one because you couldn't find it within yourselves to pull the lever for McCain, I sympathize, but you were dead wrong.  Even if the McCain clone Romney wins the nomination in 2012, please reconsider.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday at the Movies!

John Stossel on the Pigford Scandal. This one is starting to heat up, nice and slow. It should be boiling just in time for the 2012 Presidential election.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday at the Movies! Thomas Sowell on Interests and Visions.

it is no secret that I am a huge fan of Dr. Sowell. His ability to state eloquently and plainly the conservative position is unparalleled.  A colleague of Milton Friedman, he is perhaps one of the most brilliant minds produced by our great country.

I also have to include this Sowell clip from a 1980 appearance with Milton Friedman. In this 4 minute clip there is some discussion on the Black Family and how the welfare system was in fact acting as a device to destroy that familial unit. Since 1980, the problems decried by the liberal supporter of welfare have indeed tripled. Once again we see the leftist policies creating the very problems they are designed to mitigate. At some point, results should be every bit as important as intentions.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Obama Doctrine Identified!

Do you remember about a month ago, I asked a question, was there anyone out there in the world at large able to coherently identify an Obama Doctrine.  From the too good to be true category, Andrea Mitchell has identified what it is.  The coherent portion of my request was not adhered to, but then, when you listen to Andrea, you will understand why.

Logical acrobatics would be a gross understatement.  Putting aside for the moment Mitchell's obvious shilling for the Obama Administration while attempting to maintain the appearance of objectivity, how on Earth was she able to maintain a straight face while repeating this blather.  It is so obvious that Obama has been shooting from the hip with his foreign policy that even his own administration is completely unable to identify what he is attempting to accomplish.  Today for example, Obama has stated that regime change is not necessarily a priority at the same exact moment his deputy National Security Advisor was on T.V. stating that regime change was the goal all along.  I have up till now refrained from writing about the Libyan thing for a few reasons.  One being that I want both sides to lose.  Moamar is a mad man and a thug.  He has been an enemy of the United States for a long time and has been actively engaged with funding terrorism for 42 years.  The world would be a better place without him in it.  What he is about to be replaced with is just as bad if not worse.  This revolution is the product of Yusuf Al-Qaradawi.  He is the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, who's branches include Hamas, Al Queda, ISNA, MSA, CAIR, The Holy Land Foundation, and is responsible for the 1993 WTC bombing, the 9/11 attacks, the Cole bombing, the Stark bombing, the 1983 attack on the Marine Barracks, Kobar Towers bombing, and far too many other attacks on Americans to list in this article.  Our involvement in this could not possibly produce anything which would be in our national interests, no matter how it all turns out. 

So, here is that Obama doctrine:

1) when a looming humanitarian threat has been identified,
2) and when a cost benefit analysis shows that intervention can cost effectively prevent a certain amount of human suffering???????????????
3) and when an international plan of action can be agreed upon????????
4) then we should proceed to participate while someone else leads.

It doesn't have the same simple punch as Monroe's, "hands off of our hemisphere," Reagan's, "peace through strength," or Bush's, "You are either with us or the terrorists."  I guess his whole kinetic military action meme is apropos. This is the nation's first kinetic foreign policy doctrine.  It would be much funnier if it weren't so sad.  This President is so far under water on ability for his current position that even many of the hard core Democrats are turning away from him.  If this is what anybody had in mind when they voted for that smarter foreign policy of Obama's, kill yourself.  You are better off being reincarnated as a toaster or a pet rock.  

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finding Out What's In It! Part VII

Let me start by saying a Happy Birthday to the Obamacare Legislation. This was the single most cynical piece of governance ever to come out of Washington's hallowed halls. There was arm twisting going on, kickbacks, bribes, thuggish tactics employed against anyone who spoke out in protest including a Tea Party member getting his finger bitten off in St. Louis, and left just a general sour taste in the mouths of many Americans. The law in question is in fact so bad, that even a good number of my liberal friends are against it.

One year later, where do we stand. Those large, evil corporations that the Socialists are protecting us from, have to a large extent been granted waivers from the expense of Obamacare. We small independent business owners, not so. We have to pay the increased expense of $10,000 per employee. For a fledgling business just starting out, this is often the difference between thriving and not even surviving. A company fighting for its survival, will probably not be taking the gamble to expand and hire. Meet Scott Womack, who through the Heritage Foundation, will give a better explanation for the whole mess.

The waivers are well over a thousand now, and have been granted exclusively to those organizations who were mostly on the sidelines acting as shills and cheerleaders for this sink hole of a law. Rationing of care has already begun. Several drugs are no longer available, and certain treatments are being denied based on a cost benefit ratio analysis.

The center of a right-to-life debate, 13-month-old Joseph Maraachli rests at Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center in St. Louis with his dad,...

Much ado was made about Sarah Palin's use of the phrase, "death panels."   I watched in amusement as everybody missed the point of what Governor Palin was talking about.  The assumption was that Sarah was speaking to the end of life counseling being offered under the plan.  What Governor Palin was speaking to was the concept of bureaucratic panels making decisions on medical care based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles rather than Medical Professionals making those decisions on what would be best for the patient.  If you don't believe our law would bring that about, meet Joseph Maraachli.  His parents brought him to a hospital in Missouri after just such a panel ordered that he would not receive a relatively simple medical procedure to save his life in Ontario.  The judge who ordered his death gave the parents a whole week to say their goodbyes to their baby.  The decision was made solely based on economics, with not one medical fact being considered.  I realize that Ontario is not our country, but we have been told for years how our medical system should look like Canada's.  Now that we have modeled our own system to theirs, and are moving in that direction, would it make sense to actually see what medical care in Canada is really like.

Read more about this at Investor's Business Daily.

11 new taxes are going into effect over the next 4 years, and this boondoggle is already hundreds of Billions of dollars more expensive than we were told it was going to be.  The CBO estimate was based entirely of fictional numbers, which are still being touted by a sycophantic media as though it were gospel.  For those who haven't been told yet, the CBO qualified their statement, by basically saying here is our report on the financial impact of this bill, which has almost no accuracy since there was no accuracy in the assumptions made to score the bill in the first place. 

