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Monday, January 26, 2015

Scott Walker Lights It Up In Iowa!

On June 23, 2015, I published this blog post endorsing Scott Walker for President. He's got what we, meaning every right of center citizen living throughout the Fruited Plains, is looking for politically speaking. He's a proven warrior, has won tough elections, never backed down from his principles or beliefs, and has true conservative bona fides.

He's taken on the special interests and won each and every time in convincing fashion. The Unions have targeted him repeatedly, showered Millions in multiple elections designed to remove him, and his political allied from office, and have lost each and every time. He is an unabashed stalwart for free market economics, the Second Amendment, the Tenth Amendment, against Common Core, against Amnesty, against Obamacare and Dodd - Frank, has governed as such, and has done it all from bluer than blue Wisconsin. (Those who've argued that Christie, Romney, and Bush had to be disguised as squishy moderates, while actually believing in Conservatism due to where they hailed from should take note.)

Here's the Walker speech from Iowa last week. I can't quite put my finger on it but gosh darn it, he reminds me of another unabashed Conservative Governor hailing from a perpetual Blue State, who also refused to back down when confronted by the, "Conservatives can't win," naysayers.

On a side note:

We already know that who ever the GOP nominee is, he or she will be labeled as:

If any of those mantras have been defeated in the past, it's been A-stupid, mantra. Reagan and then Bush 43 were peppered with that particular ad hominem constantly throughout their political careers, and both men won two Presidential Elections. Those successfully smeared with the other labels while running have not fared nearly so well. Governor Walker has not graduated from college, and as such, we're likely to see the campaign to call him stupid. I'd rather face that than Evil Romney, Evil Christie, Senile Perry, Evil Jindal, Crazy Paul, Crazy and Evil Cruz. The only constant is that we're going to get some form of that refrain regardless of who is nominated.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

For All Of The Fox Haters Out There: Is MSNBC What You Consider To Be Intelligent Discourse? Really?

We get it all in this 57 second clip. Moronic sophistry, far reaching moral equivalency that would shame Johnny Cochran, a healthy dose of blame the victims, and all of it presented in a seemingly serious manner, as if hours of thought and debate provided us with this hard hitting gem of liberal moon battery.

Catch that? Go ahead and watch it again. Notice how Alex Wagner deftly equated Jerry Falwell's lawsuit against Larry Flynt, one which he ultimately lost at the Supreme Court by the way, to yesterday's mass murder by Islamic nut jobs shouting Allahu Akhbar in Paris. Both, clear cases of religious fervency run amok.

Of course, no one died in Falwell's request for legal remedy upon claiming that he'd been defamed by Flynt's description of him having sex with his dead mother. As a matter of fact, the more astute among you have probably already pointed out that Falwell and Flynt became close friends after the legal battle ended, and both enjoyed sharing a lucrative lecture circuit tour, during which they took their legal debate's reenactment on the road.

Unless Jeff Dunham creates a dead terrorist victim doll to be a counterweight for, "Achmed, the dead terrorist," yesterday's victims have no chance of enjoying such a rosy future. You can see however, that both these things are the same can't you? Clearly you can see how filing a defamation lawsuit is the clearest sign of religious oppression of the masses, while using automatic weapons, complete with sear pins attached, and ending the lives of 12 newspaper executives, whose horrendous crime was publishing a cartoon of someone who's been dead for 1400 years, represents justifiable retribution from disaffected youths.

I'll bet that within one week, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Larry O'Donnell, Ed Schultz, Chris Hayes, Melissa Harris Perry, and anyone else stealing Oxygen from the rest of us here on Earth, will make a brave statement declaring Sarah Palin to be stupid. This, despite the fact that as it turned out, each and everything Sarah said to earn that bogus reputation turned out to be 100% without a doubt spot on correct. Meanwhile, this is what they consider to be smart analysis. Lord God, spare us from the meanderings of the Liberal Intellectual. Arrogant stupidity comes no where close to describing them.

