Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some More Newt Bashing, Still Waiting For Actual Substance.

I found these two clips last night on Hot Air dot com.  Interesting point here made by Mr. Limbaugh in the first of the two.  For all of the hand wringing over balancing the federal budget and how hard it is to do, we often forget that it has in fact been accomplished within the very recent past.  That effort was put forth by someone who is actually in the Presidential race currently.  While everyone on the left and their brother will scream to the heavens that William Jefferson Clinton is the man most responsible for this achievement, even while they argue with every subatomic particle in their body that it should never be done again, it was actually Newt Gingrich who was most responsible for this achievement.  It is the House of Representatives that is in control of the government's purse strings.  It was Newt Gingrich's Contract With America 1.0 in which the promises of actual spending cuts and entitlement reforms were put into place.  So while a major complaint against Newt Gingrich is that he doesn't mean to keep this promise, keep in mind that he remains the only one of the current bunch of politicians running for the Presidency who has actually done this, at least on the federal level.

So yesterday to start off the week of what the Democrats probably thought would be a similar week of horrors for Mr. Gingrich as those experienced by Michele Bachman, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain, Nancy Pelosi made her attempt to insure that Mitt Romney will indeed be the opponent to Barack Obama come the autumn of 2012.  San Fran Nan it seems has kept all of the paperwork involved with the already proven to be politicized ethics investigation into Newt Gingrich circa 1997.  For those of your who are too young, or lack an adult memory I'll give some background.  Newt Gingrich did something which made him hated by every establishment politician way back in the ancient date of 1995.  He succeeded in making actual cuts in the size and scope of our Federal Bureaucracy.  He forced a humbled, serious leftist, President Clinton to declare that the era of big government was over.  He made this declaration during his State of the Union Address of 1996.  For this, the establishment politicians had to put an end to the man that was threatening their power base.  After all, those who hold power are not at all fond of the idea that the scope of their authority may be lessened.  For this, Nancy Pelosi initiated an ethics investigation into Gingrich.  The media screamed that on the basis of this investigation Gingrich should resign.  His own side, not really liking his direction, as many of them were part of the status quo also, mutinied against him.  They blamed him for the government shut down in which he insisted on standing firm, and then blamed him for not standing firm when it was they who in fact mutinied and caved by not following his lead.  Even to this day, conservatives blame Gingrich for not fighting that battle, and liberals, or progressives, or no labels, or what ever they are calling themselves now, blame him for not just capitulating to the President during that budget battle.  Newt Gingrich was indeed ousted by his own party from his Speaker Position, retired as most former Speakers do.  A year after he left, the complaints lodged against him by Nancy Pelosi were proven to not only be unfounded, but were also shown to be entirely fabricated.  If Nancy Pelosi were not a Congress Person, she would actually have faced possible jail time for the capricious nature of her fabricated complaints.  Keep that last sentence in mind while watching this next clip.

I have to disagree with Mr. Hume's analysis somewhat. I do not believe that the Obama team is tipping their hand by paying for commercial time by launching anti Mitt ads. They are tipping their hand by launching the truly vicious stuff against everyone else. They realize, like the rest of the entire world that the conservative base is not happy with the prospect of a Romney Nomination. So while Mitt Romney has had to face the horrors of a few unflattering 30 second television spots, every other Republican candidate so far, save for Ron Paul, has had the full weight of the Axelrod Machine brought to bear against them. The sleaziest trick so far has been the crap pulled on Herman Cain. Nancy tried yesterday to destroy Gingrich's candidacy, but was quickly reminded of two things by Newt. One, Newt saved all of that paperwork as well, and is very willing to show just how capricious in nature the Pelosi investigation actually was, and how he was actually proven to be innocent of each and every allegation, including the one which Britt Hume claims to have stuck. Two, Nancy is not surrounded by the same backstabbing faces in the House as she was in 1997. These are not the same GOP mutineers as the ones who were also willing to oust the man who had successfully cut their scope and power.

Newt Gingrich has his faults. That being said, his skeletons are fully out of the closet, and the shit is pretty weak anyhow. The best thing they have so far is the fully legal commerce Newt engaged in while not a member of the public sector. His company performed a service for Freddie Mac, for which they were handsomely paid. It was all above board, legal, and nobody's actual business. Newt is free to spend his personal money as he sees fit. If he takes private air craft to play a round of golf, I wish him good fortune, a great game, good weather, and wish to thank him for doing his part to keep the private air travel industry alive and well. If he buys his wife an expensive piece of jewelry using credit, then I hope his wife wears it in good health, it looks beautiful on her, and wish to thank him for doing his part to keep the jewelry merchants in business and for also helping out the banking industry by giving them business.

Don't get me wrong, I think all of our Presidential candidates should be thoroughly vetted. The vetting process should just be at least pertinent to the qualities necessary for fulfilling the duties of the position being sought. I also believe that all of the candidates should be vetted, and not just those who are right of center. A majority of Americans still do not realize that Barack Obama's mysterious Frank figure who he lists as an early influence of his thinking is none other than Frank Marshall Davis. A majority of Americans still do not realize that Barack Obama's political handlers still include William Ayers and Bernadine Dorn among their ranks. He has appointed a veritable who's who from the Communist Party U.S.A. to key positions of power and czarships throughout the executive branch, and still I have people telling me it is racist to label him a Socialist.

If you have something new to tell me about Newt Gingrich, then go ahead. If you have a substantive issue with his political agenda, then meet me in the arena of ideas and let's have at it.

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