Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday At The Movies! Alfonzo Rachel Edition.

A slam at the Paulbats who seem to either have a comprehension problem or just a 5 year old's style of debate. There are many and I mean many legitimate reasons to oppose the specter of a Paul Presidency. When any of these get mentioned in front of a Paul supporter, they launch themselves into a rant that involves nothing but straw men, ad hominems, and crack pot conspiracy theories. The fact is, that while many of Paul's ideas on economics are good ones, his views on the fed and the gold standard can best be described as jaw droppingly dangerous. His foreign agenda beliefs are post apocalyptic scary, not to mention so isolationist in nature that they would as a matter of practical fact be impossible to ever implement. Putting aside for the moment the fact that anyone possessing an adult memory instantly realizes that history has proven Paul to be wrong and dangerously so with every single statement made, the fact that real world application would be impossible to implement his foolish ideas to begin with, should disqualify him not only for the Presidency, but for any political office what so ever.

Alfonzo Rachel on why he believes the Black people of this great nation overwhelmingly support the Democrats, who have done nothing but damage to their cause.

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