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Odious Rape Is Rampant Meme: A Study In Fake But Accurate

As a young lad attending The Ohio State University, I had the eye opening experience of being an ancillary subject in about half a dozen articles which appeared in our student newspaper, "The Lantern." I learned some lessons in 1984 which I've carried with me throughout my life. One, journalists make up the single laziest profession outside of psychics. Two, their stories, conclusions, overarching themes, and any statements related to them, have all been decided upon far in advance of any research that may or may not take place, and certainly long before any sources are interviewed. Anything that a source might say will be tortured out of context in order to fit the meme, and if need be, completely fabricated out of thin air in order to support the predetermined conclusion. Three, they'll find someone or something else to blame, if ever called to account for their deception. Four, they'll always defend their meme as accurate, most especially when due diligence and actual investigation shows the original story to be laughably false.

we all remember, or should remember, that famous quote from Dan Rather, who when confronted with the fact that he'd just presented four forged documents alleging George W. Bush's dereliction of duty while serving with the Texas Air National Guard, stated that his documents, "were fake but accurate." It didn't matter to any of the journalists working for CBS at the time, that they could find no actual evidence of President Bush's shirking of his military obligations, 60 days from his reelection bid for a second Presidential term in office. It only mattered to them that 60 days prior to that election, they wanted to present that story, the one where a younger version of President Bush had been a miscreant and a spoiled child, unworthy of the office he currently held. Facts be damned, the narrative reigns supreme.

Another life lesson learned while matriculating at that small trade school in Columbus, Ohio was to be very weary of militant feminists. Their agenda, their narrative, is all that holds meaning for them, and they are quite willing to destroy anyone, if expedience demands such. I didn't take any of the Women's Studies classes offered at The Ohio State University, but I have a friend who did satisfy 5 of his required 15 credit hours within the field of Humanities via a 5 hour survey course covering that revered discipline. He of course got an A in the class, and his description of every test given might lend a clue as to how he so easily earned that grade.

Question One:

All men are,

A. Rapists
B. Evil
C. Violent
D. All of the above


The past two weeks have been a case study in what happens when these two groups of leftists get together.

Now, I really don't mind these lunatics much, nor even really care that I am sharing the Oxygen found in our atmosphere with them in general. I only really care about them when they meander into positions of power in our society, when they hold sway over our institutions of thought, governance, and laws, such as they do currently. (By lunatics, I of course mean both groups mentioned above, journalists and rabid feminists.) For those of you who've wondered what might happen when these two disparate groups finally found each other, wonder no more. Today you see, we live in a brave new world where facts don't matter all that much, because all white conservative men from the suburds were created equally guilty of waging a war on women, which includes a rape culture of the most egregious magnitude.

If you've followed the link above, it took you to an op-ed which ran at Politico. What it points to is just exactly how far in the crapper our collegiate standards have fallen, how far in the crapper our society as a whole has fallen, and how meaningless the rule of law has become. If you were able to read the essay the first time through, I congratulate you. If not, may I humbly suggest that you return to do so again.

Here's the background on how and why that Op-Ed found its way into a national publication. Rolling Stone Magazine ran an article about a year ago in which a Freshman at the University of Virginia detailed the accounts of a brutal gang rape. Apparently, for the past 164 years, members of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, founded in 1852, have included as a part of their initiation process, the gang rape of unsuspecting young women. All of this apparently, with no one figuring it out, or breathing a word of it to anyone, not even through death bed confessions. While the Rolling Stone Article did not specifically designate a political philosophy to our brutal assailants, they were very careful to tie the entirety of Greek Letter Societies found at our nation's collegiate institutions to the group of crazed miscreants known as conservatives, or more generically, those who might actually, gasp, vote Republican.

The story as presented by Rolling Stone by the way, has since been proven to be a complete fabrication, or at the very least, not in any way a resemblance of what actually happened to Jackie on the night in question.

Now, you may be of the belief that our original journalist's story was the result of her accidental discovery of this terrible tale of misery, torture, and crime, and you'd be wrong. Sabrina Erdely started off searching out women across the country who would be able to corroborate her desired narrative, one formed even before she'd started thinking about writing her story or researching it, that a rape culture existed on America's college campi. Facts be damned, the story would be true, not because truth matters, but because Sabrina felt it should be true. After all, who would be hurt by a little white lie that would bring attention to the evil that presents itself when affluent privileged white conservatives are left roaming freely among decent intellectuals?

