Thursday, November 17, 2011

Millionaires Gone Wild, Pay More Taxes Edition!

Yesterday, it seems as though 24 of our nation's wealthiest individuals, those rascally 1% if you will, went to Congress to plead to have their taxes raised. "It isn't fair," they told Congress, that they are not called upon to do more. It is not patriotic to keep denying the Socialist Utopia that awaits us all, if we would just get out of the way of the revolution already. "We don't pay enough," they testified, one after the other. So, Michelle Fields was there at the scene, armed only with an ipad logged onto the IRS Donations page. Guess how many of those 24 souls who were whining about how they should be paying more, actually seized the opportunity to pay more. After guessing, watch the results below.

I found this on the Daily Caller website, which is fast becoming one of my favorite places on the web.  Notice how it was no longer patriotic to simply donate to the IRS, it must be compulsory for all of us in order to attain that lofty perch of patriotism.  So, all of those stories you learned during your elementary Social Studies classes about how heroes sacrificed their well being by voluntarily joining the Revolutionary Army to fight against the British, well forget it all.  Tennessee will have to change their nick name from the Volunteers to the Conscripts.  The new definition of patriotism is to vote to inflict a socialist agenda upon everyone else and to force the end of property rights in America.  I am having a tough time determining my favorite part of the video.  It is either that moment when one of our heroes stated that he already donates to charity, which apparently he believes is more efficient with how it distributes his capital than the government. Or it is the fact that they all seem to agree, that the realization on their part, that the whole question is in fact a source of amusement for those of us on the right, somehow negates the validity of realizing that each and every one of these gentlemen is a flaming hypocrite.  

Stupidity is something which can be afforded.  Each and every one of the men in this video has reached a level of success where they are permanently exempted from the consequences of their actions.  God bless them, each and every one of them.  I wish to enjoy being in that strata of society one day myself.  Until then, I will have to continue working for it.  The fact remains that if these men get their way, they will not have to sacrifice one iota of their lifestyle.  The only thing that will change for them is the reporting on pieces of paper that their teams of accountants and attorneys charged with the fun task of helping them to dodge paying taxes give to them to sign.  The rest of us are always left to deal with the consequences.  It costs us in other ways, fewer jobs, higher inflation, inefficient markets, and much more.  We do not have a wealth gap in America, we have a consequence gap.

There are two groups of people who I distrust above all others.  The first are those demagogues running about telling me to hate, "rich people,"  The second, and perhaps more dangerous than the first, are the super rich folks subsidizing the first group.  The very first fellow in the video, the guy who smirked that he was safely in the 1% and in fact beyond even that metric, filled me with the urge to show some anger.  I was satisfied beyond words watching him back peddle when Ms. Fields gave him the opportunity to give back to us little folk.  

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