The first benefits of this law will not be received until well after the next Presidential election.  With that being the case, why was it necessary to pass this bill so fast that no one was given ample time to actually read it?  Beyond the fiscal mess it is creating, this bill removes huge swaths of our basic liberties and hands control of much of our daily living over to the executive branch.  Even if you think President Obama and Secretary Sebilius are just aces, what about the President and Secretary elected 24 years from now.  Personally, I want to be able to buy my kids a Happy Meal, which this new law has enabled the city of San Francisco to ban.  Since everything we do in our daily lives has the possible impact of affecting our health, and costing the government money, kiss your personal liberties good bye. 

Obama care is 1 year old now.  By the time it turns two, I hope we will have the ability to take it off of life support, so that the rest of us have a chance.

UPDATE:  This one was just too funny to not include in my continuing Obamacare rant.  Apparently, Jon Tester believes that the best way to hold on to his Senate seat in November of 2012 is to claim that he was in fact not the 60th vote in favor of the Law, but only the less important 52nd vote.  I'll give some background for this update, as only about a quarter of the country will recognize what is happening.  There are 23 Democrat Senators up for reelection in 2012.  The NRSC is now running ads in each state calling the appropriate Senator the 60th and deciding vote for the Sink Hole of a Law.  Since the Law in question needed each of the 60 votes to force cloture, then each vote was the deciding vote.  Even though we have seen those loopy polls from PPP and Gallup showing that America is evenly divided on the issue, the internal polling of the Congress Critters in question is a far different story.  The Senate Democrats are scurrying away from this thing like cockroaches exposed to light.  Tester realizes that defending his vote would be certain death, so he instead is trying to downplay his vote's importance.  Good luck with that Jon.  The NRSC has to be salivating over this debate scenario.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Listen To An Obama Political Ally Chat Casually About Destroying Our Economy.

First let me say, that team Obama and the SEIU were close political allies is a well recorded fact. The SEIU was one of his top contributors, and sources of campaign volunteers. The SEIU as of Yesterday was listed proudly on the White House Organizing for America web site. Stephen Lerner was one of their top officials until August of 2010. He was not forced out due to his off the chart dangerous philosophy of destroying our Nation's economy, but because he wanted to drive membership through targeting low paid workers and building volume rather than concentrating on more highly compensated workers. He lost the power struggle with Mary Kay Henry, and was summarily dismissed. Please watch the video, and pay particular attention to his views on private property, as it pertains to those he perceives as being corporate leaders etc.

The above video was published via Naked Emperor News.

All throughout 2007 and 2008, I screamed to the rooftops that this is the underlying plan of Obama's domestic policy. I was told that I was crazy and paranoid. I was called a racist by anyone who is a member of the political left. I was told not to worry, that Barak Obama was the pragmatic centrist that the country so desperately needed. The left feels so emboldened by Obama's contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law that they no longer feel it necessary to hide their agenda. The plan is to wreak real financial hardship on Americans and their retirement savings plans starting in May of this year. By doing that, they will enable the Executive Branch to seize an even greater grip on political power. David Axelrod once quipped that a good crisis is something which should not be allowed to go to waste. Surely, this one should do it.

These are not centrists looking out for America's best interests. The entire team Obama is a group of 60's era radicals and crooks looking to damage America for personal political power and wealth. Crony Capitalism is not the same as a free market system. This is something else we should be showing front and center during the upcoming Presidential campaign.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Constantly Vacationing President, He's Got Everything Under Control!

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

When I was an Assistant Manager for the F.W. Woolworth Company in the sleepy little town of Lancaster, Ohio, my idiot boss took his monthly food inventory on a Friday afternoon and phoned in his disastrous numbers to the District Manager's office at exactly 4:59, and then left for a 10 day vacation.  At 7:45 am on Saturday, I met the District Manager in the parking lot outside of the store.  Where's Russ, was his only question.  Upon entering the store, he asked for half a dozen things, which I retrieved for him.  I could literally watch the skin on his face beginning to glow redder and redder.  He left, but called me daily to ask how I was holding up.  (Lancaster had two main employers.  Anchor Hocking Glassware, and the Buster Brown Shoe factory.  Both plants closed down for a week every summer, and Russ had given over half of the employees a vacation week to enjoy the town's shut down.)  Upon Russ's return, I arrived on my day off to warn Russ about the District Manager's inevitable phone call coming our way.  Instead of meeting Russ, I met the District Manager.  Russ showed up about a half hour late that morning.  The conversation was not pretty.  The gist of it was this, your store must be under control in order for you to take a vacation.  I expect you to take responsibility, for those things which are under your charge, and if they are in good shape, by all means take your time away.  Do not leave your assistant in town with a skeleton staff to cover what will undoubtedly be increased traffic and business after you tell me we have a major league problem in our restaurant. 

I have been watching the President of the United States receive the same exact lecture from multiple sources over the weekend.  Mostly conservative blogs, but also many liberal sources are beginning to scratch their collective, (pun definitely intended,) heads and wonder what on Earth is our POTUS doing.  He is an absentee President, and it is hurting our standing in the world.  But, here's the rub.  Would we be better off with him actually doing his job?  I am somewhat torn on this one.  Part of me realizes that we need a leader to take charge on our issues facing our nation today.  Part of me knows that Barak Obama is the worst possible choice to be in that position.  Do we let the fire rage uncontrollably, or do we pour gasoline on it?  What a sad choice facing the United States of America today. 

Seeing as gasoline on the fires of today would make things worse, I say we invite Obama to remain absent.  I propose that someone, besides myself set up a charitable fund to pay for Barak Obama to golf a minimum of 36 holes each and every day for the remainder of his term in office.  Allow Hillary and Bill to take turns for the day to day operation of the country.  We only have a year and a half of this regime left to survive.  We stand a better chance if Obama and his cronies are no where near actual responsibility.


As usual, someone else makes the point far better than I am able to.  This comes from Ed Morrisey at

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday at the Movies! John Stossell Discusses Green Jobs.

According to several studies in the European nations where this nonsense was tried, for every job created in the green economy, 3 Americans are laid off. How's that hopety change working out for you?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday at the Movies! Caroline Heldman calls Juan Williams a Racist!

