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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday At The Movies! The Republican Candidate Forum.

Who would have thought that Mike Huckabee would have come up with this. Much better than a debate, this forum showcases 6 candidates fielding questions from 3 State Attorney Generals. It allows for probing conversations on substantive policy and ends the gotcha style of circuses we have become accustomed to. It also gives those candidates who do not as yet enjoy the upper positions in the polls a chance to have their say.

The other thing I liked about this was the way in which those asking the questions pressed for substantive answers based on the faults that they found in positions being taken by the candidates. While the questions definitely were not softballs, they were respectful, and in deed pertinent. If you are interested in the scandals, the silly slogans, gotcha moments, then don't watch. If you want to get a feel for where the candidates actually stand on important issues of the day, this format is the way to go.

Between Gingrich's Lincoln Douglas style of debate and Huckabee's forum, we may have something here.

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