As a result of the Rolling Stone article, those members of Phi Kappa Psi attending the University of Virginia have had their lives imperiled, reputations tarnished, and all Greek Letter Societies at UVA have been shut down by the School's Administration. That's real damage. Either Jackie's story is completely false, in which case she's a narcissistic kid who's clearly mistaken sympathy for healthy relationships and attention. Which means "Jackie," needs the benefit of a shrink to council her privately, and not the national publication of her fantasies, which apparently involve bizarre rituals of group sex. Or, "Jackie's," story is based partially in reality, and had been extensively embellished by Sabrina Erdely. If that's the case, she needs the benefit of a shrink to council her privately, and not the national publication of her traumatic assault.

The Politico piece, contrary to what you might expect when one of these rape culture stories falls apart, (and yes this type of thing is very common indeed,) zeros right in on the, "fake but accurate defense." The author, one Julia Horowitz, grouses about how terrible it is that this story was proven false, not because innocent affluent privileged white conservatives were accused of a terrible crime, but because it might cause people to question others telling similar stories, rather than just blindly accepting them. If they give up their mob mentality after all, what will they have left?

Before we go any further, let's debunk that whole one in five college women get raped lie now. According to national crime statistics, if 90% of rapes go unreported, that indicates the the odds of your daughter being sexually accosted as a part of her college experience to be about 1 in 1000. This is still too high, as any such chance would be, but that's not at all out of line with any statistic for violent crime in any jurisdiction in the world. The only reason I brought this up, is because the 1 in 5 statistic seems to be the only argument in defense of what's been going on with respect to the, "pro lying is good for society in general crowd."

This passage in particular caught my attention:

Ultimately, though, from where I sit in Charlottesville, to let fact checking define the narrative would be a huge mistake. “These events undoubtedly do occur here,” first-year Maddie Rita told me. “And while this report has clearly had factual flaws as well as rhetorical missteps, there are plenty of other fully corroborated accounts not only at this university, but at every university around the country.”

Only eight to nine percent of sexual assault reports, at most, are later determined false. This statistic will not change, even if Jackie does lie with the minority. One of five women will be assaulted while in college. One case, however prolific, does not change how it felt to lie in my friend’s bed and have her tell me through tears what her “first time” was really like.

How exactly do you debate with someone who states right up front, "it would be a mistake to allow facts define the narrative?" What actually happened or did not happen to Jackie is of no importance. Mind you, something terrible may have actually happened to Jackie, as those who know her are all sticking close to the something happened statement, just not what was reported. Descriptions of Jackie's behavior are most certainly consistent with someone who's been a victim of a violent assault. If that's so, I truly hope Jackie heals, and almost as important, that if there are assailants, they should face justice for their crime. Phi Kappa Psi, its membership, and the Greek Letter Society as a whole however, should never have been painted as guilty, no matter how inconsequential a group Sabrina Erdely feels them to be.

The problem now for Jackie, and any others seeking Justice is that the lie is already out there, the narrative once again finding supremacy with respect to actual facts. The statement above that while this account may have some flaws, being provably false chief among them, that doesn't mean that the over all narrative, that our college campi are teeming with white, privileged, affluent, conservative male rapists constantly on the lookout for victims, isn't every bit as solid today as it was when first posited in those women's studies classes starting back in the 1970's. So, if there are plenty of corroborated tales of this very thing happening, as Julia Horowitz promises, why then haven't any actual cases been truthfully reported? Why was it necessary to take Jackie's tale, and change it sufficiently to cast serious doubt?

The true casualty of this story's unraveling however is not that women in general will be afraid to come forward and report rapes, but that stories like this are destroying the slim chance that such assaults will be successfully prosecuted, or even believed when actual victims do come forward. The police have a hard enough time collecting sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt as it is. Adding problems like this certainly does not help.

You may have noticed the second paragraph in the above snippet, where Julia Horowitz admits that 8% or 9% of reported rapes are fabrications, and then summarily dismisses that number as inconsequential. Putting aside for the moment that this compares with 2% of every other variety of crime, as reported to authorities, and that this number admitted to itself points to a real problem in terms of investigative techniques when perpetrators are sought, it is also far off of the mark. The true number is astounding.