From the too good to check department, and we don't really need to anyhow, cause there's a youtube video of it, watch as Caroline Heldman, as white as Casper, calls Juan Williams out for being against other Black People.  We really have reached a surreal place in American discourse.  The political left really has no argument left besides class envy and identity politics.

The look on Williams' face is priceless. The left doesn't even bother with thinking any more before jumping into their old playbook. Since calling anyone with a differing viewpoint a racist is an automatic, there is zero hesitation before Heldman jumps the shark. Fonzy would be proud.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Some Perspective For The Nuclear Hysteria: Wind Is Far More Dangerous.

I have been watching with much amusement as people in California have been bending over backwards to be idiotic.  They are gulping down iodine tablets like they are Pez candies.  Terrified about the prospect of a radiation leak from a nuclear power plant magically arriving to us here in the U.S.  Some food for thought for the morons in our most populous and most liberal state, Bananas contain Potassium, which is radioactive.  Your exposure from eating the yellow genetically manipulated fruit, (cross pollinated from plantains,) will be far greater than anything which could possibly arrive from Japan, even if the whole plant exploded and the fuel were exposed and in flames.  Doing your laundry this year?  The phosphorous in that detergent is radioactive, and will expose you to far higher doses of radiation than the worst sci-fi possible scenario that possibly arrive from Japan. 

In our society however, hysteria trumps fact.  People are gobbling down the iodine, which amuses me, because it doesn't hurt anyone.  What is dangerous to our society is the fact that these dolts are causing our own energy production to be shut down.  So, let's get the facts straight.  One, even after an Earthquake 10 times more powerful than an 8.0, and a tsunami which followed, the Nuclear facility in question in Japan has not lost containment.  The engineers there have done a tremendous job, and the design of the building has worked just like it was supposed to.  Two, wind powered turbines have resulted in more loss of American lives than Nuclear Power.  The above link will take you to a Newsbuster's story which provides perspective.

You read that right. According to the Caithness Windfarm Information Forum, there were 35 fatalities associated with wind turbines in the United States from 1970 through 2010. Nuclear energy, by contrast, did not kill a single American in that time.
The meltdown at Three Mile Island in 1979 did not kill or injure anyone, since the power plant's cement containment apparatus did its job - the safety measures put in place were effective. Apparently the safety measures associated with wind energy are not adequate to prevent loss of life.
Nuclear accounts for about nine percent of America's energy, according to the Energy Information Administration, and has yet to cause a single fatality here. Wind, on the other hand, provides the United States with only 0.7 percent of its energy, and has been responsible for 35 deaths in the United States alone. So if we're trying to weigh the costs and benefits of each, it seems wind fares far worse than nuclear. Yet no one seems to be discussing plans to halt production of all new wind farms until Americans' safety can be guaranteed.

Read more:

We have finally reached the point in our world where people would rather hear the horror movie version of world events regardless of facts, and then fantasize as though it were all true.  It's cute when I can watch my T.V. and laugh at people on the West Coast blowing their dough on iodine and panic over what is actually nothing.  It is not cute when that hysteria forces me to pay a higher price for electricity and every product which uses electricity in its manufacture.  The Eco fascists are forcing us to shut down Nuclear and utilize wind because they are claiming that Nuclear is dangerous.  Well darn it, Wind is demonstrably more dangerous.  We need to stop the horrific loss of life caused by windmills.  Write your Congressman and Senators today, and tell them you demand that all wind farms be shut down before Billions die needlessly.  Remember, it's for the children!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nancy Pelosi's Dishonesty Is Astonishing.

How is it possible that anyone with functioning grey matter could be taking Nancy Pelosi seriously. San Fran Nan gave a speech on the House Floor that has to have Democrat members of Congress secretly muttering under their collective, (pun intended,) breaths.

O.K. then, let's start with this. The woman who failed for two entire years, 104 total weeks, to pass any type of a budget, when her party had overwhelming control of both houses of congress and the White House, is griping that the Republicans are still passing short term measures after 11 weeks in charge of the House only. Let's not forget that not only is John Boehner to a large extent spending an inordinate amount of time dealing with the mess left behind by the opposition party, but also does not enjoy the cooperation of the Executive Branch, nor the other Congressional Chamber.

Next, Nancy started harping on fiscal responsibility. I am literally speechless. I realize that there are two distinct ideas on how to close a deficit. The Democrats answer is to spend what they wish and then tax to make up the revenue. They view tax cuts as something which must be paid for, and not a cessation of government sponsored thievery. Republicans believe that spending should be limited to match the revenues received, and that if it does not, spending should be cut.  Nancy Pelosi, who saw an increase in discretionary spending under her watch, average 18% per year for 4 years should not be lecturing anyone on fiscal responsibility. Nancy made great fanfare with her Paygo legislation. It is a shame that she promptly ignored it during her entire reign of terror as House Speaker. For perspective, under Bush 43 and with a Republican controlled congress, the deficit was $150 Billion per year. Under Bush 43 and with a Democrat controlled congress, the deficit was $450 Billion per year. Under Obama and with a Democrat controlled congress the deficit was $1600 Billion per year. At the very least, the Republicans are proposing actual spending cuts for the first time in Washington's history. Sure, those cuts only come to $61 Billion, but they are being labeled as, "draconian," by the Democrats in the Senate. While I agree with a lot of folks that they go no where near far enough, I will at least give them credit for a first step. For San Fran Nan to be calling them fiscally irresponsible though is an irony of epic proportion.

Nancy makes the statement that she does not wish to discuss history, and then rewrites it a little. That is just a liberal's way of saying, don't check on my facts. I keep hearing about, and then refute this dishonest concept of the Clinton Surplus. So, one more time, here it is:

1. Bill Clinton sold 20 and 30 year debt. This had the effect of moving deficit off of the 10 year budget proposal, and hence invisible as far as a deficit accounting was concerned.

2. During the last 6 years of his Presidency, Bill Clinton was forced to reconcile himself with an opposition Congress in both the House and Senate. Much of that cessation in runaway spending was beyond Clinton's control, but he took credit for it anyhow.

