Friday, December 10, 2010

The Model Cities Program, What Was the Aftermath?

There is an assumption made in our country which I find troubling.  That assumption is that we live in a vacuum cut off from our memories and evidence of current events which could shape our opinions.  You probably need a few examples to understand, in context, what the heck I am talking about.  Sometimes I'll hear someone on the left refer to the, "discredited supply side policies of the past 8 years,"  like the principles of a free market economy didn't produce the wealthiest nation on the planet for the past 230 years.  Sometimes I'll hear someone on the left say, Canada and England have nationalized medical care which provide models we should follow, as if those systems haven't in fact turned into complete disasters and act as a noose around the necks of the citizens of those nations.  Proof of this is a full 57% of British Citizens admitting to performing their own woodshed tooth extractions despite having full free dental care provided.  The traffic of Canadian Citizens popping up in American hospitals for cash only medical care staggers the imagination, especially considering their medical care is provided free.  (In the previous two examples, free is the wrong word.  there is a cost, it is just not paid by the individual citizen.)  We are told endlessly by liberals how we need to spend more on public schools in urban areas because it is not fair that the education there lags behind those in suburban areas.  Guess what, the 10 school districts which spend the most per student are also the 10 worst performing school districts in the country. 

We have tried the policies the left advocates, just not on a national level.  As it turns out, we have wonderful laboratories where liberalism has been allowed to reign, unchecked for decades at a time.  One of those areas holds a special place in my heart.  I lived in the Detroit area for 5 years, and can identify with the people who fell prey to the policies offered as a solution for the rest of us.  I understand the desire of every person to help those people who need help, the question is, what is the best way to avoid those things which tug on our heart strings.  When the policies people advocate to mitigate the disastrous effects of previous attempts at social engineering cause the problems which are so objectionable, at what point do we stop and reverse course?  The best way to help people in need is allow them to pull themselves out of that strata of society.

Watch the video below to see the illustration of my point.

Detroit was a model city before the program, in fact it was in many ways the envy of the rest of the country.  $400 Million from the taxpayers into the city in 1965 ultimately produced the results you see above.  Think long and hard about what tomorrows vote looks like.  If we as a nation continue down the Socialist path, this is what our future looks like.

UPDATE:  California is next to go.  If you live in California, your entire state will soon look like Detroit.  Thank you for your example.


  1. Public schools are closed to force families out of geographical locations such as large cities....if you don't believe me look at whats happening on the south side of Chicago. South Side is suddenly becoming prime real estate populated by the poorest people in the country.

    Do research outside of the AEI and the Heritage foundation, abd Rupert Murdoch owned media outlets and you will find truth. Look for answers outside the box use critical thinking. Ask yourself who benefits by closing public schools? Your Left/Right paradigm is made up unfortunately and not many Americans realize it...Who Benefits?

  2. By the way, there would be a heck of a lot more tax revenue if there were jobs available in Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, etc. but the US Government who wants to protect us by operating airports like prisons but will not protect OUR economy through tariffs and keep jobs in America. The us government is catering to globalist interest instead of the interests of Americans. You can't deny it. Globalist interests are what is killing the country.

  3. What is happening in the South Side of Chicago is the same thing which is happening in Detroit, and every other place where Democrats have been in charge, unchecked for large periods of time. I usually would not even entertain an argument with conspiracy theories, but then again they are fun. The problem with them is that under scrutiny, they never hold up to reason. Why would anyone in charge wish to force people to move out of urban areas. Where do we want them to go, and why is it beneficial for the unnamed evil doers that the unwanted leave these cities. I do agree with you that the TSA handling of airport security is assinine. Please refer to my post, "Mystery Security Theater 3000." Tariffs have been shown to be an ultimate job killer throughout history. One of the many problems with the left is the notion that despite the fact that our economic system has created the wealthiest nation in the history of the world, it does not work. I don't quite know how to answer your charge that I only get news from Herritage or Fox. It is just plain wrong. Have you ever considered that a person's conservative view points might be genuine. The left only argues from talking points, not our side. But then your lack of critical thought beyond paradigms has led you to not notice the blindingly obvious. An example is that the political left has been in charge for long periods of time in each of the cesspools you complain about. The socialists policies just flat out produce disastrous results.


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