In the only peer review study conducted of such phenomenon, it has been estimated that a full 41% of all reported rapes are complete fabrications. That means that every time we ask the authorities to investigate this terrible crime, they are beginning from a place where they know, before anything else has been looked into, that 2 out of every 5 women alleging the crime, are lying to them. As far as the authorities are concerned, with respect to the professional accomplishment of their sworn duties, women coming forward to report rape is not the problem. Their first huge hurdle is how to separate out the fabrication from actual crimes that have been committed.

In the end Ms. Horowitz, Sabrina Erdely and Jackie didn't help encourage women to come forward, they've only succeeded in increasing the trouble victimized women have with being believed. That's the true tragedy. It's not a rape culture that's ruining our society, but a culture of dishonesty, or as my leftist friends would postulate, our culture of subjective truth.

Lying, even if one believes it to be for a good cause is still massively destructive for a society. The members of Phi Kappa Psi at UVA did not deserve the backlash received for what happened to Jackie. If it happened, her assailants have gone free, with their freedom being guaranteed by the Rolling Stone Article. They will never be brought to justice, and that is Sabrina Erdely's fault. Innocent people suffered the consequences, and have undergone their own assaults, both in terms of violence and in terms of their reputations, which can never be fully restored.

Lena Dunham, if you're reading this, your crime is actually worse. Your lie was told solely to sell a few copies of your book and to bash Republicans. You don't even have the fig leaf of lying for a greater societal purpose. I like the idea of falsified allegations carrying the same punishments as the crimes falsely alleged. Perhaps Ms. Dunham's next book should be about her imprisonment in max security.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Constitutional Scholar Turned President Finds Hidden Clause In Constitution!

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Last night's speech, made by our petulant man child President marked a turning point in history. It has the potential to be the completion of that fundamental transformation of America promised by Barack Obama. In the blink of an eye, we went from being the most powerful nation on Earth, the last remaining super power, the greatest creator of wealth ever seen in human history, to a nation on the precipice of existing solely as a third world banana republic. The reason I say that we are on the brink, and not there yet, is because despite our spirited debate on the political right, about how best to achieve our own vision of what America should be, we've never fully lost the political contest. We've been more intent lately upon beating each other up than the Leftists who've endeavored to ruin the place, but we've also had the luxury of never really being in danger of seeing the nation permanently trashed. Enter Barack Obama, and his announced plans last night, and all of that has changed.

I've reread the Constitution a couple of times this morning, and I've yet to find that elusive, "Sick And Tired," Clause codified within our founding law. That would be the clause that Barack Obama, the petulant man child President whom we've been lectured to ad nauseam as to his credentials as a, "Constitutional Scholar," cited as his authority to unilaterally write or repeal laws as he sees fit, providing of course he feels as though Congress has not acted in a fashion deemed appropriate by himself. In the lead up to his proclamation last night, he's stated repeatedly that he's waited too long a time for our Legislative Branch to write the law that he wants. So, he's decided to do it on his own. He, being sick and tired of waiting, has decided to not only write his own law, but to also repeal the current immigration law already on the books. No where in my copy of the U.S. Constitution have I been able to find that clause which obligates Congress to write, repeal, or change a law which has been duly demanded by the President.

For my leftist friends, cheering this lunacy on, please take a moment to think, if only a little. When President Walker for instance, decides to employ the newly found Presidential Powers identified by the guy you agree with, what will you say then? When President Bobby Jindal decides that two weeks is long enough to wait for Congress to abolish both the EPA and Department of Education, and does so unilaterally, will you still be celebrating the usage of the, "Sick And Tired Clause," not actually found in our founding law? In fact, my copy of the Constitution expressly states that Congress has plenary authority to write our nations laws, and to decide completely independent of the Executive Branch, if laws should be written at all.

This essay is not an argument one way or the other about our immigration system, which by the way was never broken, only unenforced completely. If you disagree with the current law, fine. If you agree with the current law, fine. We can debate those issues, and probably should have that argument. What happened last night is something different however. Barack Obama's edict that he would no longer be enforcing the laws that he never really enforced to begin with will not actually have any measurable effect upon our immigration problem. It will continue to be the same disaster over which he's presided for the past six years.