3. Tech stocks boomed in the last 5 years of the 90's. There were no underlying financial justifications for this boom, hence it was actually a bubble. During that time, Clinton benefited from outrageous capital gains revenues, which were figured into the budget as though they would last forever.

4. Bush retired the 20 and 30 year paper, which was the more responsible thing to do, but also had the reverse effect on budget calculations.

5. Bush had a major attack on U.S. soil which saw a war open on two fronts, and cost us monies which were not included in Clinton's fantasy budget calculations.

6. The dot com bubble burst, and those fictitious capital gains were actually capital losses. Mathematically speaking, this had double the effect towards the negative on Bush's deficit.

Jobs talk again? First off, government does not create jobs. In 2006, Nancy Pelosi made this statement, "judge this congress by our record on jobs." By any reasonable measure, employment numbers took a big dive from 2006 until now. Government spending on pet projects at best will not destroy more jobs than it creates. As money is stolen from one sector and redistributed to another more politically favorable sector, there are jobs lost in the sector which was taxed out of existence. How many times must we live out this failed broken window experiment before the liberals give up on it. At the same time, empirical evidence has shown that cutting taxes and regulation has always spurred economic growth. In order to sway public opinion her way, and coincidentally from anything with a prayer of success, Nancy relies on the old tried and true trick of class warfare. You and I should hate those perceived as, "rich." While I did not think that Bush's domestic policy of compassionate conservatism, (cutting taxes while continuing to spend on every one of the Democrat's pet social welfare programs at any level they requested,) his tax policy did produce an economic recovery from a recession and the 9/11 attacks. I just believe that he didn't go far enough. He spent too much political capital on personal rates where he should have lowered corporate rates and eased capital gains and qualified dividends restrictions.

What do we do with the saved or created metric? Almost nobody uses this asinine term any more. When the real unemployment rate skyrocketed to 17%, after Obama and Timmy Geitner claimed that passage of the pork laden stimulus package would save us from unemployment going above the 8% mark, they had to come up with something. That desperation to deflect public opinion from the obvious failure led to the saved jobs category. It is the claim that things would have been much worse. So, for your viewing pleasure, brought back from just a couple of days ago, the compilation graph showing employment graphed against time from the start of every post WWII recession. You will notice the Obama years standing out.

In 4 minutes and 10 seconds, Nancy Pelosi manages to overwhelm with her dishonesty. I give her 4 Pinocchios for this floor speech.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Media Bias and The Uninformed.

So let's start with the video, and afterwards, I'll let you in on the joke.

Now as promised, here's the joke. The sign asked if President Obama was a Keynesian and not if he was a Kenyan. How quickly the crowd of Obama supporters jumped to the conclusion that some wild conspiracy theory were being asserted. Two things jumped out at me. One, not very many of the enlightened liberal Obama supporters had a clue that there is something known as the Keynesian School of economics. None of them knew that Obama's domestic policies are entirely based on that completely debunked economic theory. (Debunked from the standpoint of the benefit of government deficit spending acting as a catalyst for greater economic growth. Indeed, Maynard Keynes' theory of aggregate markets are still useful.) Not one of the people in that crowd knew that it was indeed a Democrat Party Apparatchik working on the Hillary Clinton campaign named Phillip Berg who started and maintains to this day the Obama born in Kenya stupidity.

Sometime within the next month, and several times over the next two years, we will all read news stories which will tell us that people who get their information from sources perceived to be conservative are less informed. There will be, "studies," cited in Newsweek and Time which prove this to be the case. As usual, it will be baloney. For those of you with short memories, let me show examples of this.

We've already seen how well informed the subscribers to liberal sources of information are, but why not one more example, because it's fun.

None of the Obama voters realized that the Democrats were in control of Congress. None of the Obama voters could identify the Speaker of the House or the Senate Majority Leader.

Some things just get tiring. Many times people who wish to disagree with my position on something, they will immediately jump to an adhominem attack. Fly_O, quit getting your news from Faux News. I much rather would debate with someone who will take up the counter argument and offer their own position. I don't really even watch Fox. It seems to be the default argument for anyone looking to deflate the conservative viewpoint. Attacking the messenger and not the message allows someone to sidestep debate and hide from any real statement of counter position. I have been told by several liberals that my arguments are misleading, but not supplied with actual examples of how. Oh, certainly people can pick the pepper from the fly shit, cite a factoid which may be in error, which seldom has any impact on the broader argument, but as for substantive refutation, not a chance. 

On this blog, I have cited and shown several instances of dishonesty posing as news on MSNBC, CNN, the NYT, NewsWeek, Time and several other sources. No real or tangible evidence of Fox distorting its reporting has been shown to me. I do not mean this as a piece glorifying Fox, but as a way to point out that people who live in glass houses should refrain from rock throwing.

Over the next two years, we will be inundated with stories of an Obama Boom, and told about how Barak Obama laid his hands on the economy and saved us all from the abyss.  Straw man arguments will be positioned routinely as though they represent the actual counter debate.  Through this all, liberals will try to convince themselves more than us really how informed they are.  It would all be funny, if they weren't in charge, and their policies didn't carry horrendous consequences.

Hat Tip: Osprey

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How Did That Recovery Summer Go Anyhow? I keep Reading Obama Boom Stories.

Every day brings another major news story telling of improving economic conditions. Well, I guess there's no where to go from here but up might be one answer. Another answer is baloney. Take a good look at the compilation graph above. this is U.S. employment graphed versus months from the start of every recession since WWII. Do you notice any standing out. O.K., I'll admit that's a cheap shot. So I'll dig a little deeper.

When will we learn the lesson that the more the Federal Government spends in an attempt to pull us out of a recession the longer and more severe the recession becomes. This has been discussed by every credible economist not named Paul krugman, (Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, to name a few,) many times over the last century. Politicians in general though like to ignore the advice completely, and even claim that they were advised the exact opposite for two reasons. One, the opposite advice allows them the appearance of doing something. Politically speaking, it matters little to a President if the recession lasts 18 months rather than 12, so long as it is over before the next election, and the general sentiment is that it was the President's policies which pulled us through the tough times. Two, it allows for a lot of politically motivated reckless spending. President's benefit politically from being allowed to turn the federal spigots on with nary a peep from any opposition with a say so.

