Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One Last Flip of The Bird On Their Way Out of Town!

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The latest Christmas Present from the Senate, well, just look at the picture above.  The omnibus spending package.  2000 pages of government spending which includes funding for the Obamacare law which a Federal Judge just ruled unconstitutional.  It also, through the magic that is only congressional now places Nevada on the Pacific Ocean.  That's right, we are now sending money to the desert to save Pacific Salmon.  This bill will also guarantee that your grocery bills will be getting higher, as part of that $1.1 Trillion will make sure that on top of continuing to pay farmers to not grow food on 17% of their farms, we will also be using some of that food to make fuel, (which by the way is more corrosive for your engine.)  There is a little about the bill here.  There is a little more about it here. 

Lame Duck Sessions are famous for productivity in legislation.  This is because those who are not returning to congress have nothing left to lose.  The other Congress critters are more likely to not fear reelection as there tends to be enough time to make amends for governing against the will of their constituents.  This bill however is not productivity.  This is spite against the voters who are justifiably upset.  They are upset with a ruling class who seems to feel that they should be above reproach.  They are upset with a ruling class who hears the wishes of the voters and willfully choose to not only ignore those wishes, but also feel the need to rub salt in the wound.  So now we are to be punished for having the temerity to vote these clowns out. 

Here is what the Conservatives should do.  Fight this monstrosity.  If it passes anyhow, as soon as you are in office, vote for a repeal.  Be vocal about it.  Make Harry Reid defend it.  Make Obama defend it.  Use it, along with the Health Care Law we don't want as a noose around their political necks.  I am tired of voting for people who try to convince me they will conduct themselves in a responsible fiscal manner only to reach across the aisle, or compromise on their ideals, or capitulate at some later time.  To John Boehner, it's your turn, don't screw it up.  You can be voted out as quickly as you were voted in.

UPDATE:  Another great column by the editorial staff at Investor's Business Daily.  The professional writers do a much better job of bringing the point home quickly.

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