Monday, October 10, 2011

My Two Americas.

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

I must apologize to John Edwards. That would be John Edwards, the demagogic politician, and not the Jon Edwards who was a lazy television psychic. Edwards, before his campaign for President of the United States imploded so spectacularly, told us of two Americas. To a certain extent, he was right. I just disagree as to how those two Americas should be identified. Edwards chose for his dividing grounds a strict class separation. He told us of an America of evil rich folk who wandered the streets after the sun went down and sucked the blood of the living, and he told us of the other America where everyone else lived in soup lines and shoveled 16 tons each and every day. The scary thing for me was the snake oil that is the populist message actually caught traction until people realized what a loathsome person Edwards truly was.

My two Americas shapes up a little differently. My two Americas is populated by people who view the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence as documents which not only set us apart from the governments at the time by proposing that people should be free to determine their own destinies through self governance and removing the yolk of lordship, but also sought to constrain any power wielded by any government which would seek to establish itself as an entity who would better know for us how to shape our destinies than we would. The one universal truth of that America is that by taking charge of our own destinies, we realize also that the government's promises to provide anything for us comes with massively heavy strings attached. So, the only thing we want the government to provide is a preservation of those very freedoms and a level playing field where everyone plays the game of life with the same rules. The second America is the group who wants the government to take lordship over the responsibility part of life, and not the fun part of it. They feel the government should provide, food, clothing, shelter, jobs, retirement benefits, education, and vacations. I may have left some of the goodies off of the list, like consumer products thought useful, but such is the danger of total governmental control. They would also like a life free from the consequences of decision making. It was no cosmic accident that the highest alcaholism and suicide rates ever witnessed in the world occured in those nations which employed Socialism as the main economic engine. The unbridled failures of Socialism have been well document by history, and the ravages of that system are there for anyone curious enough to take a peek. Conversely, the wealth and opportunity afforded by the free market system has been just as well documented through out history, and is confirmed by the people willing to risk death and imprisonment by sneaking into our country when legal means fail them. Think about this for just a moment, there is not a single other nation on Earth that has a problem with illegal immigration, every other nation on Earth is seeking immigrants and population growth.

As I look at the insanity parade that is occupy whatever on the television and on the internet, I am struck by a couple of epiphanies. One is that these children are completely clueless. There is a true irony at work here. As they seek private donations for the material comforts they desire while they tell us how evil corporations are from those very same corporations, they also use the very technologies to communicate with us that were only made possible by the free enterprise system. They flew to New York or drove there in cars or on busses. None of these spoiled brats arrived via covered wagons or on horseback. The Wright brothers invented airplanes for the purpose of getting rich. The internal combustion engine was invented for the same reason. You will not find a single memo written on a bureaucrats desk asking for either. The communication for this spectacle sent across the country by the usual, SEIU, Trumka, crowd utilized technology developed by Steven Jobs and Bill Gates, CEO's of two of America's most successful corporations. In fact, how much of their needs were furnished by products or technology eminating from one of the vaunted Socialist nations around the globe that they wish us to emulate. For that matter, I challange anyone to name for me any product, cure, technology, discovery made by any Socialist, at any time in history. I know that there has to be something, but for every one you would name, there are at least a hundred which emanated in the free world.

This is more than just about the irony and willful ignorance of the Socialists though. This is the last desparate death gasps of that movement. I remember how giddy the political left was after the 2008 election. They were unable to contain their joy while dutifully reporting the death of the Republican party. A super majority in the Senate, a large majority in the House, and a Marxist in the White House meant that there was no ability afforded to the conservatives of the country to stop the Democrats from doing anything that they wanted to do. They went for the holy grail of Socialist dreamers, they socialised our healthcare system, and centralized control of the financial sector of the economy in just two short years. What they forgot to take into consideration though was the simple fact that they outright lied to the American voters in order to win the elections in 2006 and 2008. As with all campaigns waged by the left, the messaging was considered the all important driving force. How do we deliver our intentions in a way that will seem palatable to the American People, and not come across as what those intentions truly are, unbridled wealth redistribution and endless intrusive regulation. The Pragmatic Democrat was born. How many times was I forced to hear the tale of the mythical creature emanating from the land of the Unicorn called the fiscally conservative but socially liberal Democrat, who would compassionately protect grandmas and puppy dogs while balancing the budget and putting an end to deficits by spending more responsibly and at the same time delivering tax relief to, "95%," of all Americans.

The unfortunate thing for the giddy left was that this period for them lasted only until the voters had a chance to think about what they had done. At their earliest possibility, they issued a restraining order on the shenanigans of the Socialists. It seems as though the country has a slight problem with people pretending to be capitalists and then eschewing that cloak once in power. One positive thing about 2006 and 2008 is that the American People will not be falling for the fiscally conservative but socially liberal lie any time soon, (at least outside of our dear friends in West Virginia anyhow.) Heath Schuler voted in favor of Obamacare. Now the left is onto the next phase of their campaign messaging, which is this. We Americans are just too damn dumb to understand the universal genius of allowing them to steal the control over our own lives away from us. Two prominent members of the Democrat Party establishment have allowed themselves to go on the record as telling us that we need to cancel the 2012 elections and maybe this democracy thing is not all that good for us anyhow. For anyone who doubts the validity of the previous statement, their names are Pete Orszag, and Beverly Perdue. Gridlock it seems has become our nation's newest enemy. By issuing that restraining order in November of 2010, we put a stop to the destruction of our economy and nation by slowing down the advancement of the Obama agenda. The left, which includes a large portion of our media and news reporting services by the way, tried to spin this very loudly stated desire of the American People to mean that they desired the two polarized political camps to, "work together." Some how, we are all in a hurry to get things passed through Congress and signed by our President, no matter the small little facts embedded in what ever legislation happens to be pending before the world's greatest legislative body at any given time. A funny thing happened on the way towards the Socialist takeover of our nation though. It is called the Constitution of the United States.

To that, I say thank God for the genius of the founding fathers of this country. By separating the powers of government, and indeed decentralizing the origin of the control within the legislative branch itself, they have given us all the ability to say not so fast. Gridlock, is a sign that our form of government is healthy and working properly. It means that we can not just decide on a whim to fundamentally change the structure of our freedoms and economic system. We can no decide on a whim to just wrestle control of our self determination and hand the keys of our lives over to a top down governmental control of our nation. The Socialists have suffered defeats at the ballot boxes recently, and having been beaten there decided to throw riotous temper tantrums anywhere the conservatives actually dared to govern as they campaigned. Having lost those special elections in several battleground states as well, they are now turning to national riots as a means to exert their political muscle. The difference today, from the beginning of the year is this. Their demonstrations in Madison, Columbus, and Indianapolis earlier this year were still able to mask the organized professional quality to the protests and project the image of a grass roots movement, but these childish demonstrations now are not. Today's spoiled children's version claims to represent 99% of Americans, and they clearly represent not even half of us. The Socialists used to scare me, but today, I am laughing at their banality. Their signs may as well read, "I want two free Big Mac's every day, complete with an iphone app for delivery."

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