Friday, December 23, 2011

The Least Qualified Man In Any Room He Enters Speaks!

Just to show us all how out of touch he really is, President Obama gives us his self assessment. We have all met that guy at some point in our lives, the one who is supremely confident in his ability to do anything which is of course matched only by his inability to accomplish even the most mundane of tasks. There was the kid in little league baseball who threw a tantrum when not allowed to bat clean up that actually managed to strike out at every at bat. There was the office co-worker who wanted his name at the top of every project report, who's only contribution was to spill coffee all over the finalized version. Well, Obama has them all trumped. We laughed when during his hard hitting interview administered by the, famous for her toughness on her friends, Oprah Winfrey, after his first year in office, He awarded himself the grade of, Solid B+. This year he took his show to 60 minutes, people who supposedly are a little tougher on their guests. What we got was more fluff, and a self assessment that puts the current POTUS at the top of his elite class. The problem of course is that his list of short comings is in fact so lengthy, I find it difficult to articulate with any confidence of getting it all.  To give some small portion of understanding, here is a list of historic firsts for any President, accomplished by Barack Obama.

Add to that list his insistence on destroying our free market economy, his suing of states which actually attempt to protect themselves from foreign invasion, which by the way we found out were armed by his explicit policies, his turning of NASA into the world's largest social service outreach program designed solely for the purpose of helping Muslims with their self esteem issues. the entire green jobs and green economy fiasco, and what ever else I have left out for the sake of brevity, and I bet we could find possibly a fourth President who in fact was better than the current occupier of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  I couldn't help that missing from his list were the three most successful Presidents, at least from an economic stand point, Calvin Coolidge, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan.

Last week's ploy was nothing more than an attempt to win the votes of those not paying attention.  We have seen the main strategy of the Obama campaign in the occupy movement which pestered us earlier this year.  The Community Organizer in Chief is going to highlight his campaign with a scorched Earth strategy that will leave our nation scarred for years to come.  He will do this while continuing his promise to heal our terrible divide and to be a uniter and not a divider.  And while he whines on endlessly about being the victim of the Mean Republican Attack Machine, he will be pitting us all against those evil millionaires and Billionaires, as if they are some other species and not at all American citizens.  To put this in perspective, do any of you ever remember a President who pitted one group of Americans against another in order to win political favor?  President Obama has called American Citizens, the very people who elected him to be their leader, greedy and lazy.  He said this of course after one of his many rounds of golf or vacations, which is also something for which he holds a Presidential record.

There were many of us at the beginning of his Presidency who felt that the Democrats had pulled a fast one and presented us with an empty suit for their nominee.  If only that were true.  He wold have caused less damage that way.  Like every good little Marxist, Barack Obama wishes to destroy Capitalism.  My hope for 2012 is that a sufficient number of Americans have been paying attention over the last 3 years to realize what the Obama end game is.  The fact that our nation is the wealthiest in history is not a foregone conclusion, nor is it a matter of haphazard luck.  We have attained this status through the hard work, sacrifice of previous generations, and the foresight of founders.  Like any good fortune, we have the ability to squander ours.  As a child of America, I like everybody around me, grew up secure in the knowledge that our dominance on the world stage was somehow a birthright which was just magically bestowed upon us.  It was not.  Our founding documents and ideals are indeed unique today, and were unheard of when put into place.  It is the freedoms we are so willingly ceding to the benevolent central planners that made us the great nation we are today.  We are playing with fire here, and we should start paying closer attention to what these politicians are actually doing.

President Obama has had three years in office which should be cause for a Jimmy Carter celebration.  Carter you see is no longer the single worst President in our nation's history.  Carter, who's grade was a solid F is now second from the bottom. One guess who recently took his spot.

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