The current recession has done at least one thing for those paying attention. During Bush's 8 years in office we read nothing in the media but stories relating to how bad the economy was. In 2004, I can remember a co-worker telling me that he was going to vote for Kerry because, "we got to do something about this economy man." Indeed, I can still hear Kerry droning on about it being the worst record on jobs since the great depression. Putting aside for the moment that the unemployment rate was below 4%, and every other demonstrable indication was that the economy was booming at the time, we still go those stories, daily. Once the election was over, the news being reported changed. Today, real unemployment remains above 15%, and we are treated to stories of an economic boom. The unemployment numbers are purposefully massaged in order to give the appearance that Washington's lead is working. This recovery has taken far longer than any other since WWII, and in fact has been far more shallow than any other as well.

The economy will recover eventually. It always does. The difference is the strength of the recovery. In 2012 Obama and his merry band of idiots will take credit for whatever economic recovery there is. He will tell people that it would have been so much worse had his policies not been inflicted on the rest of us. At that time, refer to the graph above, and realize who's recession stands out amongst every other. This is the only possible result of Obama's domestic agenda. Remember this graph two years from now. As a resource, this graph is getting it's own page on the blog. Keep it in mind when you read the daily news stories about how Obama laid his hands on the U.S. economy and saved us from certain doom.

One more thought, there are plenty of my fellow conservatives wringing hands at the prospect of President Obama's absence from actually attending the functions of his job. I am somewhat torn on this one. While we need actual leadership in our President, we aren't going to get that from Obama whether he sits behind his desk or not. With him playing golf, basketball, and partying in Brazil he truly will do less damage that way. I say, encourage Obama to play at least 18 holes a day for the next 1 and 3/4 of a year.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Why Is It, We Can Only Cut Vital Services, And Not Cowboy Poetry?

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

During the ongoing budget battle, Harry Reid, the leader of the Democrat Party, whined that the draconian cuts recommended by the Republican controlled house would cause the ending of a federally funded Cowboy Poetry Contest in Nevada.  Heavy sigh here, and then a decision about where to start.  Let us start with the concept of draconian.  One, we as a nation are out of money.  Even if we took Michael Moore's solution of out right government sponsored thievery, not withstanding his impassioned but totally of the hinges pleas to consider it justified, there just isn't enough out there to steal from the, "rich," to continue paying for free goodies for huge swaths of the population.  (Personally, I have a feeling that the, "rich," as defined by Moore stops at exactly one person on the list above Moore's personal wad of cash.)  Those of us in the private sector have been spending the money we can afford to, and deciding to limit our outflows to what ever cash we had coming in.  That is how responsible adults budget.  Congress Critters on the other hand have zero attention to pay to trite little things like funding limitations.  They spend what they wish based on political favors, vote buying, and campaign promises, and then worry about where or how to make up the resulting shortfall later.  The gamble of course is that they will be long out of office before anyone notices that we, the taxpayers were royally screwed.  So, when the bill finally comes due, as it has this year, those who are having fun still spending feel like they are entitled to continue the party.  After all, why should Harry Reid show any kind of responsibility when we never made Ted Kennedy take any.  It's Harry's turn gosh darn it, and he wants Cowboys to write Poetry in the Nevada Desert.  He wants you and me to pay for it.

To put the term draconian in context, our proposed outflows from the already bankrupt federal coffers is $16,430,000,000,000.  $1,600,000,000,000 of that is money we will be short and subsequently will have to borrow.  The House's proposed cuts, which in my very humble opinion do not go far enough, are about $61,000,000,000.  The draconian cuts represent three tenths of 1% of the total budget.  If you had a hundred bucks in your hand, We would be asking you to shop around for enough of a bargain to save about 30 cents.  That is exactly what Harry Reid and the President find themselves unable to do.  How much of this are we supposed to take?  At some point we need face and deal with reality.  Putting aside for the moment that these guys are busy spending our national economic productivity like it defacto belongs to them, but clearly those proceeds carry no more value than monopoly money. 

Every time Americans say knock it off already, (for those who were wondering, this is the entirety of the Tea Party Message,) we are assured that vital services like Police, and Fire will not be able to continue.  That somehow, the vital services are eating away at our national wealth and there really is nothing else to cut.  So, in that sense I must thank Harry for reminding us all how that entire line of baloney has been a huge lie perpetrated against us for years.  A Cowboy Poetry writing festival now counts as a vital service.  Don't get me wrong, I would love to see every cowboy write poetry if that floats their boat.  They enjoy the protections of the First Amendment.  They have a right to enjoy the finer arts such as poetry and music and sculpture, and performance art, and what ever else people think constitutes art.  I will clarify my feelings this way though, like Percy Shelly, Lord Byron, and Robert Burns, let them get other jobs, like cowboying, and pay for their poetic endeavors themselves.  If the masses like their poetry, let them purchase it on the open market, and don't force us Ohio Residents to pay for it.  The money Harry Reid steals form us, just as deserving folk here in Ohio would be better served supporting and creating jobs through the free market system as than they would being burned in the Nevada Sun.  I am sure that even the least rugged cowboy would be able to protect my vision of that lonesome cow poke driving a heard of cattle across the plain, so that I might enjoy a hamburger at the greasiest of fast food palaces, would be just as capable of using a pen and paper to scribble a few lines of fantastic description just as well, if he did not have fair food and a midway in a small town in Harry Reid's home state.  In case that ain't true, here is my entry for next year's gala event:

Ode to a tumbleweed  -
There's a sucker born every minute, and Harry Reid courts their vote.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday at the Movies! Reason T.V.'s Take on Greeen Jobs.

Greatest point, California has had the strictest State wide mandates on renewable energy for decades, and where are their green jobs. California has one of the worst state economies in our nation right now. As a matter of fact, every state with the tag of worst state economy has had liberal control unbroken for decades, this is not a coincidence.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Palate Cleanser! John Gibson's Latest Blueblogapalooza!

