Friday, November 18, 2011

Yeah, The OWS Movement Is Just Like The Tea Party. (Sarcasm Definitely Intended.)

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Wanting to compare and contrast events and movements within our political landscape is natural, and inevitable. Too bad intellectual honesty is not often part of the equation. When the Tea Parties first started cropping up, Nancy Pelosi went to the nearest bank of microphones and started screaming about astro-turf. This is the practice, as I have come to learn, of faking a grass roots support for a candidate, policy initiative, or political movement. I must remember to think fondly of Nancy from time to time, because she, like the liberals often do, clued me into what one of their tricks entailed. I had never heard that term before, nor had that thought crossed my mind. I did a little research, and guess what, it turns out that Barack Obama buses in supporters for almost all of his events. The thugs in Madison occupying that State's Capitol Building, turns out about half of them were from Illinois. The SEIU and several organizations formerly part of ACORN actually paid many of the protesters. With that in mind, it should surprise no one that the OWS movement also had folks in attendance who were paid to be there. Former ACORN affiliates, George Soros, and the SEIU all thought it a worthy cause, helped not only by stroking checks for supplies, but also paid individual protesters and organizers. As much as the political left wants their defining movement to be just like the defining movement of the political right, there are no honest similarities. The OWS movement was that perfect microcosm of what Socialism is all about. It started off as a call for justice based on ginned up emotion, limited factual analysis, demagoguery, and a warped sense of justice. It quickly degraded into lawlessness, violence, tantrums, filth, and thuggery.

Two clips here, one is of Newt Gingrich articulating perfectly what the rest of us wanted to say, the other is a perspective analysis between the rallies of the two disparate movements. enjoy.

For an added bonus, in case you've missed it, enjoy the Daily Show take on the OWS crazy parade.

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