Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Drill, Brazil, Drill!

Where do you start asking the questions of an Administration that threw coherent policy direction out from day one?  One of the things the Democrats have been whining about since the Nixon years was the need for a national energy policy.  We could argue the merits of such a policy for hours.  The dry and often boring statistics of energy production and the economics of commodities prices would put all but the most serious of political wonks to sleep.  Sometime during the Jimmy Carter years, the Department of Energy was born.  A brand spanking new Federal Bureaucracy designed to deliver the much needed energy policy to ensure that our most needed commodity would be stable in price and supply was touted as a better solution than the free markets.  How has that worked? 

O.K. the last question was a cheap shot, but also a valid question.  I keep getting tired of hearing politicians state that we need to ween ourselves off of foreign oil.  Maybe it's true, and maybe it's not.  That is not what this essay is about.  What it is about is the incoherently inept/utterly dishonest energy policy being inflicted on the United States Citizenry today.  When the political left makes this claim to carry the mantle of energy independence, what they actually mean is that we little people must stop consuming energy and live a 7th century lifestyle.  If they campaigned on us little folk living in the dark ages, no one would vote for them.  So, they dress up their message, and state that we need to innovate and develop some mythical form of powering cars and heating our homes by developing something called green sources of energy.  Jimmy Carter installed Solar Panels on the White House in 1977.  Even with the power of 3Presidencies, and Democratic controlled congresses, 34 years later, and solar power, wind power and pixie sprite developed power account for zip. 

What is different this time, is that President Obama and his Administration have gone out of their way shut down every legally operating American Business producing the energy America needs.  It has gotten so bad in fact that a Louisiana Federal Judge has found the President of the United States in contempt of court.  For anyone who does not understand the historical perspective of this, it is the first time it has happened in our nation's history.  President Obama earned 3 Pinocchios for making the statement that the reason we needed to drill in 1 mile deep ocean water is that we have exhausted our supply of oil closer to the continental United States.  Question:  How on Earth can we ween ourselves off of foreign oil by not drilling for our own supply here?

At the same time we are not drilling for our own oil here, but Obama and his minions are devising a plan to penalize those companies who hold leases to land and are not drilling.  This maneuver deserves the full 4 Pinocchios.  It gives the appearance that we are doing something to actually solve the problem.  Yes, the oil companies hold leases to land where they don't currently drill.  Not being an expert, my guess would be because they know already that drilling would not actually produce any oil.  I don't know how expensive it is to drill for nothing except the joy of drilling, but since it does not happen all that often on purpose, I believe that I will side with the oil companies decision making on this particular issue.  What else has the Obama Administration done to help America supply its markets?  This one will blow your collective minds.

Obama and his cronies are giving George Soros, the owner of the Democrat Party, Two Billion Dollars to do some oil drilling in Brazil.  Let that sink in for a minute of two.  So, the answer according to Obama is to forgo allowing American Businesses from doing what they do, hiring American workers, providing a more cost efficient commodity, and establishing the, "best environment for conducting commerce in the world," to help a foreign speculator employ Brazilians produce the same commodity and increase the added expense of transportation and excise tariffs, and a Two Billion Dollar taxpayer funded gift.  How does this ween us off of foreign oil? 

One of the positives of Obama being President is that when he was candidate Obama, the press was able to keep his policy ideas a secret and just tell us all it was hope and change.  It is far more difficult to do that with President Obama.  When candidate Obama announced in a meeting on the campaign trail that his policies would bankrupt the electric producers and the oil companies, only a few news sources carried the story.  If you watched CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, HLN etc., then you did not get to hear that.  Now, as President Obama, and his policies are actually, as planned, bankrupting the electric producers and the oil companies, it will be far more difficult for the aforementioned news outlets to keep that fact hidden.  I really have to laugh at those of you who idiotically refer to Fox News as Faux News.  We all saw this disaster of a Presidency coming, you are still under the delusion that this was unexpected.

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