This is comedy gold.  John Gibson's team reads actual postings from a number of lefty blogs in an admittedly dramatic fashion.  The subject matter includes material pertaining to Wisconsin.  My favorite is the post written by a person from Chicago who participated in the Wisconsin protests.  So, we have an admitted astro-turfer going ballistic at how democracy supposedly failed in Wisconsin.  Please, let's hear more about that supposed hate speech from the right.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Pro Choice: Rand Paul Believes It Should Extend To Light Bulbs and Toilets.

This video is worth every minute, regardless of your personal feelings towards the Paul Family. Rand hits this nail squarely on the head.

My personal favorite in this video is Hogan's attempt to redefine what Senator Paul truly wants when he is purchasing a light bulb. She in effect is saying that we little people should just be happy with the fact that they have replaced the incandescent bulbs with something that gives off light and did not require a match.  Never mind that it is 4 times the expense to us, or that often times the new CFL's don't work at all.  GE benefits and besides, Under Secretary Hogan really does know what is best for the rest of us. It is long past time to get rid of the Nanny Elites, and rid ourselves of every last bit of their asinine regulation. That is what caused the economic collapse. The answer to our economic troubles is not more of what got us to this place. November of 2012 can't get here soon enough.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our President Found The Bottom, Then He Reached For His Shovel.

I try, and it is hard, to not write about the President every day.  For eight years I read the most horrendous things about President Bush.  Not all of it was true, but all of it was negative.  It was so bad in fact, columnist Charles Krauthammer coined the phrase, "Bush derangement syndrome."  As a licensed psychiatrist, he created the medical diagnosis of people suffering from an affliction which made them blame every aspect of what ever their woes in life were on George W. Bush.  The disease also forced people to rewrite facts to fit George Bush as deserving blame for things which may, or may not have gone wrong.  I do not believe that anyone reading my posts would be shocked to learn that I did not vote for Barak Obama.  I did however promise myself that I would not suffer from an Obama Derangement Syndrome.  He is still President, and we do in fact need a President to actually do his job and lead.  World events and domestic events have told me that he has failed miserably at this so far.  That being said, I still hold out hope.  By my count, in his two years and three months in office so far, Barak Obama has gotten three things right.  Then he dropped this little gem on us this past week.

"There’s many people that are beginning to believe this is a delay tactic by the Democrats in the Senate so that these recall elections can be organized by the Obama team out of Chicago, which they are, as we start to do the research on the people that have filed the petition,” Fitzgerald told Newsradio 620 WTMJ’s “Wisconsin’s Morning News.”
When asked whether Fitzgerald knew that for a fact, he responded, “The organizer against (River Hills Republican Senator) Alberta Darling definitely has direct links to the Obama camp.  There’s no doubt about it.  These guys might be out until June.  Unfortunately, what they’re trying to do is flip the majority, and I think that’s becoming very evident.”

Just to be clear, Using the power of the Presidency to rig an election was the crime for which Richard Nixon was forced into resigning the office of President of The United States.  It was wrong when Richard Nixon did it, and it is wrong now that Barak Obama is doing it.  The people of Wisconsin voted for a clear mandate to reign in spending.  The losers in that election attempted to circumvent democracy by fleeing the state.  They substituted a procedural maneuver for the expressed will of the voters.  They forced the GOP to play procedural politics as well, and then cried like babies when they ended up losing to the people of that state.  Don't get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed the political left in full out unhinged mode over the last couple of days.  The spectacle has been nothing short of comedy gold, complete with Michael Moore proclaiming that all money except for his belongs actually to the public, and that all business owners hold magical jobs which also belong to the people and are being hoarded for some nefarious greedy plot.  through all of this, the above story could easily be missed.  Make no mistake though, it is huge. 

At least Nixon broke election laws so that he could rig a national election.  He had a personal stake in the race.  Barak Obama is trying to rig local politics, in Wisconsin, Chicago Style.  Personally, I feel that the President has enough on his own plate, which is being neglected, that he should not be involving his resources in Wisconsin Politics.  Organizing for America is nothing more than bus loads of thugs traversing the country attempting to shake down conservative communities.  It is the very embodiment of, "astro turfing, " a Democrat invented strategy of creating the illusion of grass roots support for an unpopular liberal agenda.  The riots occurring in the State Capitols of Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana have been peopled largely by folks not from those states.  If the First Amendment and Wisconsin's state laws allow for recall elections, fine, so be it.  That initiative should be determined by Wisconsin's electorate, and not the President of the United States.  The financing of those campaigns should come from the private sector, and not the tax payers of our Federal Government.  Since Organizing for America is the Administration's official website, this organization is part of the Federal Government and is prohibited from attempting a coup of Wisconsin's elected officials.

Every President goes politicking during campaign season.  They give speeches to help those on their side win elections, but this is a far cry from that.  This is organizing a recall election designed to remove those who disagree with Obama from office.  Further more, you and I are paying for it, and I for one do not agree.  With record deficits looming, and a real set of Obama created crises looming, Obama should try doing his job of being President of the United States, rather than chief Chicago Boss and Wisconsin political king maker.  For anybody who was around in 72 - 74 calling for Nixon's head, if you aren't calling for Obama's right now, that makes you a hypocrite. 

Anyone who enjoys a good Michael Moore unhinged video clip, just follow this link and click play.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meet The Democrat Leadership Series, Jesse Jackson Jr. (D) Mars.

First Watch the clip:

I saw this one at Hot Air and then again at Ace of Spades. It took me a while to quit laughing. Allaphundit asks a probing question which got me thinking.

The most fun part of this thought experiment (apart from figuring out how to pay for it, natch) is imagining the sort of insane lobbying wars that would erupt if the feds suddenly decided to start outfitting huge swaths of the population with specific goods. Not only within industries — e.g., which lucky PC company will get the federal contract for 10 million laptops for kids? — but among industries, as manufacturers across the land try to explain why owning their product rises to the level of a fundamental right. Imagine Anthony Kennedy declaring for a 5-4 SCOTUS majority that the Due Process Clause guarantees you a Cuisinart. A glorious day for America, my friends.

