Friday, February 4, 2011

How Long Do We Let This Continue?

Mr. Doren has a valid point. President Obama is currently operating as though the other two co-equal branches of government do not exist. When George Bush was President, he was accused of this, while there was zero evidence that he was actually guilty. We saw those asinine Moveon ads, and numerous self righteous blatherings of Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Matthews, all designed to make us think that President Bush had somehow usurped the Constitution. CNN, ABC, NBC, AP, Rueters, Time, and Newsweek all ran stories which were opinion pieces presented as fact all testifying to this supposed usurpation. They continued to beat the Emperor Bush meme until his approval numbers reached the low 30's. From those sources now, I hear crickets. What's worse, President Obama has flagrantly positioned himself as a despot, not even tried to hide his flouncing of the Constitution, and done so with nary a peep from the aforementioned news sources.

I can hear you saying prove it.  Example number one gives us President Obama effectively shutting down American Oil production.  Never before in our history has an American President sought to destroy an entire industry legally operated.  This has gotten to the point where Obama's failure to heed the words of the Judiciary, a co-equal branch of government, has landed him with a contempt of court order.  For historical perspective, not even Richard Nixon received one of those while trying to escape justice during the height of the Watergate Scandal.  At a time when real unemployment, (the U-6 number) is above 17% in this country, and oil has topped $100 per barrel, thereby endangering other industries and family budgets around the country, President Obama has taken it upon himself to effectively fire thousands of oil rig workers and everyone else in the multiplier chain.  America not only needs the jobs which are seen, but also those unseen.  His answer of course, he'll replace those with Green Jobs, which only exist in the fantasy world of leftists.

Another example is what you want?  Obamacare was struck down in its entirety, effectively voided wholesale.  On page 75 of the decision, Judge Vinson made it perfectly clear that enforcement of this law is illegal as it is entirely unconstitutional.  Obama's answer of course is to show contempt for this court as well, by continuing to enforce this law.  He is pretending that the court does not exist.  While it is true that President Bush, and indeed all former Presidents have had disagreements with the Judiciary Branch, they did so while showing that branch of government the respect it deserved.  George Bush, while being accused of usurping authority, complied with every single issued order from the Judiciary.  President Obama, conversely, feels no need to comply with anything.  He is actually usurping authority never granted him by the voters, and is doing so in a flagrant manner.

Here's the example of Barak Obama ignoring the Legislative Branch.  Cap and Trade failed.  President Obama is going to use overreaching regulation to defacto impose Cap and Trade.  An example of this is the EPA now forcing the farming industry to develop and document action plans for the possible disaster caused by spilled milk. I have never heard of the environmental devastation caused by milk, but thanks to Obama, I know I never will.  The ironic thing is, this will have the unintended consequence of adding to worldwide starvation.  Feeding the hungry is one of the signature issues which liberals claim to care about.  So, when the inevitable happens, and children starve in Africa due to Obama's callous and cruel regulation, how will he and his policies be held accountable?

Another example of the Executive Branch seeking to usurp authority from the Legislative Branch can be found here.  Congress is charged with oversight of the dealings within the Executive Branch as part of the important checks and balances system.  By ignoring Congressional Subpoenas, President Obama is in effect declaring that he should be exempt from any Congressional Oversight.  This is not something the hated George Bush did.  President Obama stands alone in this category as well.  As he attempts to position himself as a centrist, (dubbing his picture standing next to Reagan, and then extolling Reagan's greatness, while implementing the opposite policies,) he is governing further to the left than any President in history via executive fiat.  He is doing so in complete opposition to the Constitution and will of the American People.

Exit question:  How much more of this hypocrisy should we tolerate?

UPDATE:  This bit of irony has been pointed out to me.  The new federal regulations regarding spilled milk were enacted almost exactly one week after President Obama vowed to loosen the country from the burden of overreaching regulation.  How on Earth do you liberals sleep at night defending President Obama?

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