The problem with last night's proclamation is that our President has officially proclaimed himself to be our King. The major Networks, in an effort to protect the man from himself, decided not to air the address. So, many across these Fruited Plains may have missed it. (My belief is that the folks at ABC, CBS, and NBC did not want to highlight their chosen Messianic Maniac in all of his glory, violating our founding law with such naked hubris.) The good news in this, and yes there is some, is that Barack Obama proclaiming himself to be our King does not make it so. He can be stopped. The bad news is that the people in the best position to actually stop him have shown an eerie reluctance to date for opposing him in any measurable fashion.

It was a different story when our affirmative action President was content with ruining his eight years, threatening only his legacy as our nation's leader. For not one thing that Barack Obama has done to date, until now, was immune to the specter of reversal if so chosen by future inhabitants of elected office. Letting him get away with this however is a different matter entirely. Changing the Presidency to the Kingship does have the potential to become permanent, and consolidating ultimate authority in one man is the exact opposite of the principles upon which our nation was established.

We need more than impassioned speeches. We need for our elected leaders to take swift and substantive action. This man must be stopped, and damn the electoral consequences. I don't know that impeachment is the right answer, as President Biden doesn't exactly thrill me. But I do know that impeachment is better than not reacting at all. I am not sure that withholding funding, to the point of shutting down the government is the right answer. But I do know that doing this would be a much better answer than not doing anything to stop this. This naked power grab by the Executive Branch is well beyond anything that should be tolerated by the American People. (Kudos by the way to Governor Rick Perry of Texas, who's promised to file a law suit against the President in order to put a stop to him. My hope would be that the other 30 Republican Governors would follow suit. We need more activity, and hopefully something will work.)

There is a silver lining here, Barack Obama may be making that veto proof majority a possibility after all.

Manchin 55
Heitkamp 56
King 57
Johnson 58
Tester 59.......................

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Great 42 State Non-Mandate And Other Leftist Fairy Tales

I'm still working on the book, but I swear that it's almost finished.

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

I'm sure we've all seen the video by now, that one in which the paid Obama lackey, impartial, unimpeachable, MIT Economics Don, Jonathan Gruber, put truth to the suspicion and oft stated fact those of us on the right have been saying about the Leftist politicos and pundits for years. In case you haven't, have a palate cleansing experience on me.

So, after the above vindicating palate cleanser broke with a vengeance, the usual suspects went about the business of claiming context, off the cuff, not well thought out, spur of the moment, what ever. Hearkening back to those days of Andrew Breitbart, another video in front of a different audience immediately came up, in which the same statement about Americans being too stupid for Jonathan Gruber's personal liking appeared in his obviously practiced and polished speech.

I'm given to understand that there's a third video out there as well.

So, there we have it, we here in America are too stupid to see the truth when being lied to. That's how Democrats get elected, and that's how they inflict their agenda upon us. MIT is an elite school, where our intellectual betters go about the business of centrally planning our lives for us. And, since we're not smart enough to support their plans when we know truthfully what it is they have in store for us, they feel compelled to lie, so that they have the ends desired to justify their means. We got the Obamacare Law thrust down our throats, and now that we've begun to witness the misery it brings with it, they believe there's nothing we can do about it.

There's just one problem of course. Americans are not stupid, at least not most of us. We may not always pay careful attention to the self anointed angels who've decided to run our lives for us and organize our society, but when we do catch on, we'll usually do the right thing. The fact is that Obamacare was never supported by anywhere close to a majority of citizens. Even with the super majority in the Senate, and solid control of the House, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi had to resort to a highly dubious and suspect parliamentary trick in order to pass the Bill. They had to offer some of the darker bribes ever to foul the world's greatest deliberative body, and in the end, voters punished those who voted for it with a terrible fury.

Six years later, a full half of U.S. Senators who voted for the thing are no longer employed by their respective states as delegates in our Senate. There is not another six year period in our nation's history where a full 1/3 of the Senate turned over, with an overwhelming majority of that turnover coming exclusively from one Party.

Quick Question: Do you think Juan Williams is lying in a fetal position somewhere, far away from any cameras, sobbing that last Tuesday's election was merely reflective of an anti-incumbent mood in our country?