After the fit of laughter, I realized that this dolt actually got himself elected to congress from Illinois' Second District.  Besides being filled with thoughts of trying to declare Chicago a separate nation, or possibly even a foreign planet, It worries me that until November of 2010 he represented the majority party in American politics.  Have we really progressed to this point in our collective thinking?  clearly there is a stark difference between left and right in our world today.  The Constitution lies at the crux of this difference.  For the first time in my life, the political left is openly admitting that they do not believe our founding documents should be followed.  Chris Matthews has called it racist.  President Obama went on NPR as recently as 2002 and whined that our founding fathers did not address redistributive justice, (whatever in the hell that is.)  Supreme Court nominees are being picked by our current President and confirmed by our current Senate based not on their adherence to or interpretation of the Constitution, but upon their ability to empathise with a pet group of declared societal victims.  This goes well beyond those transgressions however.  This speech entertains the notion that any commodity can be legislated into being a basic right and paid for from the public largess.  If your believe that I am merely a worry wart, I will ask you two questions.  One, did you hear any congressman laughing, as we did at Jackson's idiocy?  Two, do you realize that our current Health Care Law is this exactly? 

Buy up plenty of shares of Oester stock, they make Cuisinarts.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Is Our President Just Incompetent, Or Is He Doing It To Us On Purpose?

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

This will be the great question for future generations. Our President and his complement of cronies and yes men have led us to a very dangerous place in our history. Our economy, despite the foolish talk of a recovery, has very real fundamental problems. Our national debt is the stuff of legends and late night monologues.  We are staring down the barrel of a Carteresque stagflation, (no surprises here since every Obama Policy is the exact duplication of Carter's Presidency.)  The looming energy crisis is being met with a strategy that even Jimmy Carter himself in his most delirious day dreams would have trouble explaining.  Jimmy Carter's solution, if you remember those years gave us multiple mile long lines to get gasoline on top of only being allowed to be in those lines 4 days a week.  Every one was allowed to buy gas on Sundays, Thanks President Carter.  As poor as the domestic policy has been, our foreign policy has been worse.  America's enemies feel emboldened as never before and we now face the spectre of the Muslim Brotherhood having at least two countries rich with oil under their control.  I say at least two, because they are continuing to exert their will, unchecked by the only nation on Earth capable of preventing them from doing what they are doing.  For anyone who believes the Administration's statement that the Brotherhood is just a political party, remember it was the Brotherhood who hijacked 4 aircraft on September 11, 2001 and flew them at targets in America, hitting 3 and killing thousands of our citizens. 

We as Americans are at least partly responsible for this turn of events.  52.5% of us after all voted for this man with no experience, at anything, to be the leader of the most powerful nation in world history.  Obama had never successfully run so much as a lemonade stand, (it still cracks me up that people were complaining about Sarah Palin's supposed lack of accomplishment,)  had spent his entirety body of public office campaigning for the next office, and in fact had held not a single private sector job for more than a couple of months.  About a year into his term, Time, Newsweek, and the NYT all ran articles pontificating that perhaps, being President is not really possible any more, that the job has grown beyond the capabilities of a single person.  It took those outlets well into Carter's third year in office to write those same articles.  I want every Obama voter to know, I hold you personally responsible for this mess, I will not forgive you until you vote to remove him from office in November of 2012.  You put this man into the most important executive position in the world, so the ensuing disaster is directly your fault.  Elections have consequences.

The latest bit if idiocy, and by latest I mean there is a lot more which preceded it, has President Obama tapping into the strategic oil reserves as a means to artificially lower gasoline prices.  The question historians will ask hundreds of years from now will be this.  Is our President merely incompetent, or is he doing this to us on purpose?  First off, those reserves are there for a reason.  If our enemies stop selling us oil during a time of war, we would have a two year supply to keep us going and to prevent a national crisis.  It is not there to enhance the electoral chances of Democrat Presidents.  (William Jefferson Clinton drained every drop from the national reserves to keep gas prices constant during his Administration.  The result was that President Bush was forced to deal with an immediate economic crisis and the tough decision to rebuild those reserves.)  At the same time President Obama is taking this irresponsible step, he has done everything possible to halt domestic oil production.  While he was giving his SOTU address, whining about onerous government regulation, he was busy becoming the most regulation happy President in our nation's history.  The green jobs campaign is a farce.  Every economic study in countries where this kumbayah method of job creation has taken place shows a net loss of 3 jobs for every one created.  Just to bring this home, for every one hired in the new green economy, 4 Americans will be fired.  So, while Barak Obama is jetting around the country telling us we need to ween ourselves off of foreign oil, he has done everything in his power to make us completely dependant on foreign oil, while attempting to delay the consequences of this dependence until after his reelection bid.

Barak Obama's other signature domestic stamp is the Health Care Law know as Obamacare.  In the most cynical process ever within our nation's capital, President Obama told every lie possible to the American public to get this thing passed.  Americans were told that it would save us money.  So far the cost has been so punitive that over 1000 organizations have been excused from paying their fair share.  (I'm sure that it is just a coincidence that the waivers were granted exclusively to those groups who publicly campaigned to help Obama get this passed.  Some how, I doubt that GE is unable to shoulder their financial responsibility.)  Political payoffs, outright bribes, and extortion were commonplace, so much so that it ended up costing over a $Trillion.  Now that we have passed it, we are slowly beginning to find out what was actually in the bill.  It stinks so bad in fact, even a growing number of my liberal friends are beginning to turn against it.  In November of 2012, I predict that President Obama will claim that he didn't truly understand how rotten this tomato was. 
During the campaign of 2008, we were told by every news outlet that existed, America was reviled around the world.  Our enemies were emboldened because our allies would not continue coming to our aid in times of need.  Since his inauguration, President Obama has insulted every one of our traditional allies, he has treated with kid gloves and lavish praise all of our enemies.  (I realise that I need to define ally and enemy here.  An ally is someone who helps us to be in a better position to achieve our interests.  An enemy is someone who seeks to hurt us or our interests.)  Iran has turned Lebanon into a defacto satellite.  The Muslim Brotherhood has taken over Egypt and now Libya.  The Russians have settled back into Georgia.  The Chinese are buying up our debt, and making overtures to invading Taiwan.  The North Koreans are lobbing missiles at South Korea and Japan, and Somali Pirates are waging a war on American Vessels on the high seas.  So, what is the Obama Doctrine?  Can anyone state what Obama's Foreign Policy is in a coherent manner?  What is the guiding principle for our current leaders in regards to dealing with our allies and foes? 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Victory In Ohio! SB5 Passes, Democracy Wins!

