Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Global Warming, Really?

Well, here we are, a mere eight days post filing of Obama's Cease and Desist Order as filed by the American Electorate, and we can see the evidence of the political left's coming unhinged.  Even as the CCX, which was the Greenhouse Exchange located in Chicago, collapses and shuts down, a group of global warming con artists are going to meet in California to begin combating the collapse of their hoax.  IBD editorials has an excellent piece on this which appeared in Yesterday's edition, which you can read here.  What I find interesting is the fact that these charlatans claim to be willing to debate all opponents to this hoax after years of doing whatever was available in their thuggish bag of tricks to silence opposition.  There have been thousands of scientists who have spoken out against the whole idea of Global Warming, and against the concept that if it does exist that it is caused by humanity.  They were treated as heretics.  Before he died, Michael Crichton wrote a scathing article on this very subject, which I have linked here. 

The good news to all of this though is that this is the last gasp of the Global Warming for profit charade.  The collapse of the cap and trade exchange coupled with the hysterical last gasp effort to inflict panic on the public shows me that the East Anglia e-mail leak has planted the seeds of reason, and that they have grown.  there are two initiatives worth keeping an eye on in the national sense.  One would be the Cap and Trade Bill.  The other is the U.N. initiative to bilk the U.S. out of a Hundred Billion to alleviate our guilt for using energy to fuel the world's most successful and productive economy.  May all of this nonsense die quickly.

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