In the case of Jonathan Gruber, that highly educated socially elite angel self anointed to organize our society for us, because we mere mortals simply lack the brain power to truly know what's in our best interests, (meaning Marxism and wealth redistribution schemes,) he was tapped by our man child President to write the Obamacare Law, which now plagues our health care system, and has seen to it that quality medical care and treatment will soon be a thing of the past. During all of these panel discussions, held in those hallowed halls of American Academia, he readily admits, brags about how his law is less about health insurance and more about transferring wealth, from healthy productive people to those who produce nothing, and further, have given no indication that they wish to do so. The rest of us are stupid for having any objection to this, or are stupid for being so easily fooled into not realizing that this was the end game all along. It probably won't come as any surprise, but Gruber has not held an actual job in any part of our society that produces. His entire adult life has been spent in the Unicorn Infested Universe, never intersecting with reality, or the consequences of his clearly superior intellect determining policies to make such production appreciably harder to accomplish.

I have just one thing to say to Mr. Gruber. Tar, feathers, torches, pitchforks, get ready to run for your life sir, America now knows what you look like. The only people we dislike worse than useless bureaucrats who screw things up for us are those who look down their noses at us while screwing things up.

So, how dumb are we Americans, really? Well, to put it succinctly, as I've shown before, we didn't actually fall for the Obamacare equivalent of the, "got your nose trick." In fact, we've responded with two wave elections. (Inexplicably, Republicans decided to nominate a candidate in 2012 who could not use Obamacare as an issue, and therefore never really brought it up. Score another victory for the, "only a centrist moderate can win," crowd, thanks!) In order to serve the interests of visualization, here's what a map of the GOP victory looks like, in terms of Congressional Districts.

House Live Results Map

Tell me again, who's the regional party, and who's got the broad nationwide appeal?

Even deeper than the net swing in the Senate of 9 seats, which will be fully realized as of December 6, and the net swing of 15 House Seats, after those California Districts get around to certifying their tallies, and the net swing of 3 Governor's Chairs, there is an even more impressive showing that happened last week. Another massive sweep of State Legislature Seats, giving the GOP an impressive control of 42 State Legislatures. That is by far, the greatest number of State Legislatures controlled, House Districts won, Governor Seats occupied, in the entire history of the Party of Lincoln.

It also does something even better for the future prospects of the GOP, a political party which only two years ago was declared to be a dead man walking. On the dais at those idiotic Presidential debates in 2016, there will stand the only person who now occupies the Democrat Bench, a 70 something Hillary Clinton, and a Republican contender who will be a guaranteed full generation younger than his or her opponent. The party that has crowed about the youth vote ad nauseam for 8 years will suddenly be the party of old angry crones, famous for berating the help and people of lower station.

We have heard all week long about how this election was really a blessing in disguise for Democrats, and a curse for those unlucky winners, who lose even when winning, aka the Republicans. Now they have to govern, with no real agenda brought and argued for with the American Public. The only problem is that this isn't quite true. There was one promise made by Republicans far and wide. That promise was that they were going to endeavor to put a stop to what ever Barack Obama was getting up to in the White House. This election, as the one in 2010, was a restraining order, filed by American Voters, against the President of the United States. Cease and Desist your fundamental transformation of our once free country into one of those Socialist styled democracies found in Europe. Cease and desist all wealth redistribution activity. Cease and desist the amnesty program you've started. Cease and desist the implementation of Obamacare. Cease and desist the implementation of any piece of your agenda. That's the very clear mandate given to those who won election Tuesday of last week.

Gridlock is not a flaw. Gridlock, at least for now, is our saving grace. I've said this before, and I'll say it again. Our motto should be #100vetosorbust. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, if they're smart, would pass one bill per week, and force Barack Obama to either sign on, or Veto it. With each and every Bill, hold a press conference, telling Americans why the Bill is good for the nation, how it will help ordinary citizens who produce, are part of reality, and supporting their families. This will give us two solid years of laying out the right of center positive agenda, and clue all citizens into the fact with each and every veto, that if the Democrat Senators wished, they could always vote to overturn the vetoes, since Mitch McConnell would be scheduling votes on that as well, each and every time it happened. Discuss openly, each veto, and continue without mercy. Make the press conferences a weekly staple, another reason for our President to despise Mondays.