SB5 passed the Ohio Senate by a 17 to 16 vote. The Public Sector Unions lost a battle in one of their pet states, and the media has been mum about it. Too bad, because they missed this little gem right here:

How low can a public sector union shill go anyhow? Really!? You're going to bring out the kiddies to tug on my heart strings now. Speaking of which, what possible argument can this child make which would appeal to me. Listen closely to her speech, she states that she missed the mark on the Ohio Graduation tests, but doesn't see that as an important measure of the school's efficacy. For that privilege, her parents get to pay a higher property tax every year which flows exclusively towards the increased salaries of the union which have produced another graduate who can not perform at a basic high school graduate level. This child also claims to understand the gravity of the situation. What effect do rising property taxes have in her world? The answer of course is none whatsoever. She has never met a payroll, payed property taxes, balanced a budget, or experienced any consequences for her stupidity. Those consequences won't come for a few more years. Yet, her Teacher felt that she would be the ideal spokesperson for the Union side of the debate.

Point number two: This teacher has no business being around kids who are not her own. Her job is to instruct children in the class room, not to exploit them for use in her political campaign against fiscal sanity. What recourse do the parents within that school district have? How can this obviously destructive force within the lives of the children be removed from her ability to destroy? Beyond the usual collective bargaining discussions, we need to rethink the entire tenure thing as well. This woman does not deserve to keep her job, she deserves to be arrested for child abuse.

The last statement made by the little skull full of mush was this, "we will not submit to this bullying. We will ensure democracy will be upheld." Someone should tell this little twit two things. First, there was an election in November of 2010 where Governor John Kasich was elected. In fact during that election, every state wide office changed hands and went with people who campaigned on reigning in the public sector unions. Both Houses of the State Legislature tilted to being controlled by the Republicans for the first time in decades. This is called democracy, and SB5 being passed is what Ohio Voters wanted overwhelmingly, as expressed in November of 2010. Next, some one should tell that little twit that thuggish demonstrations held by a violent minority with the aid of bussed in professional protesters claiming victim status is not democracy. Perhaps if her teachers were at all competent at their jobs, she would already have known that.

Hat Tip: Ciao Spirit via Hourglass1941 blog.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday at the Movies! Bill Whittle's Latest Firewall.

As a subscriber to Bill Whittle's channel on youtube, I get these video's sent to my account. this is a well done piece putting current political debates into historical perspective. The current battle between left and right as seen through the prism of a broader history.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Palate Cleanser! Politizoid made the first movie about Egypt.

O.K., something looks a little familiar about the whole thing, but what is truly original nowadays? Not enough time to enjoy popcorn, but it's fun anyhow.

Friday, March 4, 2011

What If Charlie Sheen Isn't Mentally Ill, What If He's Just An Asshole?

Charlie Sheen talks to ABC news in LA (Photo: Reuters)

At last, someone with a take on Charlie Sheen's self destruction that I agree with.  Let me begin by saying that Charlie Sheen gained a couple of points in my book recently.  He finally said aloud what I've suspected the Hollywood crowd thought about us mere mortals for a long time.  None of that teary eyed confession of a troubled soul with an addiction problem for Charlie.  None of that soul searching, hand wringing, or forgiveness begging, nosiree.  Charlie came right out and said it, I am better than all of America because I get to live my life as if there are no consequences.  I only have one speed, and you mere mortals are all jealous because I can get away with the crap which would put you in jail and make you broke.  I get to blackmail my boss and he has to take it because without me, one avenue of his golden goose money train would dry up, and it might take him a full week or two to replace me.  Thank you Charlie for being honest with me.  I must disclose here though, that Conchata Ferrell was actually my favorite cast member on your sitcom.  An entertainment medium by the way which I generally considered to be the lowest common denominator.  South Park is the only T.V. show which I ever planned in advance on watching.  My brain might not be hip enough to recognize how awesome it is that you get to do the things continually that I gave up upon reaching adulthood, ie. existing as if responsibility, consequences, and grown up behavior only existed for us less cosmically gifted people who didn't have the mental capacity to remotely understand how awesome it is that you...............   Well, where ever that thought leaves off, I am sure that someone else in a drug induced haze could follow it.  It is unfortunate though for Charlie that the proper authorities were watching his description of his awesome life and realized that there were two small children living in that environment. 

Color me surprised that someone in California actually saw a problem with Sheen hosting his awesome cocaine binges with his two live in Prostitutes.  This is the kind of story we told ourselves as adolescents, that life ought to be like.  Most of us gave this up by age 25, and certainly by our 30's.  Sheen, at 45, just can't comprehend that those of us in the real world wouldn't be cheering him on in his quest to self destruct.  To further demonstrate how much better and more deserving he is, he demanded $51 Million for the tickets to witness his demise instead of the $34 Million he was contracted to get because in his own words, "I am tired of pretending I'm not special."

Sheen has been a regular in the conspiracy theory crowd for a while.  He is a well known 911 truther, and a staple on the Alex Jones radio show.  Random question for those who have heard Sheen pontificate on all things political, do you think the drugs played any role in his logic processes?  As it happens, my girlfriend is a psych nurse.  Yesterday when I read the article I linked to above, I read about everyone diagnosing Sheen from afar.  The article made me think a little about the country's fixation on Charlie's obvious problem.  At dinner, Sheen came up.  Unprompted, my psych nurse friend said typical Bi Polar.  I immediately asked, is it possible that he is nothing but an Asshole?  Maybe Sheen really is the jerk he appeared to be, and that there is nothing wrong with him, outside of his intense need to be beaten to a pulp.  If that is the case, can we all get back to our own less awesome, albeit productive lives and allow this sick cosmic joke to become the footnote he so richly deserves to be?

UPDATE: Here is the clear thinking Sheen on 911 truth theory.

Nothing clears the head like a snoot full of Cocaine and a bottle of Sour

UPDATE II: From SNL this past week.